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The Real Horror of the ACHRE Report

The Real Horror of the ACHRE Report

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ACHRE Report

Advisory Committee on Human Radiation
wren ia cat ccrssible ste but of

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Introduction: Th

The fatroditon dracnbes he pier tice of seers! drip

eae snd remark abide row of radiation sme. the

of Human Subjects K
Hi al Perspe

meat Stand,

Io Chapter | me report what we have brea sble fo feconstract shout
pvernmeet rues and police i Gr 1940 26d 1930 regarding
aaa exposes We focus pry oe fr Alas aecsy
Commasmsce: sd the Drparssorst cf Defesr. bec ausr thr hoster
with crapect to base sabyects rriearch poli wed iowa
uae hat of the Department of Hralh Fu stioa and Weltare (aw
Ge Diepartamret of liealth 15d Hamas Services) Drawing 2a
records thst were perviomly chacare. cor cely

we teva] the prebage

in Che begheet reaches of

The ACHRE Report

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Pimatise Snmenses

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3 Pet cpt #07 @e Commins vo rept 4s
ait rp we Comms pens

Iatwducticn. The Atoms Century

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ao eh 1 ms ov en so 0
i Sa cng, +8 cots ore Bd
A ar i a re
et i ia Se goes sia Ft
menace coat, v0 + sen 3408 Tho Bot 6

Past L Ett of Homa Subsets Resessch A

hatescol Peco

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It was on the cusp of 2017/2018 that I first started researching.聽 I was near death.聽 Some of you old-beBee-timers may remember.聽 I could feel in my bones my time was not yet, so I set about to set things right.

I had enough of a knowledge-base in medicine to drag myself out of the grave.聽 I had always given due respect to the white coats, but as it became clearer and clearer they intended to do nothing; I knew the job was mine

Pulling me out of the grave was not as hard as I thought it would be.聽 All I did was stop following MDs鈥 orders聽 One got very, very angry when I showed rapid improvement, and I learned [over time] that it was best to not make any appointments.

The psychological conditioning鈥攊ndoctrination鈥攚as much harder.聽 I had been trained for many years that I could not survive without MDs and their pharmaceutical products.聽 Even though I trained extensively in psychology over the course of forty years, I continually had to shake off the dark fog in my brain that told me I would die without MDs.

The following pages are 291-292 of the ACHRE Report

Than, men with 3 confirmed dseane wes 50d told of har
duagaons and were deveaved ino particpatiag is fe shady under
Be pune of its bemg terapestic for @xperfied mabides In
ton 10 expos fe suber ts 1 the ad&boeal harms of
Parscqation m be study. he fair bebe! ax ieatment wn beng
ranesed prevented subrerts fom other seeking medal
Cate for thew dusexie As 31 Wikowteook. 3 ufc ston Five 10ct
or [act for Bor research wan But be diene bad appeared 12 3 way
Cat ws mana] 2nd inevitable and (hat he study would be of
smeae beacfil o fufare paticsts [17] Oves tes forty yeas Bory,
3 least 78 parhiapants cand and approximately 100 more suffered
bleadness and umnsty fom ured syplaks before the study was

In 1972. an account of the stady wan published on the float page of
Bc New York Times [45] In respome. DHFW appomted the
Tunkegee Syphuis Study Ad Hoc Pane! 1o review the Tuskepee
study as well as the depastrare?s policies and procedures for the
protection of bugas subjects The wok of the ad boc panel which
comsated of phywcians, 3 uiveraty peadeRt 3 trolopus, an
attomey. and a fabor representative. contbuted in Lape eave
To fhe pasage of the fis comprebesve regulon for federally
spomored Suman suberts research One member of the ad boc
pase who is ako a member of the Advisory Consmutice, Jay Katz,
expresied bis dssmary over the usmillingnes of iwcapacity of
society to moblere Be decEsary sewwces for eames!” ¥ be
beginning of the sady and be deliberate offorts of the Evestgatans
10 "obutruct be opportusaty for ticatract *[49]


Desguie Bc fact Bat the PHS Policy fe the Protertoe of Hanus
Subgects kad been m place %: wx years by the tae he Tuskegee
study was revealed. it was exposed by a jourralit rather thon by a
teview commer Alfbough 29 stitution! comptes had
allegedly reviewed the Tunkegee study. the stody was not

esc ontimacd uni] afes (he fecommendation of the ad boc

panel [20] The buss nights abuses of Be Tuskegee study
demonstrated fhe need for both price and caging Ivica. is fat
Be study was undertaken before pcs feview foqusTments were in
place. and the prevasling review poticrs dunn the period of the
study were 50 flawed Bu the study was allowed to coghiaoe



As a result of hea deliberation, the 3d boc panel found at
Beiter DEW not any ofber agency in tbe government bad
adequate pokes for oversight of human wbects research The
patel secommended Bul tbe Tinkepee study be stopped
immediately and Bul rein bye ts be grea pee esy
Eacdical care rewiiting fiom hear partcpatios [21] The pane] abo
tecommended that Congress tabla “a permanent body with the
autbority to regulate at least al federally supported research
tavohang human sibyects "(32 In summary. the panel concluded
ut dpe the lessons of Nurembery. the Jewish (roexc Drsee
Hospatal cane. and the Dec biratioe of Hebsanki, Suman wibzect
tesearch oversight 2nd mex aes to ere ieforracd consent
were stl adequate 20d rw appro bes were peeded to
adequately protect the rights and welfare of un suber



Lontreniind Baise in filo dill:

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So we read the above about the Tuskegee victims of research.聽 I鈥檓 sure many of us wipe the sweat off of our brows and say,

鈥淲hew鈥攊t wasn鈥檛 me鈥.鈥


The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues


I'he Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical
+ Poste by Scledoig os May 8 201% 01 4 10mm

ht Prana memes te 1 Sty of ith is

US presdeatial bioethics common
An xan biecthiceso sede ANY

The Prrusbre chased that be ail ak the Preadesial Commurreos fo the Stady of ior@ac a loses to examsse thr etiacs!
ieesl amd sorta imple tics acted by tha reese mative We tad ready ko aerate Present snd wil engrze 3
cisions wth the tee House so determine how we (az br cet brig) = rtamaseeg fr rihcal comeabrrstis of £3


A be beard on fhe Obama's brave prejret. 10



Herr i toe mk

bap www ccrpreasperatim comsbams bema proved ov study ak



Mastamng oir hohe ral sandieds Proarensg reiessch ofies Sa he poatial ko rer srw etiesl adesgrs To
ame at hs mre effet rocends @ wey: Bat conte ko btbeee ko ar tapheet standards of resrasc s protrctists the
presndect mul direct hs Commirses for the Study of Bicetaca! [sors to exper ai eocal. lrg ad socarts) capheations
Fraied by fs brararch aan e 154 othr teers abies Sr race

Thas 52 pest opputity to be beard 1f they cuercome doredting dncardag desis] sates as be aor may be



Targeted Groin 4 Aeris gree trimers 18 75th 2011
1 bio he UL10/J0/getr ced 12E0 vee - Bufo OABee

rrouegeg rite




Trstamssirs fom: Mad Cestrol Victims ot Boric: Mertimg = NYC 1319 May 2011


Sto Hirano White
May thai to Pree Rcneebcim tor 1h ere be


hr vate Rootage of the drteuary T/L] brorthis gov roel Ararng

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We read above about experimental procedures.聽I鈥檓 sure many of us wipe the sweat off of our brows and say,

鈥淲hew鈥攊t wasn鈥檛 me鈥.鈥


I doubt very much there鈥檚 much ethical going on below.聽 I followed the science extensively and everything I have read [and I am a voracious reader] tells me this thing is a myth perpetuated by monsters.聽Scientists I have converse with are as frustrated as me.

Conference on Bioethics in the time of Covid-19 鈥 Program.

The Center for Advanced Studies in Medical ucation and Training K FUMED] sd
the Center for the Study of Lrgal Feonamue am Soc il S<orners (C115) with
support from the Contes for the Stady of Publi Law. a1 fom the Agostieho Neto
Uriveraty Angola, 250 the UNESCO Chas i: Busethacs 26d Homan Roghts ofies

the Conterence “Bioethics in Times of Covad 19° taking piace on April +2021
costarrtmor ating Werk! Health Day, under the motto “Covad 19 dome weil omg


he Workd Health Or ganization deciares 2071 as the “intrrrational Yeas of Health
Workers and Cateopwers” aid devotes Worid Heath Day 7021 16 the motto “Tadding a
tres an: heaithins workl” | Bip woes seh snl atmpacgis © word hesith day

The Comerence will have as its motto “Covid 19 to do good. to do good!” messing
Unt the ght agaist the. pandrrsse 36 the axsstance. (0 people faces the Gouble an

irarparalic chalenge of acting in accordance with he bret evens aid good
practiors Bueaith services of scent trchnical and orgats zations) quality! asd st the

armie time De uated by prise ples. valaes and actions in accordance with ethics snd

The Contrrence will include cotmavan ations by invited patinal sad ternational
irstists, nasmely lots partart stitutions of the Orgatsing Craters (ranstatird

by cine video conlerence and YouTabe on Apr 7. 2024

Altes the event. the “Contesence Proceedings” will br published. = scrntbic technical
Bok witk: an IBN cobineting the ful teat of (he various mirrvetstons snd

cotsmanic ations that will be published Gutally and. J possible. 1 2 Lmited pusber of
primed copies,

The Contrrence will have an Motor Comesticr. Organszing (stemstine. Scenic
Comsmitter and Secretariat

Mono: Conmson

Professot Maris Go Rosato Br agangs (Minister of Nigher Mc ation, crncr,
Tee hncongy and Inpovation of the Repabic of Atoll

Professor Dr via futucsta (Minister of Seaith of the Reputiic of Angotal

Professot Maris Cecilia Lotea Leitr (Assocste Professct at the Federal University of
Prictas, Beas]

Professt Doctor Pome Porte (Director of the institute of Kyron and Tropical
Medicine of Lisbon)

Professor Doctor Volts Botthe fUniversty of Br anlia, Br xsi
Organising comeutter
Fall Professor Pedro Magaltibes (Magnibcrst Rectes of Use Aqostizho Neto University)

Fall Professor Mario Trests (Director of the Metical Tucstion Crates CEDUMID

Pall Profs: Kose Octivio Serta Vas Dunes (Director of te Center for Pronomic sad

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I highly recommend the following publication for those who wish to know what we all should know.


Johns Hopkins Magazine

Bionthics: | earning to tackle tough questions


ach year, scores of ne


rudy neurology. pediatrics. surgery. med
ey stitch wounds. examine brokers bores. and cla
hrough: observ anon and

tus year though. a hey component




arteries loam.



cu Taming was misung












artese. Maggie Moon and
reudents practical ols
resclie the etbcal diem
that can anise when doctors

patients interact
mally use ko
> belp sort o

Guat you use lopical analysis
0 sort out 2 d F
explains Mo .
professor of pediatrics =


saskirs and the «medical
ce Or occasion, physicians are torn between tesproting a pat
h an HIV pe
ing his status 3 secret “There was a
ned was bs sexual

ton” to this woman. she


t between tar pat






example the
teenager who admitted to ke
person visiting hus wh
partner” says Moon The




ws Th this case


comes into p



oud the tous!

Rp —

framing. Moon says. residents tend




onversations If there s no teach:
Alt position” Residents ter
¢ doctors Though some


about cthucs ton
© substantial ethics trang
dpe others lack expertise



hat know

h address,




ing moment that gets lost” Carrer adds


ogzam 1s only available to readents in

Suter plas so casand the dros:

the chimcal ot


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Don鈥檛 even read the above and think they care about patients.聽 Patients are a paycheck and nothing more.聽 The people are taught patients are children鈥攎ostly unintelligent with no medical knowledge and dependent on them for life itself . 聽Not to mention, these folks work for the DOD.

And look below.聽They are going to patent human genes.聽After the genetically modify you with the COVID shot, does that mean they own you?


Controversial U.S. bill would lift Supreme Court ban on patenting human genes

Jun. 4, 2019


Aadisticn experiments in 1083

“= |

Irradiated sem

- any

Norma Arm

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My life has been quite strange from the beginning.聽 In the past three years I have connected many dots.聽 One of the first I always knew.聽 When I was an infant, they irradiated away the musculature on my arm.



From 1946 1974, several agencies of the United States government conducted or sponsored
cxpenments on human subjects involving radioactive materials

I'he agencies included the Atomic Energy Commission and several branches of the military
crvices, among others. Many such expenments resulted in valuable medical advances like
«chation treatments for cancer and the use of sotopes to accurately diagnose illnesses. However,
he Clinton Administration has questions about whether subjects of some expenments were
reated properly. There are indications that in some cases
1) some subjects may not have been notified that they were participating in an experiment,
«ome subjects may not have given proper informed consent;
3) certain subjects gave consent, but may not have been fully informed of potential health
ansequences of the expenment;
4) expenments were conducted with disturbing frequency on subjects from vulnerable
sopulations: poor people, elderly people, retarded persons,

\fants, [I was one and I'm missing a good chunk of my forearm musculature because of x ray
xpenmentation when 1 was just a little babe. When | was a kid, I used to call the skin on that arn
1y 90 year old skin. And the fact they burnt the muscle away meant that every time | bumped
1at arm, 1hit bone and it hurt like hell. There is no muscle there to cushion any hits
hese expersments occurred at Beverly Hospital in Beverly, Massachusetts. So much more of my life is
Ee poy

Jrison inmates, and hospital patients suffering from terminal conditions, and

5) some experiments served no apparent therapeutic medical purpose. Information about these
cxpenments has trickled out over the years, but the government has never made a true
SCR le about this period of the Cold War oe



© Ihe Nopreders Code

© Declan of Hebuhy Workd Medical Assembly

o Godel coh Huggy frees the Crater foe Applied Fitucs, Usversify of Bitid Cobbs
© Natoosl dead apd Medical Researc Coupal (Ausiaka) Si i Z

Otter Official Documents snd Statements


© Lalonoed Cogieot ua Kessarch swyohiooe Hamep Pacicapiats NTH GUIDE, Vobame 25 Namber ©. Septecnber 27.1956 RFA OD.97.001 8
fade 0 graces foe rmcare
© Ressarch on Chucal Brontdcal Dalene NTH Guede, Volar 23. No 12 March 15. 1994. a gusde to grants for research

Denon: of Hu Exprrecttion castsd by Steven Hale




You鈥檝e surely read about strange experiments done on the unsuspecting. 聽 I鈥檓 sure you look at what was done to my arm, wipe the sweat off of your brow and say,

鈥淲hew鈥攊t wasn鈥檛 me鈥.鈥






















Chapter 7 聽Human Experimentation

All hes heres 10 oe expessmraters at woid be priest 0 3 tesiomable perion's da acs Bo past pate. Smut be
onboard = vase of comarat
3 Ace three aay smnepaied ade effets © subyrets” Wik amy of he rxpermests or das pmot pescedizrs be
blu trae amy forenmem poss nity of bral or permanent ran
© Do amy of the praearchers have » Emascst take = the cok ome



£ royeltes from potent vectment 3

f mbes 5 pars of  pivacasn who vf part spabar i the experaret, Bam the exgersmenters hall slo aie +
Fi homer 5 hr ara hog phys aa 31 8 condom of this haber pate! That de creases fe chances hat
a pe

The dicho tnd conient Tat be £5 wong with fa gma (ce triad by sibgect the cob rrtnmed by
agri wilh sob spatter mimessnd by a rast cor perice caplered by coves expr meses femsmtasl
poor of srarizch sot tintin © wha experinret hes place Satin wisries sry be ssbects ose. wht
“Alen of subect office 11 ak beer sutnect bas check ing bececnt tpt + aoraey 1 twtr 6 obi ack
rs cert mith 1 Apres 150 be ccambered £5 4 pes fat bed mest 433 act
hard Fach bet shad hive oct £123 8 comet form utd tah 7 bes afer 4 was gor Ro br sabinet fe Gat
hr bet ca carey cominbe tor ik 2d benefit 158 make o Bor woth Sharm by br expr



If or sab 1 vaccmputent (7 me. ease meatal retarded abots sind osu, i teverr pais ett ) thre
Ihr die home 1m conn form met be zmnd by cathe asboects irgal Fast ham ibgects sposee. ct bevel sand 12
expects durvbie pomre of soraey for Sead care 1 the ft peracs speach by experizarat fo ge comarst fot

imcompriest tears consrad, Gem the exper: eaters Say act inquest coms! fom oer (o£ _ alirraate agests)

Chaidien sad acormpeiest 3s (he retarded, aiaze) ond grarraly aor be sabarcts of exprrmsets because they
a2 mot prrsomally pve vad coment However. f chides or scocmpeoest acts ares Srataeat ( tors coaditon
md tarre 1 tram 10 bere thst Br expesimental tratment ail be 3 beast 51 effect 3s he comvrationtl teripy
Ihre rs parkas may be sihed 5 coment

Peogie who refuse > be smbarcts i 18 expesimrat se 0] emtind bo trersve cosvrstonsl reap (a1 thr dare 1
13 met rtdacal 10 Bok vat ocwecee bo “coment by pring fe presce o Hobuon's chowcr of expert o ms fretaent
Howeier, Br experimrates Sort bet bred © probe the coment cml therapy of theve 5 sodbe: ey cin 8 tor
rm who competent © provide cosermhonsl therapy



The comtest must br obtmaed by © phic whe o Samed 21 cor of Lhe derision = both the propo for fsdeg
snd = tar expenses je otoced that mas approved by the eikcs commer The job of cbtaisans coma! Say br
Sringried to nesther rie tesabent tera, nor Beda shadret

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They did not create these rulings out of thin air鈥攆or no reason鈥攋ust because鈥

I鈥檓 sure many of us wipe the sweat off of our brows and say,

鈥淲hew鈥攊t wasn鈥檛 me鈥.鈥


Nonconsensual Medical Experiments on Human Beings



By Lesny Lapoa

The smubes aad poachers of eye ated Nas Crema tha! ematind (hes ko sheogbine Joo coc of thee pateats were
comes to tear of poy str: 2nd pyc bolo get of ie same ferred i fhe United State 12 bots cates ‘hese seitder
Bad oman rocks Act mort caportiath fee tame erates hector: 15d practirs oe $i peri! body Em ows
corms (3m fhronsghenst cet of the wold) That tory Save sor vet eaiied = bs later 4 poy carn boca bee as Naz
Germs, thomid be ccamadered seh 45 3 wisn ng a¢ hookd bot jrrveat wt fom opps Be ersd of thet prea
Sngmamey 1f you forgroe thr mec] metaphor

Ta rec emt heck St 2rie ¢ Secomags dricriphion of Be ev eicp ent ant costizand preieecr of mazy of fae views st
hrcews se | Tor Legacy of Malthus The Soria Costs of New Scornatie Races 22d 2 rom “rarest > Gencerde The
Mesming of Himas Navare sad the Power of Bebarscns Ceatvol by Strpaea © Chosors


Masry of or parton emtfic paychiaitx 124 sew] heorses Liat advocate locking op (or "Esto whee”) tenintton
end bili (ve rathazsas) of progie comadered by tome to be tot warty of Lng fa. Ladre ‘hr beading of roprascs My
1968 copy of Webster's Sevestt New Collepate Dactiosary debian agence: 11 rots hal Seals muh the smgrovesret (31
by control of bam tema) of briediury Gonsties of  tacr o brand © Thr ies that cor race 07 op of peegin i sprriot
ko saotbes 13 of connie ¢ tees! poneal 154 preabocoeatific cot wrath dra Unkortmatrly, mem people combed ko
be sears 158 “social sesemtats” advocate ht type of saws 124 &crimantion Seco beslary 6 4 tristrd
Puradcicomace that chasms to £rve buokogal tewscnt (eg beerdity <hrmxal cabaianers the Wood 12d bua ri | for
aoa ed politcal chon and cond toms Furpemar ts and socsobioloapaits have bers biases Be victims of poverty
Compr mret 11cm aad other don rma oon for Bir condom fot ones 3 Sadied veers son


These soe sma juycbaatuts aad pve bekopiats who da sot bekrve that meatal Wars aad satel retsdstions ace sabesiind of
Resiopcally or chemical <puned They look sastead othe ‘patrsts” cavisoement eric ually cot Suh beyood te
frmdy Yr ary 1] rat fhe pa acd 1 ffrrimg of pecyie who oe 5 labeled wots samy 1 204 0 of Be ame Kotzom
Srbods ws he” proatically contain] doctors They call in by Be some degzuting tea debeaman iag iabels

Sebropiarear Peychon Mestad defector aed they fore Ay Comm fevpir © payehiane Srest pre them
rugs choc onbark 2d eure perc honpeny Toes te © wel the in basgrs of beskisor Bedertion = 15 vem 1s force
haters m behrvace 1d yttates by cotolan: fe eros emcees § mon oh me vod kotaly amdemoc a ooo!
BF Shima And ey te colton rk 22d thackles tard they repramsicaly cab quit rooms sod esrests



Br following 4 chesokory that drmcn stain: ome of fe martes the otis 1d paraln) Serio amend of igre
md rycen bras sed practices <a thr Usted States a Germmazy fs fhe ca of Germany mos of fr 2c woded rors
ccoutind before ot dais the Naz: persed 1a the care of Sr US event of bo © presrat sar me bond The wd ba 2 fe
ators for ther conte and bd Save = baded che rxamprs §izther 1=formates im be <esined fom he wert
ced the referees 12d mpecaaly from the woke of Chase 18d Chorcers fast Bemtcond


do net ran to vampy that 4 prope Labeled “metal (1° are cxperarncing sever emotocal pra May te but many
ah pet eile rychoni’ Basa otc for baa "Tos bagpy” of for mot wastag 15 comer 19 crrvam vabars cagoied by
Cents (1 cot behav: appespeey


1931 A resprcand what phvimaia O Samerd A Castrsght rewind » mot] dines pevabi: fc Hlach people Thr effect of
or hve 10 pam reno by ri my Bom tr plaataton, Se nd was Syme of 3 evs mrad ease calind
DEAPFTOMANIA Dr Cartatizht mttaimed that us hbrns codon cond be vied by recaps te ator
Pubbing bam down wil ou 124 beating ham 0 mbmacnce

1863 The Baglet pve belopsst Framers Calton, comms of Charis Dumas publisted Herndiary Grass Corse Umsersty
mts boy prefers Dain 4 Garamond Seicribrd un work 4: 1a mpiiseand bee! fo herds
be ame the frst madres docmmrst of a Sodern cogeamct mov eaarat © (asover wrote of et tok

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Every now and then a shocking story surfaces about umwitting subjects of outrageous medical
expenments. An infamous example 5 the Tuskegee expenments whech came to light in the
19705 Afican Amwncan men diagnosed in the 1930s with syphulrs had been intentiosally left
untreated in order to study the disease’s progress: Such appalling research continues today. In
ane cent study. children from predomunsntly menonty populations were prven the drug
fenfluramene in order to study the drug's effect on children's brains to determne if they were at
gh sk for ants socal behavior In exchange for participating m the study. the parents
received $100 2nd the children mcesved $25 gift crrtificates to Toys R Us (Last year the
Food and Drug Admensstration [FDA] took fenfluranune off the market because it caused heart
disease in some prope who were using the drug as a diet pall )


Here's the text from the above graphic.聽 EVERYBODY should read that one鈥攖hen click on the link for more...




By Lenny Lapon

The attitudes and practices of psychiatrists in Nazi Germany that enabled them to slaughter 3oo,ooo of their patients were similar to these of psychiatrists and psychologists of the same period in the United States. In both countries these attitudes had common roots. And most importantly, these same attitudes, theories and practices are still prevalent today in our own country (and throughout most of the world). That they have not yet resulted in as large a psychiatric holocaust here as in Nazi Germany should be considered only as a warning and should not prevent us from stopping the spread of this psychiatric malignancy (if you'll forgive the medical metaphor).

Two recent books that give a thorough description of the development and continued presence of many. of these views and theories are: 1. The Legacy of Malthus: The Social Costs of New Scientific Racism and 2. From "Genesis to Genocide: The Meaning of Human Nature and the Power of Behaviour Control by Stephen L. Chorover.

Many of the pseudoscientific, psychiatric and social theories that advocate locking up (i.e. "institutionalisation"), sterilisation and killing (i.e. euthanasia) of people considered by some to be 'not worthy of living' fall under the heading of eugenics. My 1966 copy of Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary defines eugenics as "science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human setting) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed." The idea that one race or group of people is superior to another is, of course, a racist, political and pseudoscientific, not scientific, idea. Unfortunately, many people considered to be scientists and "social scientists" advocate this type of racism and discrimination. 'Socio-biology' is, a related pseudoscience that claims to give biological reasons (e.g., heredity, chemical imbalances in the blood and brain, etc.) for social and political actions and conditions. Eugenicists and sociobiologists have been blaming the victims of poverty, unemployment, racism and other discriminations for their condition for over a hundred years now.

There are many psychiatrists and psychologists who do not believe that mental illness and mental retardations are inherited or biologically or chemically caused. They look instead at the "patient's" environment, though usually not much beyond the family. Yet they still treat the pain and suffering of people who are so labeled with many, if not all, of the same torturous methods as the "genetically-orientated' doctors. They call us by the some degrading and dehumanizing labels - 'Schizophrenic', 'Psychotic', 'Mentally defective' -and they forcibly commit people to psychiatric institutions, give them/us drugs, electroshock and even psychosurgery. They use, as well, the techniques of behavior modification in an attempt to force changes in behavior and attitudes by controlling the person's environment, a most inhumane and totally undemocratic concept - B.F. Skinner. And they use isolation cells and shackles which they euphemistically call 'quiet rooms' and 'restraints'.

The following is a chronology that demonstrates some of the similarities in the origins and parallel development of eugenic and psychiatric ideas and practices in the United States and Germany. In the case of Germany, most of the included events occurred before or during the Nazi period. In the case of the U.S., events up to the present are included. The list has a few entries for other countries and could have included other examples. Further information can be obtained from the sources cited in the references and especially from the works of Chase and Chorover just mentioned.

I do not mean to imply that all people Labelled "mentally ill" are experiencing severe emotional pain. Many are, but many also get labelled 'psychotic', 'manic', etc. for being "too happy" or for not wanting to conform to certain values imposed by society (i.e. not behaving appropriately).

1851 A respected white physician, Dr. Samuel A. Cartwright created a mental illness peculiar to Black people. The effort of the slave to gain his freedom by running away from the plantation, he said, was a symptom of a serious mental disease called DRAPETOMANIA. Dr. Cartwright maintained that this hideous condition could be cured by recapturing the 'patient', rubbing him down with oil and beating him into submission.

1869. The English psychologist Francis Galton, cousin of Charles Darwin, published Hereditary Genius. Cornell University anthropology professor Davydd Greenwood described this work as "an impassioned brief for hereditary aristocracy that became the first modern document of the modern eugenics movement." Charover wrote of this book:


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We read above about experimental procedures.聽 I鈥檓 sure many of us wipe the sweat off of our brows and say,

鈥淲hew鈥攊t wasn鈥檛 me鈥.鈥


Guinea pigs don't get to say 'no'

“These proposed statute would sigmficarsly enhance the nghts of human subjects. and would be
2 decided smprovement over the evsentially unregulated status quo. says the group. althoush
not all members are in agreement over vanow pouss The attorney general wall decide whether
ar not to push for introducing the bil when the legnlatune convenes m early 1999

Shamoo, who was a member of the working group, says the bill beng proposed will sprove
the situstion only moderately “Vulnerable uncongprrhending human subjects wall continue
10 be used 25 panes pigs” be says m bs published dissenting opinion to the report. Shanioo
says he persosally objects nly ta research with decrsonally meapacitated people when 1t
presents “greater than mnsmal mk” for the patent snd promises no direct medical benefit

Such research, he says, should be done only in “xtreme, unique and rere circumstance

“When it conse to protection from zralows researchers, ansrals have more nghts than people ©
says Vera Hassner Shamav. director of Citizens for Respomible Care in Pyychuatry and Research
mn New York City Sharav sounded the alarm on the fenfluramine study. While she did not
participate 1n the Maryland working proup she has reviewed the drat and believes it dora? go
far enoush to protect people who are decrsonally imcapacitated

Using people unable to gsve informed consent dur to mental disabilities 15 a Ricrative busness
according to Sharav

Shamoo has written and lectured extenssvely on the ethacs of medical expenimentaton on
bumans. One of the mau problens be and Sharsy share regarding the proposed Maryland bill
that it puts too much power in the hands of the institutional view boards that monstor 2nd
approve medical research projects


As many as 5.000 istitutional review boards can be found scr the country. Most are
affiliated with hospatals and academe centers, but alo exist within managed care
orpanizations. government agencies such as the National Imtitutes of Health. the Centers for
Disease Control asd Prevention and state governments. and in for profit entities independent of
the institutions in which the rearch takes place

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Protection From Research Risks
(OPRR) at NTH oversees institutional review boards. Federal reputations require that boards
have at least five members at least one mat have pnmanly soentific interests, one must have
prizmanly non scienhific interests and one pant be otherwise unaffiliated with the untituhion in
whch the institutional review board reades

Despete ethucal questions sbout subject selection and lax mformed consent procedures, the
fenfluramune study recerved HHS and institihonal review board approval

Under the provissons of the proposed Maryland law. all research involving subjects who can't
pve formed consent would have to be approved by an matsutional review board. Shamoo
says this 1s potentially Rul of conflicts of terest. sce stitutions] review boards also niay
comsist of prople dirvetly involved wath the research imtitutions

Shara, too. says that entnnting istitutional review boards with overaght 1s dangerous
becatne even those with honest intentions are not always fully informed by the revearchens She
ports to an Apnl memo from OPRR to the dean of the Univeraty of Marviand Medical School
had Ped SEC arse out

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鈥ore experimental procedures above鈥攁nd on CHILDREN!!!聽 I鈥檓 sure many of us wipe the sweat off of our brows and say,

鈥淲hew鈥攊t wasn鈥檛 me鈥.鈥


0 oTES 15 ob me BE DOSED




TrviNG in (TE $7 wd oh A iam SICHIC
STATS ue Firs on








aT ET Tm TT!
2 x x Th ws oh mn








Are you sure?聽What makes people think that if it can happen to me鈥攈appen to my babies鈥攈appen to the many children I saw in that special ward in North Shore Children鈥檚 Hospital in Salem Massachusetts鈥攃an鈥檛 [or maybe already has] happen to you?






WAIT鈥攜ou get the SHOTS, don鈥檛 you??

200 Racial Hygiene

In each of these cases, hygiene was proferred as one of the principal
grounds for concentration. The establishment of the Jewish ghetto at
Lodz, for example, was justificd as a measure necessary to protect
against the dangers of epidemic disease.** And soon after concentra-
tion, of course, Jews in these ghettos did begin to suffer from higher
rates of infectious disease. These outbreaks of disease allowed Nazi
medical philosophers to justify the continued concentration of the
Jews in terms of a medical quarantine. Medical police powers were
often invoked for such actions: on December 1, 1938, the German
government had granted health authorities broad powers to confine
anyone suspected of being a carrier of infectious disease. This allowed
officials to confine individuals to a certain area of to transport them
to hospitals or other “appropriate” areas.* The measure was most
commonly used for tuberculosis vicums, but it was also used for
racial deportations.

I do psychology so I have to resolve this often in myself first鈥攖he psychology鈥攖he horror of what happened and what could happen.聽 I was conversing with someone online about this:



The Nuremberg Code (1949)

The voluntary consent of the human subject 15 absolutely essential

This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent
should be 50 situated as to be able 10 exercise free power of choice, without the
intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other
ultenor form of constraint of coercion, and should have sufficient knowledge and
comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, 2s to enable him to
make an understanding and enlightened decision This latter element requires that,
before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject, there
should be made known to him the nature. duration, and purpose of the

expenment, the method and means by which it 1 to be conducted, all
inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected, and the effects upon his
heath or person, which may possibly come from his participation in the

The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon
each individual who initiates, directs of engages in the experiment It 1s a personal
duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity

The experiment should be such as 10 yield fruitful results for the good of society.
unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and
unnecessary in nature

The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal
experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease of other
problem under study, that the anticipated results will jusafy the performance of
the experiment

The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and
mental suffening and injury

No experiment should be conducted, where there 1s an a priors reason to believe
that death or disabling injury will occur, except. perhaps. in those experiments
where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects

The degree of risk 10 be taken should never exceed that determined by the
humarutanan importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment

Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilites provided 10 protect the
expenmental subject against even remote possibilities of jury, disability, or

The experiment should be conducted oaly by scientifically qualified persons The
highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the
expenment of those who conduct or engage 11 the experiment

Dung the course of the experiment, the human subjoct should be at liberty 10
bring the expenment to an end, 1f he has reached the physical or mental state,
where continuation of the expenment scemed 10 him to be impossible


.">New York State Assembly Bill A416




10 Dung the course of the experiment, the scientist in charge must be prepared to
termunate the expenment at any stage. if he has probable cause to believe, in the
exercise of the good faith, supenor skill and careful judgement required of him
that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disshibty, or
death to the experimental subject

“Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals under Control
Council Law No 107. Vol 2,pp 181-182 Washington, DC US Government Printing
Office, 1949 |




It really does parallel NAZI ideology on Hygiene鈥攔acial or otherwise.聽 Now let your mind wrap itself around the horror that we have been experimented on by our governments for decades and decades.




We don鈥檛 need Tuskegee to tell us what happens.聽 We don鈥檛 need Willowbrook either.聽 They are us and we are them, and we are all in this together.

Let THAT horror seep into your brain.


Copyright May 2021 by Joyce Bowen


Click a link below to get your copy of The Nuremberg Code.




Nuremberg Code Video link


It's actually time to stop talking and stop watching videos and signing useless petitions and do this:

It鈥檚 time to get The Hague involved for violations of The Nuremberg Code and Crimes Against Humanity.聽 Contact them here:

Submit communications to the
Office of the Prosecutor

Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor

Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands
Fax +31 70 515 8555">">">">


Trying individuals for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and aggression

Contact us

Communications and claims under art.15 of the Rome Statute may be addressed to:

Information and Evidence Unit
Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

or sent by email to聽

or sent by facsimile to +31 70 515 8555.

The more of us who do this; the more they can鈥檛 ignore us.

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