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The Human Body, Nanotechnology, and We [edited]

The Human Body, Nanotechnology, and We [edited]



From 1946 1974, several agencies of the United States government conducted or sponsored
expenments on human subjects involving radioactive materials

I'he agencies included the Atomic Energy Commission and several branches of the military
crvices, among others. Many such expenments resulted in valuable medical advances like
»chation treatments for cancer and the use of sotopes to accurately diagnose illnesses. However,
he Clinton Administration has questions about whether subjects of some expenments were
reated properly. There are indications that in some cases

1) some subjects may not have been notified that they were participating in an experiment, (2
«ome subjects may not have given proper informed consent;

3) certain subjects gave consent, but may not have been fully informed of potential health
ansequences of the expenment;

4) expenments were conducted with disturbing frequency on subjects from vulnerable
sopulations: poor people, elderly people, retarded persons,

+fants, [I was one and I'm missing a good chunk of my forearm musculature because of x ray
xpenmentation when 1 was just a little babe. When [was a kid, I used to call the skin on that arn
1y 90 year old skin. And the fact they burnt the muscle away meant that every time | bumped
1at arm, 1hit bone and it hurt like hell. There is no muscle there to cushion any hits
hese expersments occurred at Beverly Hospital in Beverly, Massachusetts. So much more of my life is
Ee poy

srison inmates, and hospital patients suffering from terminal conditions, and

5) some experiments served no apparent therapeutic medical purpose. Information about these
experiments has trickled out over the years, but the government has never made a true
Ca le about this period of the Cold War om

Since my near-death experience three years ago, I’ve been digging into the why of it.  Okay—I’m old—I get it.  Seventy is right around corner.  I had accrued a little—and I mean a little—and I wanted to enjoy the last years of my life.

I knew constant pain, occasional lapses in breathing, progressing towards blindness, and struggling kidneys were getting in my way, so I sought to remedy all those things.  It sent me down a rabbit hole so deep the oxygen is thinning out down here.

My discovery as to how toxic pharmaceutical products are for me shook me to the core.  I still don’t want to believe it, but there it is.  I’m muuuch better—probably as good as I’m going to get.  But knowing it was the MDs I went to over the course of my life that were responsible for my near-death, broke my heart.  I’ve heard so many stories from people whose hearts are as broken as mine.

I often tell people what we are allowed to see is nothing more than window dressing.  Trees, buildings, laughing children are all there but little more than facades.  Oh, they’re there alright, but only because they are allowed to be.

Since the beginning of time, people have been cordoned off into stratums.  Seriously now—when you’re born into a stratum, that’s where you’ll stay.  These last decades, we have been fooled into thinking we could get ahead in the game.  That just made us work harder.

Following these words, I offer you the façade of all facades.

They ain’t just talking about soldiers, and it ain’t because they care about us.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass , May 22, 2003 - The Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN), a research
collaboration between the United States Army and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
formally opened its doors today with a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony in front of the
ISN's 28,000 square-foot facility located at 500 Technology Square. More than 300 members of

the MIT community, the US. Army and ISN industrial partners were in attendance

Founded in March 2002 by a $50 million grant from the U.S. Army, the ISN combines basic and
applied research to create an expansive array of innovations in nanoscience and
nanotechnology that will dramatically improve the survivability of soldiers. Research is currently
under way in three key areas: protection, performance improvement, and injury intervention

and cure

The dedication commenced at 11 a.m. and concluded with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at noon.
Remarks were made by Dr. Charles M. Vest, president of MIT; Commanding Gen. John C.

Doesburg, U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (Provisional


Michael Andrews II, deputy assistant secretary for research and technology/chief scientist,
OASA, US. Army: Dr. Richard E. Smalley, university professor, Nobel laureate, Rice University: Dr
Thomas M. Connelly Jr, senior vice president and chief science and technology officer, DuPont;
Mr. Gregory S. Shelton, vice president of engineering, technology, manufacturing and quality,
Raytheon; Dr Alice P. Gast, vice president for research and associate provost, MIT; and
Specialist Jason C. Ashline, US. Army.

“This is an exciting day for the ISN because we're doing so much more than dedicating a new
facility,” said Professor Ned Thomas, director of ISN and the Morris Cohen Professor of
Materials Science and Engineering. "We're really celebrating the coming-together of an

outstanding community of researchers dedicated to improving the survivability of the brave



After World War II, our government fell in love with radiation.  So much so that they offered whomever money to cajole people into participating in experimentation.  My mother fell for the MD’s spiel, and she let them radiate the muscle mass in my arm into oblivion.  I was just a little baby.  All the skin on my arms is old now but back in my younger days, you could quite see the difference.


bd pl LIAL





Here’s my irradiated arm






Saudi Arabia attacked Yemenis in Hodeidah with a
laser-guided bomb made by US military contractor
Raytheon, as a civilian is killed every three hours

on average.

By Ben Norton

Abomb used by Saudi Arabia to attack civilians in Yemen has been
identified as a US-made laser - guided bomb manufactured by military
contractor Raytheon

‘The deaths — the latest in a long pattern of Saudi bombings of Yemeni
civilians with US-made weapons — came amid reports that fighting
kills one Yemeni civilian every three hours, on average, in the US
backed Saudi and Emirati war on their country

On October 24, US supported Saudi torces launched a series of airstrikes
on the major Yemeni port city of Hodeidah

One of these airstrikes struck several cars in the city, reportedly killing
three civilians, including a child.

Local journalist Hussain Albukhaiti published a photo ot a bomb
fragment recovered at the scene of the airstrike



And here is my other arm




The following movie tells the tale of the inhabitants of the Bikini Islands chain.  Let yourself at least get to the part where scientists tell you the inhabitants are just savages.  Well—they certainly were treated like animals.  But I ask you—just who were the animals?

The Coming War on China – True Story Documentary Channel

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