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 Back in the 90s, Boston Globe Spotlight broke the story about the Boston Archdiocese and the pedophile priests stories. I tried to get them to include our stories—I knew they were connected, I just didn't know how much.

Whenever I do a story and I think it’s ‘fini’—it inevitably throws a monkey wrench sooner or later.  Something tickled me about this story this morning and it led me to more information about prosecutable misgivings about Father Daniel Hart.  He was far more active in shielding child predators than of which I was aware.  Additional information on Daniel Hart is now inserted in this article.


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I’m not driven to tears often. I see myself as staunch and stoic. Last night, however, I found my face bathed in that salty fluid as I listened to myself assure a victim of a crime that justice would now be done.

“They know about him now,” I said. “They’ll do something.”

It is an interview I taped on 9/28/1992. I listened as life occasionally interrupted the conversation I had with Judy. My sons came in and out of my room, and my beloved dogs barked. Judy choked back tears as she told me her story—a horrific one in my eyes. An eleven-year-old girl fearing for her life as she was sexually assaulted; her young brother hunkering down with her in what they called their fort in the attic telling tales of assault, too. Her mother, addicted to prescription drugs by the offending doctor, proclaiming to the doctor that he would have to help them now. He didn’t.

I had not yet developed a more professional journalistic approach, so I was amateurish. But I dug to get the details and am ashamed and proud of myself for doing so. It was a beginning for me. What I hadn’t put together yet was that the case had already ended.

The man frequented schools and home for disabled children in his capacity as a doctor.  Judy told me he had a large photo of a mongoloid girl-child dressed in a transparent negligee on his wall.

I had collected a mish/mash of records, documents, and newspaper articles. I would pour over them in coming years—connecting one dot after another. I would suffer for it. Little did I know, I was a threat, and threats are taken out. I was a ringleader—a voice. A very loud one at that. I have a vivid recollection of sitting across from a police detective and having him say to me, “You’re quite the little crusader, aren’t you.” It was a statement rather than a question.


I have provided supportive documentation to add a sense of truth to what I am saying.

As I said—the case had already ended. Agencies, hospitals, school systems, and even the DA’s office had known about this child predator for years. To go forward with prosecution would reveal that fact. The DA had declined to prosecute Judy’s case in 1977. Her mother had nearly stabbed to death a doctor in his office in 1977 over her daughter’s assault. That article is here.

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WhenTed was stabbed, two colleagues from the adjoining children's hospital rushed to the ER to be with him as doctors attended his wounds.  Dr. Phillip Lazeroff and a social worker.  I asked Ted, 4 years after he was stabbed, to help me get this guy off the streets.  
He looked me full in the face and said, "No."  
I could see fear in him.  
I'm sure my jaw must have hit the floor as I sputtered, "How can you look at your own children and not want to do something?"
I didn't understand why he was afraid until much later.  I suspect it would have been professional suicide.  He rallied 6 years later and went gung-ho on stopping this man.

I swear Ted Sheftel was one of the bravest men I have ever known.  A year or so after he helped, He moved out of Massachusetts.  I suspect he burned all his bridges by taking Friedman out.  Knowing what I now know, I suspect his colleagues--his longtime colleagues, may have ostracized him.  He's old and sick now, but I hope he doesn't regret what he did.




In 1977, the Court psychiatrist (Dr. David Swenson) listened to Shirley Chouinard reiterate her story and her daughter, Judy’s. 

This document was produced in subsequent years. 




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I interviewed Dr. Swenson. He was a kind, old man. I sat in his office at the Courthouse clinic in the early 80s, and my eyes reached out to his as he told me he had urged the DA to prosecute Friedman. The DA had declined.  Scratch Judy’s case. 

The DA had already declined to prosecute it. 

But it proves that the DA knew about a dangerous sexual predator years earlier.  (This was probably communicated to the police prosecutor, which means the police knew about the man.)

Earlier, in 1975, a child’s aunt took her to a local children’s hospital. 

They made this report 








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documenting the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl. So doctors at a local hospital knew. Mandatory Reporting was in force at this time, and laws were broken in order to keep this hush-hush. In subsequent years, they simply stopped recording allegations.


In the late 60s/early 70s, Catholic Charities ran 25% of all outpatient mental health clinics in the state of Massachusetts. These children came from troubled families so often ended up in this type of care. The building the offending doctor worked in was owned by 

The Boston Archdiocese. 

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I had a conversation with a woman who told me she had been on the Board of Directors of the organization located in that building and a Father Hart had urged them to write letters demanding the offending doctor’s resignation. When she asked why she was told just write it. The doctor resigned and moved on to another state. Sound familiar?  The Father who solved their problem was shoved up the ranks 6 months later.  He received a promotion.

BushopAccountability ors


Bishop Hart Named in New Lawsuits
Norwich Prelate Seen As Negligent Supervisor in Sex Abuse Legal Clans

Hy Kenton Robumon
The Day [New London CT]
January 30.2003

Norwich Bishop Dansel A Hart was named im esght sexual sbuse lswsuits
filed Wednesday i Suffolk County Supenor Court in Boston


Haston attomey Mitchell Garabedian said Hart was named in the suits not 2s
abuser but a a neplipent supervisor of priests accused of sexually abusing
dren The suits stem from weidents alleged to have taken place duns
Hart's years of service in the Boston Archdiocese between 1965 and 1987




Bishop Hart


“Hie had 2 duty to properly supervise the perpetrator priest and he breached
that duty.” Garabedian said “He knew or should have known that the priest
was molesting children ©




Also named in two lawsuits
Croam of the Archdiocese of

s a supervisor, was Archbishop Damiel A

I moved forward with the task of denying this man access to children but met resistance at every turn. His colleagues seemed to be more worried about his career than the devastation he had left behind.

In September of 1989, I received the letter below. It was apparently the man’s get-out-of-jail-free card. He never saw a day in jail.



I had reported the man in 1969. So by 1992, professionals had known about this man for at least 23 years. The system failed these children. Better still, it deceived them (us) into believing society actually gave a shit.  


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copyright 4/23/2017 Joyce Bowen





I think this is finally done Todd Jones
Actually--there were many children. This man was a powerful serial predator protected by several communities. I have more material than I could add in here.
Thank you, Debasish.
I paid a very heavy price for all the work I did here. Looooooong story.
Unfortunately, our laws are being neutered all over the country. It is now far easier for perps to attack Mandatory Reporting. One of my buzzes addresses it in detail.
So sorry to hear. I'm glad my buzz had meaning for you. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Cyndi wilkins

5 years ago #9

Pedophiles are not particularly popular in prison because a very large percentage of those incarcerated have been molested at some point in their own lives...usually during childhood when they were most vulnerable...of course not all offenders retaliate by offending others, but many resort to violent crimes in an effort to vent the fury they feel as a result of being violated. Throw a pedophile into the snake pit with a bunch of angry and heavily burdened souls and you will have a blood bath for sure...Seems a fitting demise for those who would hurt children who are already suffering in their lives with dysfunctional families...Makes me sick to my stomach that so many so called 'professionals' would turn a blind eye to protect their own sorry ass...I have one word for them all...KARMA...It'll get you every time;-) No one gets out of here alive...and karma makes sure you pay your dues before you leave.

Lisa Vanderburg

5 years ago #8

As small kids, me and my sister were left in the care of a Monsignor Thomas Feeney, Iowa. Later in life, unable to quell a concept that had stayed in me and one sister's minds, we looked up this priest - sure enough, he was part of a large ring of pedophiles. Even though I was only 6 when we left Davenport - that name had stuck with me all my life. I don't know what happened - never will, I guess. Thank you Joyce \ud83d\udc1d Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee for sharing this discovery - takes courage! Only because you have, am I emboldened to do so. You should feel proud - the shame belongs to these soulless perps.
Check back in a day or so. If you think these pieces ar emotionally draining to read, imagine writing them. I flesh it out online because there is pressure to complete. I've added things--conversations and the like. Hard to condense 30 years of research into a 2-minute read.
Fear is a beast that needs to be defeated. When we sacrifice our littlest charges to the beast, hell hath no fury...
agreed and thank you
He probably died in his bed. He resigned his license to practice medicine in order to avoid prosecution. Believe me when I tell you the locals would not prosecute because it would have revealed their complicity in hiding this dangerous predator. It's why I linked the documents. Proof.

Devesh 🐝 Bhatt

5 years ago #3

Society is quick to harm others out of fear, and even quicker to surrender responsibility of the fear comes true. And yet , it could be worse if you behaved like society.

Pascal Derrien

5 years ago #2

a monumental collective failure or the art (anagram rat) of dismissing the obvious :-( powerful write up

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