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2 Scientists The Soul Does Not Die, It Returns To The Universe

2 Scientists The Soul Does Not Die, It Returns To The Universe




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Introduction by Joyce Bowen:

“The two researchers believe the human brain is, in fact, a ‘biological computer’…

I told a psychologist something like this once and I think it may almost have gotten me thrown into a loony bin.  Psychologists think all these types of conjectures are loony.  Take when I tried to warn people of the coming [now here] economic crash for example:


OXFORD Podcasts



Roger Penrose




The Psychologist





I could get deeply into this, but you probably would not want me to.  Penrose was an extraordinary man. For me, his lectures are a soothing balm—don’t ask me why because I don’t know.  They are like music to my ears—really—like listening to music.

A nice example of Penrose’s work is here:">">">WHAT IS... PENROSE’S TILES?

E =me

& rie || @ ono [| <aie |] 2 ore



Sidney Peron


Understand the proof of Albert Einstein's special relativity equation



ist Albert


born physi nstein's theory of



expresses t ct that mass and ens are the s



Read More HERE

No—no—I lost my bricks-and-mortar education to my baby boy’s brain injury, so I have to dig hard to understand the mathematics.  I almost always have to rely on pictorial representations but math is a language of the universe which I don’t have.


I had no knowledge of this guy:

Stuart Hameroff: Anesthesia, Consciousness, Bohm and Penrose (EmQM17)


Penrose was always my dirty little pleasure.  I could listen to him for hours and I did so in my darkened office.  But try to explain Penrose's concepts to most people?  Don’t.  I just tried and it was not that I failed, the woman simply couldn’t understand.


Roger Penrose

5 [he Soul does
Rewrrs o [he



Accorging 10 two ead ng scientists. the human
pranis, in fact. a ‘viclogical computer and the

consciousness of humans is a program run by
the cuartum computer located inside the brain
that ever continues to exist after we ‘de’

Read More HERE


Nobel Lecture: Roger Penrose, Nobel Prize in Physics 2020


There is an unconscious abstract process that can go on as we sleep.  I think abstractly and visually, so my brain is always turned on—pun intended.


I had not heard of these discussions as to the continuation of any cohesive thought beyond death.  I, myself, had question whether or not such a thing could continue if consciousness was merely a biochemical reaction housed in the brain.  I came to the conclusion long ago that the white light near-death-experiencers experienced was merely a function of chemical brain death.   It looks like Penrose and Hameroff show that to be wrong.

A background:

A professor in my chemistry class was discussing 

E = mc2.



Read More HERE

I realized it was an exception to The Law of Conservation of Mass but I needed to know for sure.  So I raised my hand and in a squeaky voice I asked. Of course, the answer was yes.

I squirmed in my seat. The class couldn’t end soon enough. I was a geek and I had been found out. [in my experience, nobody liked [s] a smart ass…]  My professor seemed to completely enjoy my consternation at such a realization and smiled.

[I'm now seriously tired of being ashamed that I'm a geek.]

I have to admit, once I realized there was an exception to “ashes to ashes—dust to dust”—there emerged the possibility of a soul.

Professor Blumenkrantz went behind my back and arranged for me to attend a university, but I had to decline because there was something terribly wrong with my toddler.  What I didn’t know was that my life had ended when my son’s baby shots had induced brain damage. 

It’s a condition they still deny exists and therefore won’t/don’t treat.  But my analytical mind tells me they have plenty of documentation that it exists and there are multitudes—yea, millions—of dead and damaged because of it. But the PR they do for the shots doesn’t allow any negatives, so regular media never no longer covers it.

My mind jump to the today’s shots.  You know—talks about that God gene?  I think these two are connected and what they really are trying to do is shut down unconscious thought.


Thank You, Connie, for such an interesting article.


2 Scientists: The Soul Does Not Die, It Returns to the Universe


Read More HERE



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