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I am a dedicated and avid investigative researcher

Salem - Massachusetts



nd the Brain

the Computer and the Brain

Von Neumann published over 150 papers in his life: about 60 in pure mathematics, 60 in applied mathematics, 20 in physics, and the remainder on special mathematical subjects or non-mathematical ones.***[]His last work, an unfinished manuscript written while he was in the hospital ...

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to help drug addicts

MY Bleeding Heart

I have a story to tell. · We all do. · I sought to live a life of obscurity. · I’ve always downplayed my skills because I’ve never seen them as little more than a curse. · Nothing impressed this on me more than this event: · . · . · . · African Sleeping Sickness and the 7-year-ol ...

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in Truth

The Sydney Morning Herald

This was published 15 years 390

Farce mask: it's safe for only 20 minutes

Api 27,2005 10.00an


smmunity fears about SARS by exa
al masks could face fines of up to $110,




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nes of up to $22,000 for an individual or $110,000


| masks may not be an effective


Those masks ate only
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said Professor Yvonne

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the moistue in you


ass on

Farce mask: it's safe for only 20 minutes

April 27, 2003 — 10.00am · Retailers who cash in on community fears about SARS by exaggerating the health benefits of surgical masks could face fines of up to $110,000. · NSW Fair Trading Minister Reba Meagher yesterday warned that distributors and traders could be prosecuted if ...

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Everything | ned lo warn you aboul 1S now Cor
You ignorant ois cid exactly what they wa

Who is Yuri Bezmenov? An UnAmerican American Hero

These are things every American citizen should know that are not being taught in our schools to our children. · These are things citizens around the world should know. · Yuri Bezmenov strives to teach us our civic responsibilities from beyond the grave. · It’s no longer true that ...

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Pointing fingers is a Strategy Employed by the WEF and a Good One

Somebody said [I don’t remember who] that the only way this could be happening globally is that all they already control all governments. · . · . · . · I believe that’s true. · . · . · . · . · . · . · . · So what organizations are out there? · I’ve run across a few. · World Econo ...

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in Truth

New discovery shows human cells can write RNA
sequences into DNA


Cot contin machinery Pal GLOSCes DNA 1 a now sel al Goos 10 3 nowsy lormed cod Tht
Same Css Of machines, Caled foyer ase, #0 Dus RNA Message, whch arr Ike notes coped
rom the Contra DNA secon of Ope. 50 Fury Can be iad more olionedly io protees. Bul
Fotymnrzies weve ROUGH 10 orfy work 1 cre HTIon [INA mio DNA of RNA Tres prrverts HNA
amg Form Deg rEwrBon back £30 Ta Pantie foce book of gece DNA. Now, Thames
Jonon Linker uty roscarchion prove Tie st evidence hat HINA Scomonts Can bo ween tack
180 INA, whch pofentially Challenges The Contras Gog 1 Cakogy and Cou hve wide ICAO.
‘2ocsng many Sekt of tkogy.

“Ths work pens the Gos 10 mary ofr S8A30S Tat wil help US UNSErand Far UOCAnCE of
hiring 3 mechan for Comes tig NA Ferisages mio DNA © Out Own cols,” says Richard

The Domino Effect and Polθ reverse transcribes RNA and DNA Destruction

Okay—so that isn’t the title of the paper, but it should be. · I’ve blocked people from my view for saying RNA cannot impact DNA. · I think of all those people trusting the shots and mourn for them. · They have absolutely no idea what they're in for… · . · . · . · I call it “The ...

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in Truth


Our leadership



Klaus Schwab Nicole Schwab Bodour Al Qasimi
Founder of the Forum of Young Co Head, Nature based Solutions, Chairperson, Sharjah Investment
Global Leac Member of the Executive and Development Authority



Commuttee, World Economic Shurooq. United Arab Emira


Forum, Switzerland


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  · Introduction by Joyce Bowen ·   · There are times you just can’t do it any better than it has already been done. This is one of those times.  Big thanks go out to Silviu Costinescu for a tremendous job putting this article together. ·   · If you think the WEF did all this wit ...

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in Truth

One #undred Eleventh Congress
of the
United States of America


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4 A das of Jor te md amd em

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Sie. oy wnt gm
TE TY ae omen fa sti on op
TE ITE I ann «nay ron sate

“How USA’s Dodd-Frank was changed to steal your money” and the Move to do so is Global.

I first wrote an article on Dodd-Frank last year. · It was a cursory piece to let people know that when they deposit their cash in a bank, they give up that possession. · Depositors become ‘unsecured creditors’ and banks become the owners of your cash. · Reproduction of that shor ...

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in Truth

Robert Willner M.D., Ph.D.

Deadly Deception Robert E. Willner., Ph.D

As an investigative journalist, you hear about things—and things—and things… Many of them are hard to believe. ·   · I’ve had enough horrific experiences with the pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex to believe this one. ·   · I never flaunted my intellect until the last few ...

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in beBee Writers

The Plague in 14th Century Florence. The Maid’s Story

I was unable to update this, so I will inflict it upon you again. · Disease fascinated me even as a young child. · A report we were assigned in second grade [7-years-old] was given in front of the class. · I did mine on African Sleeping Sickness [go figure] and put my classmates ...

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in Truth

According 10 Silver, the main Gifforences between rEProQENEHICS Ind EUGENICS,
the belief in the POS ibility Of IMProVIng the gene POOH WAICH in the frst Kaif of the
20th century became Infamous for the brutal POICICS 1 INSPIred. is that most
CUGENiCS Programs were COMPUISOry Programs IMpOsed upon Citizens by
governments trying to enact an uitimate goa.

It Becomas Quite 3ppIrent, er re3CING the Quote abOVE. that the main Gifterence.
Detween reprogenenics Ind EUGENICS 13 CONSENt. 3CCOMTINg 10 Lee M. Silver
Eugenics - 10rced. ReProgenetics - CONZented to Same thing. Gierent mode of
action. From the forced culling of those Geemed Inferior 10 Creating 3 SUPEror
£3C# THIOUGN GENETIC INGINEENINg. the end reZult 13 the some. Those Seemed
Inferior are eventually culled from the system using ONA maniputation


vn (ETE 20 Azwmosess EmTY

‘We're all in This Together’ but we’re not: Welcome to Transhumanism

L'holocauste ne s'est jamais terminé. Il n'était pas silencieux. Vous avez ignoré nos cris. · Je sais que vous pouviez les entendre. · Je vous ai vu vous détourner. · Un faux espoir n'est pas un espoir du tout et on le reconnaît facilement. · Joyce Bowen · I thought I’d seen it a ...

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in Truth

million people. a 957 decline from
present levels, would be ideal.”

Ted Turner Quote - CNN/TBS Founder

Are We Being Set Up for Mass Depopulation? Never thought I would even think it but of course we are…

Disclaimer: I live in the land of 2-fingered typing. · My hands are too crippled to do any more. · So forgive me if I put previously written article to explain a point. · The two fingers I have left get tired. · Set up? Like now? · It’s been going on for decades upon decades. The ...

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in Truth

The Cover-Up Continues: The Truth
About Bill Gates, Microsoft, and
Jeffrey Epstein

An Extraordinary Article by Whitney Webb: The Cover-Up Continues

I’m a clicker. · I click links until the ‘cows come home.’ · The information Ms. Webb revealed in her article left a trail I could not help but follow. · So I followed and dug further just enough to devastate me more. · Then I had to stop. · In past years, I’ve followed a trail o ...

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Flavor Enhancers and Other Things

First, A disclaimer—by me. · I know some of you will want to hit me. · I was always pro-choice. · I have seen things in my 70 years on this earth many of you cannot imagine. · What does ‘Flavor Enhancement’ have to do with abortion?—you’ll see. · An unwanted child can suffer terr ...

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“I have a foreboding of an America in my children's or
grandchildren’s time when we're a service and
information economy; when nearly all the key
manufacturing industries have slipped away to other
countries; when awesome technological powers are in
the hands of a very few, and no one representing the
public interest can even grasp the issues; when people
have lost the ability to set their own agendas or
knowledgeably question those in authority; when,
clutching our crystals and consulting our horoscopes,
our critical faculties in decline, unable to distinguish
between what feels good and what's true, we slide,
almost without noticing, back into superstition.”

~Carl Sagan (1934-1996)

The Dumbing Down of the World

Scary thought, ey? · I’ve been on this planet for nearly 70 years and have watched it being done. · It provoked consternation to see what was going on but not be able to ‘connect the dots.’ · Those dots have been connecting like mad over the past 3+ years. My life had revolved ar ...

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