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A Response to Why Younger Folk are not giving Their Babies Those Shots


It's like telling a rape victim they are responsible for being raped.

Perhaps it is because those of us who have children who have been destroyed by these shots are telling young parents to take care. We all suffered tremendously because of the damages we suffered from these shots. I was persecuted because of my oldest child’s aberrant behavior—back in the days when we were called “refrigerator moms.”

The shots my oldest received are here:

Oldest Son’s Shot Records and The Cost

A wonderful social worker took up our cause and protected us all. They were ripping these early brain-damaged children out of homes and placing them into an overburdened foster care system. I knew I loved my children so much that if anyone could figure out how to deal with this it would be me. I succeeded in many ways, but not enough.

A law had been passed—a  mandatory reporting law—the more children institutions ripped out of homes, the more grant money the institutions received.


I studied this law relentlessly some time ago.  I did not do it for the reason below—it was another issue—just plain child abuse.

They used this to rip the first wave of vaccine-injured children out of homes:

42 U.S. Code § 5106a.Grants to States for child abuse or neglect prevention and treatment programs

The more children an institution or hospital ripped out of homes, the more funding they received.  The foster care system in my state was dismal.  I have an acquaintance, who was a foster care mother, and she received $600.00 per month per child, and everything that child needed had to come from it.  Programs like Food Stamps and WIC were wide open to foster families but screwed tight for those desperately trying to hold on to their children.

Because we were blamed for what happened to our children, life was a daily struggle.  There were constant scrutiny and turmoil.  Life was very, very hard.  I was fortunate that I was assigned a caring social worker who recognized my devotion to my children.  I also think she may have had an inkling that something sinister was afoot and it wasn’t the families.  We kept in touch over the years.  She passed away in 2009.

The way 42 USC CHAPTER 67 was formatted, states received money for putting Mandatory Reporting Laws in place. 

This is the format that is being proposed for states to institute Mandatory Vaccination.  This format worked well for Mandatory Reporting—it will sweep through for forced vaccination.  I’m fairly certain anything accomplished on state levels will fall by the wayside.  I see them as hollow victories.  That’s if the Democrats take over, and I suspect they will.  Then they will again use 42 USC CHAPTER 67 to rip unvaccinated children from homes—the more children hospitals and institutions take, the bigger the grants will be.

I think this is a strategy put in place by industry.  Put people’s noses to the grindstone at the state level while industry works the Feds—and it’s working.  If the Dems sweep the election, everything is already in place at the Federal level.

I remember little Josh’s mom–a boy much like mine. Out-of-control–constant movement–needing 24/7 care. I heard a rumor Mom was giving him up. I asked her how could she do that?

“I have three more children at home,” she said.

I knew if she did not give up Josh the system would make a clean sweep–take them all. She knew it, too. I refused to relinquish my boys.

Another social worker told me decades later that it was a good thing I hung on so hard because the seized children hadn’t fared so well. These were horrific times.

Stories like these coming from crippled old women bear fruit in the protection of children. The people who should be prosecuted are the people wielding these horrible things–even today. I doubt a single perpetrator will see prison-time.

There are people who seek to monetize our tragedies by pointing fingers back at us–as if we deserve the assaults committed upon us. We didn’t have enough compassion, or we had no empathy or we lacked something else.   It's like telling a rape victims they are responsible for being raped.
We need to protect those being born today and those to be born tomorrow from such charlatans. Our newborn [1-day-old] death rate is 50% higher than all other developed nations combined. Babies less than one day old get two shots--one an aluminum-laced vitamin shot and the other to keep them from catching a sexually transmitted disease.  It is those lives that now matter–not what has gone before.

We are the vaccine-injured, and we will never stop speaking out.

Copyright 2019 Joyce Bowen

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Harvey Lloyd You are right. But these companies are targeting the Constitution. And they've been doing it while we were sleeping. And there is a lot coming in the future as to just who gets to "parent" a child--from birth on. "Dystopian?" I can't think of a horror movie that was/is scarier than what is going on right under our very noses. I was horrified back when Zack first wrote the word. I am terrified now. "Oct 3, 2018 Sounds like a dystopian scenario. Whatever the case, it's good to be in the know about these things, no matter how depressing they are. Thanks for sharing this insightful article!"
The "rainbow" that's being conditioned is that people will now demand these shots--line up in droves for them--demand all people have them. This has been "corporate strategy" all along. Those of us who are standing up are dying out here. We are being lied to about the safety of these things, but people are being conditioned into an army to protect companies. People who think they are defending what's right are actually helping companies kill and maim a lot of babies.

Harvey Lloyd

1 year ago #11

I believe the science will have to get a lot better before they can constitutionally require you to give shots to children. That said, it doesn't mean they will not try. Their argument on the surface sounds good. But is constitutionally on very shaky ground. The argument states that the benefit far outweighs the cost. If we want to talk about a device, a standard or policy this argument is sometimes the best we have. But to use this argument, first on ones right to be the parent and secondly to sacrifice one for the group, is a slippery slope.

Jerry Fletcher

1 year ago #10

Joyce, I've often wondered at what is going on here. Scientists and doctors know that one solution fits all is not true. Where are the courageous few that will stand up to politicians? Could that be the rainbow behind the Coronavirus?
And that is why they're going to succeed--people actually believe they have a choice. They don't. I've covered this story for about 2 years. I've studied "Corporate Capture, Corporate Strategy [a wonder to behold], Controlled Opposition, etc. These are all real terms. Doubt me after you've done the same, but not before. For over 50 years, things have been brilliantly handled to turn this into a "Corporate" world. We've lost our fat paychecks--so many things... I had no idea such things were going on before this. Good luck to us all--we're going to need it.

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 year ago #8

Joyce \ud83d\udc1d Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee, I think you are preaching to the choir here. I'm not doubting the efficacy of vaccines (or lack thereof), but an organization's power to mandate them to everyone across the world. Perhaps some people will jump at the opportunity to get their high-tech vaccines. Good for them! This doesn't mean that everyone is going to follow suit though. Just like people are still opting out of cashless transactions as the only way to go (even if those same people use credit/debit cards), I doubt everyone is going to unanimously get onboard with the vaccine movement. Cheers
Zacharias \ud83d\udc1d Voulgaris Global Vaccine Safety IMMUNIZATION VIDEO: United Nations Scientist Admits Vaccine Deaths, Says Better Explanations Needed There's just a few. We are not being told the truth. There are millions of vaccine-injured. Mainstream Media will not tell our stories--I know--I've tried. I've been to politicians' offices, newspapers, so many places... I emailed a reporter in California where we now have the most stringent laws in the country. This was his answer: “What a crock of shit. I’d laugh, but people like you are literally getting people killed.” Back when you used that word, I knew probably half what I now know. I keep looking for good news--there isn't any. They want to microchip people to make sure they're fully vaccinated. People have to do the research and wake up.

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 year ago #6

Although I risk sounding out of touch, I doubt that WHO and UN can force someone to do anything like that at least in certain countries. They may do a great job st convincing people they can but more and more people are becoming skeptical about the effectiveness of vaccines or the motives behind them. It's easy to make fun of people who are a minority or represent an unpopular view. However, they did the same thing to Gandhi without any success. Not only did he succeed in his movement but he also became a symbol for future generations. Perhaps things are not so dire for us now. Just a thought...
Zacharias \ud83d\udc1d Voulgaris US laws apply to all citizens, but this is a global effort. Countries all over the world are moving towards mandatory forced vaccinations. The WHO and the UN want all humans fully vaccinated for whatever they deem necessary. How do I know? I tried finding a place I could go to avoid them. I cannot get a Medical Exemption. MDs licenses can be stripped for giving them. The next one I cannot avoid will probably kill me. You have to remember that we have greatly depleted our tax base. So the monies industries have saved they now use to run our universities. Our learned are now trained to the likes of corporations. Our MDs are trained by the pharmaceutical industry. I remember when you used that word--"dystopian." I also remember thinking, "You have no idea..."

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 year ago #4

Do these austere measures apply to all US citizens or only to those residing on US soil?
Zacharias \ud83d\udc1d Voulgaris 1/2 The problem with these is the consequences of the toxic ingredients weigh heavily on 1/5 [20%] of the population. Seventy % of adults and 54% of our children in the US are now chronically ill--we are the most vaccinated country in the world. Many have died. Many have been permanently maimed. Health care has become sick care. There is no liability for a manufacturer for these shots: on writ of certiorari to the united states court of appeals for the third circuit If you or your child are killed or made chronically ill--too bad for you. But just be sure you pay the bills caused by what the medical industry does to you or they can sue you.
Zacharias \ud83d\udc1d Voulgaris 2/2 I know some marvel at the thought of an "arthritis" vaccine or a "cancer" vaccine--but read the handwriting on the wall--you can't sue if they hurt you. It's quite possible that in the US, we will see forced mandatory vaccinations by June of this year--if not, soon thereafter. There are bills in the wings on Capitol Hill right now. Birth to death shots--get ready--there are plenty of them. And industry is going around the nation rewriting our laws right under our noses. Politicians wait with their hands out--selling our freedoms. Those of us easily injured are the canaries in the coal mine. For those of you who don’t know what this means—back in the old days, coal miners took canaries in cages down into the depths of the Earth while they mined black gold from the shafts. If the canary died, it meant methane was building up and they should RUN. There are ingredients in these shots that do not clear from the body. Shot after shot after shot the stuff accumulates. We, the canaries, and you will become one and the same. If liability is returned, they’ll have to make them safe. They won’t be able to afford not to do so. And we are getting vaccinated for far too much—well, folks—there’s lots of money to be made from a product for which no one can sue you for damages.

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

1 year ago #1

The moment something becomes mandatory any benefits it may have go out the window. I love children but at times like these I'm glad and grateful I don't have any. As much as I would enjoy raising a child, I I don't want to have this mandatory stuff on my conscience!

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