Illegal Use Authorization Update

Illegal Use Authorization Update

Since treatment is available and this has a survival rate of 99+ percent, this action is completely illegal. No EUA can be approved under these circumstances. [Here come our militarily imposed injections…]



But here we have the treatment and no need for any dangerous obligatory shot.


COVID-19 outpatients: early risk-stratified treatment with zinc plus low-dose hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: a retrospective case series study



I was lied to when I was told the shots were safe for my babies and me. At the time, I believed what I was told with disastrous results.

I’ve studied and researched and studied and research and learned of the data fabrications, data manipulations, and outright ghostwriting of those pieces of paper they try to tell us is science.

I’ve seen too many children who cannot speak. This is quite typical of vaccine-induced brain damage.

These are not vaccinations—they are far worse than that…

As I said in an earlier article:

Please understand that the genetic alterations we are to undergo with these shots are meant to pass down to our progeny. They are most likely based on mathematical/computational models and are completely experimental.

Author in Source Title

It will be the biggest experiment ever done on the human species and is in direct violation of this:

The Nuremberg Code

Please Leave Us Alone.

Copyright December 2020 Joyce Bowen

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Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

10 months ago #1

I know the 21st century is still in its early stages but it's safe to say that this Covid-19 vaccine is probably the scam of the century! (happy to change my mind if anyone comes with evidence to the contrary since it seems that Joyce has made a very strong case for this statement!)

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