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Questions About Vaccine-Strain Pertussis

Questions About Vaccine-Strain Pertussis


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It鈥檚 being said that this cannot happen. That this has been on the market since the nineties. But that statement assumes change does not happen. I assert that it does. Something has changed in the last several years to make this a virulent process.

I put on my


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OkayOkayOkay聽 I admit it is always on...聽 And came up with this:

A premise

I am just recovering from my third bout of pertussis in as many years.聽 I鈥檓 67 and I never remember having pertussis in earlier years.聽 It is quite a distinctive illness, so I have no doubts.

I recall recently hearing about the pertussis outbreak amongst students where only the vaccinated experienced the illness.聽 Their unvaccinated peers did not suffer the illness.聽 I think there is a reason for that.

In 2016, I asked for a tetanus booster.聽 I had to kick and fight to get it.聽 I wish I hadn鈥檛.聽 A friend of mine came over to visit one day in 2017鈥攄on鈥檛 remember exactly when, but I could look it up if I had to.聽 He had had his tetanus booster.聽 He sat in a chair about four feet away from my bed.聽 I had been getting sicker and sicker from pharmaceutical products, so I lay in my bed.

He left after about a half-hour鈥攚ithin a week, I was hacking my brains out with something I had never experienced before.聽 I went to the doctor and no tests were done, but my oxygen was low鈥攁bout 92%.聽 I made it clear I did not want to go into the hospital and I didn鈥檛.

My friend, Bert, was as stymied as I was鈥擨 was sure he was the source of my illness.聽 I barely went out; my kidneys were close to failing and my body was often wracked with spasms.聽 He told me he was just as confused as I was because both I and his wife had gotten this mysterious illness yet he had not.

Fast-forward through my next bout of this illness 聽(which was last October) to now.聽 With a few caveats.

  • I did not receive a tetanus booster: I received the TDaP.聽 I have confirmed this through records. I was not informed. This shot was given without my consent.
  • As to my first experience with this illness, I suspected Bert received the TDaP rather than a tetanus booster and that this was probably now protocol.聽 I and his wife experienced pertussis because of his transmission of vaccine-strain pertussis.聽 He, of course, felt nothing.

This case of pertussis I am just finishing up was the result of occupying the same space as my mechanic.聽 After paying my bill, he informed me he had received his tetanus booster a week earlier.聽 I groaned and told him he more than likely had received the TDaP, and that he would now be susceptible to pertussis for the rest of his life.聽 What didn鈥檛 hit me until the drive home was that I was going to get sick, and I did.聽 I kept hoping I wouldn鈥檛, but with the onset of glandular pain, I knew I was probably in for it.

I鈥檝e now experienced three events.聽 All three events occurred as the result of contact with someone having a shot laced with an acellular pertussis component.


  • Are those pertussis breakouts among the vaccinated being specifically infected by vaccine-strain pertussis?

  • Is this only experienced only by those vaccinated with a shot containing aP?

  • Are the unvaccinated not affected because this strain is only virulent to the vaccinated?

  • How long can these bacteria live outside the body?

  • Are these known quantities by the vaccine/pharmaceutical industry?

And then I found this:

Acellular pertussis vaccines protect against disease but fail to prevent infection and transmission in a nonhuman primate model

In my direct experience as a guinea pig, I know it not only fails to prevent disease, it spreads disease.聽 The "resurgence" in pertussis cases is directly caused by their shots.

Copyright October 2019 By Joyce Bowen

OOOhhhhhhhh That's a whole nother can of worms... I can take absolutely no pharmaceutical products because of their toxicity.
I wonder what are medications are out there, having strange side-effects, while people buy them to improve their health...

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