The Frustrated Scientist

The Frustrated ScientistIn 68 cases
of fatal disease
they found one

‘viral like particle’

in one case!


This article is not about me—it’s about a wonderful person who has let me participate in conversation.  I will not reveal a name or even a gender.  Times are too rough for that.  Before I reveal a current conversation, here’s a bit about me.

I consider myself fortunate in some ways.  One of those ways is relationships I have with others.  They are relationships I don’t speak of much—they are private things.

Many of you know I am quite the egghead.  I love science and sciencey things.  I read and research and study and read some more…  My childhood dream was to become a research scientist in the field of genetics.  That path was waylaid by vaccine-injury to my boys.

My path diverted to psychology—human behavior—fascinating things I call pseudo-science.  I call them that because I do not consider it quantifiable in any real sort of way.  But they are tangible—palpable in their special ways.

My experiences in many fields give me a leg up in many topics.  I hear Gates is now comparing brain physiology to circuitry.  When I said that to a social-working acquaintance decades ago, he thought the idea was crazy.  But it really isn’t.

I flipped an article to this person last night {A world-renowned research scientist], and [being a nerd] could tell that it hadn’t been viewed.  I basically said, “What Gives?”  And this is the answer I received.

In truth, no, I am completely saturated and totally fed up with this nightmare and that is without watching or listening to any form of mainstream media since April.

Here is a subject for your next blog.

Challenge, governments and ‘their’ scientists for unequivocal proof that the covid-19 virus (cultured in cells in Wuhan) is the aetiological agent responsible for the thousands of deaths worldwide attributed to it.

I have been having this ‘discussion’ with as many scientists as will participate and the best evidence from the scientific literature that any of them could come up with is the attached paper.

In 68 cases of fatal disease they found one ‘viral like particle’ in one case! They have no controls, tissues for example from people who died of another respiratory disease.

COVID-19 pulmonary pathology: a multi-institutional autopsy cohort from Italy and New York City


Moder Patrology (2020) 332156-2168
hatps./dolorg/H0.103/1379-020-00661 |


COVID-19 pulmonary pathology: a multi-institutional autopsy cohort
from Italy and New York City

Alain C. Borczuk' - Steven P. Salvatore’ - Surya V. Seshan’ - Sanjay S. Patel ©)" + James 8. Bussel® - Maria Mostyka' +
Sarah Elsoukkary' - Bing He' - Claudia Dei Vecchio - Francesco Fortarezza * - Federica Pezzuto* - Paolo Navalesi® -
Andrea Crisanti’ - Mary E. Fowkes "* - Clare H. Bryce® - Fiorella Calabrese® - Mary Beth Beasley®

Received: 6 iy 2020 / Revie: 10 August 2020 / Accepted: 10 August 2020 / Published cnlne: 2 September 2020
© The Asthartsl, under exciusive icence to United States & Canadian Acaderny of Pathology 2020


SARS-CoV.-2, the etiologic agent of COVID-19, is a global pandemic with substantial mortality dominated by acute respiratory
distress syndrome. We systematically evaluated lungs of 68 autopsies from 3 institutions in heavily hit areas (2 USA, 1 Lay).
Detailed evaluation of several compartments (airways, alveolar walls, airspaces, and vasculature) was performed 1o determine
the range of histologic features. The cobort consisted of 47 males and 21 females with & median age of 73 years (range 30-96).
Co-morbidities were present in most patients with 60% reporting at least three conditions. Tracheobronchitis was frequently
present, independent from intubation or superimposed pneumonia. Diffuse alveolar damage (DAD) was seen in 87% of cases.
Later phases of DAD were less frequent and correlated with longer duration of disease. Large vessel thrombi were seen in 42%
of cases but plsiclet (CD6! positive) and/or fibrin microthrombi were present at least focally in 84%. Ultrastructurally, small
vessels showed basal membrane reduplication and significant endothelial swelling with cytoplasmic vacuolization. In a subset
of cases, virus was detected using Cifferent tools (immunohistochemistry for SARS-CoV-2 viral spike protein, RNA in situ
hybridization, lung viral culture, and electron microscopy). Virus was seca in airway epithelium and type 2 pacumocytes. THC
or in situ detection, as well as viable form (lung culture positive) was associated with the presence of hyaline membranes,
usually within 2 weeks but up to 4 weeks after initial diagrosis COVID-19 preumonia is a heterogencous disease
(tracheobronchitis, DAD, and vascular injury), but with consistent features in: three centers. The pulmonary vasculature, with
capillary microthrombi and inflammation, as well as macrothrombi, is commonly involved. Viral infection in areas of ongoing
active injury contributes to persistent and temporally heterogeneous lung damage.


Severe acute respiratory distress syndrome-associated cor-
onavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), the etiologic agent of cor-
anavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), was initially identified
in the Hubei province of China in December 2019 (1] and


These authors contributed equally: Alsia C. Bosczuk. Fiorella

Calabrese. Mary Bech Beasiey
Supplementary information The online version of is rice
contains supplementary


mstrie, which a ovallble o antiriznd sao.




2 Alain C. Borczuk
19003 @ med sorely

N Kermit bm bop meres Aragon wR
Presbyterian Hospital Weill Comell Medicine, New York, NY,

Depastracat of Pediatrics, New-York Presbyterian Howpital-Weill
Come Medicine, New York, NY, USA

Somers nares

declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization in
March 2020 (7). As of July 5, 2020, there have been nearly
11.5 million confirmed cases worldwide and over $00,000
deaths. In the USA, there have been over 28 million

* Departmen: of Molecules Medwrne. Padus University Hostal,
Padua, lily

* Department of Cantiec, Thoracic, Vascular Scieoces and Public
Health, Pates University Hospital, Padua, kaly

* Department of Medicine. Padus University Hospital. Padua, lualy

* Department of Pathology. Molecular and Cell-Basad Medicine.
Taha School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York. NY, USA

[And this friend of mine is right–there essentially are no documented COVID cases in this paper.]


The affected tissues should be full of viruses. It should be possible to isolate these viruses, culture them in cells, and show that they are the same as the Wuhan virus. None of this has been done. Thousands of deaths from so-called covid-19 and no direct evidence that the virus is involved. Why?

When my ‘scientific’ discussions reach this point the trail goes cold and the scientists silent.

Did you think about this aspect of covid? Why are these questions of causation not being discussed in mainstream science never mind the media?

Over to you Joyce…

My heart broke for this person a bit and I answered:

“Because they know.

There is only one goal and that is to inject everyone they can coerce or catch with their genetic modifications.  Not everyone—just those targeted which is most of us.

I’ve watched this scenario progress over the last three years.  The worst of the worst are in charge and they want this.

Psychology is an enlightening field and very very dark.”


It’s difficult [at times] to understand why people just can’t see what I see, but then they haven’t studied human behavior as intensely as I have, so it’s understandable.

Say you are a geologist and study rocks.  Okay—do you call them rocks?  I don’t know—I don’t study rocks. 

I do study people intensely.  Behaviors gel into personality types.  Minute nuances are indicative of—well—types, but need to be further differentiated.  I almost don’t have to think about how behaviors sort through my mind. They just do.

Most of us have been stripped of our comfortable lives by those satisfied only with things like $48,000,000.00 mansions.  I’d be happy with a small, bright, warm place with a nice little yard, but these people want it all.

My children were the subjects of experimentation and damaged by these things they call vaccines.  It’s said those who have monetary wealth don’t do this to their kids, but make billions doing such things to our children.




This is not about what is or is not.

This is not about a virus.

This is not about sick people.

This is not about masks.

This is not about Democrats or Republicans.

This is not about Climate Change.

This is not about…

This is not about…

This is not about…





Copyright November 2020 By Joyce Bowen

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Debasish Majumder

Debasish Majumder

10 months ago #3

your buzz deserved to be shared out of its immense gravity and relevance Joyce \ud83d\udc1d Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee! enjoyed read. thank you very much for the share.

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee

Thank you for the share, Debasish Majumder

Randall Burns

Randall Burns

10 months ago #1

Excellent read Joyce \ud83d\udc1d Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee

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