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“How USA’s Dodd-Frank was changed to steal your money” and the Move to do so is Global.

“How USA’s Dodd-Frank was changed to steal your money” and the Move to do so is Global.


One #undred Eleventh Congress
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United States of America


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I first wrote an article on Dodd-Frank last year.  It was a cursory piece to let people know that when they deposit their cash in a bank, they give up that possession.

Depositors become ‘unsecured creditors’ and banks become the owners of your cash.

Reproduction of that short piece is below.  Why revisit this now?  I’ve been warning friends and family a bail-in will be triggered sooner or later.  A video has emerged warning us that a bail-in may be happening soon.  Watch it after reading:


How Dodd Frank Was Changed to Steal Your Money


Dodd-Frank was put into force after the 2007/2008 banking crisis.  The original intent was to keep banks from becoming too big to fail.  [Many of us can see how well that worked—I mean the big part…]


The article below gives you some history, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.



How The Dodd-Frank Act Protects Your Money



Forbes apvisor

Before Dodd- Frank: Deregulation and the 2008 Financial Crisis

Read More HERE


As with many laws, industry pokes and pokes our legislators to tweak laws to benefit them.  Government has thrown off the robe of responsibility and thrown us to the wolves once again.


Dodd-Frank has been changed to provide for “Bail-ins” rather than “Bail-outs.”  What that means is that when you, the bread-winner, deposit your hard-earned cash or paycheck in a bank, it no longer belongs to you.  You become the unsecured creditor and the bank now owns your income.


See the article below:


aE Se SE]


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Ellen Brown, Contributor

Ellen Brown is an attorney, Founder of the Public Banking Institute, and author of twelve books including the best-selling Web of Debt.

It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK Depositors

04/03/2013 11:11 am ET Updated Jun 03, 2013

om, Email: Website:

Confiscating the customer deposits in Cyprus banks, it seems, was not a one-off, desperate idea of a few eurozone troika officials scrambling to salvage their balance sheets. A joint paper by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Bank of England dated December 10, 2012, shows that these plans have been long in the making; that they originated with the G20 Financial Stability Board in Basel, Switzerland (discussed earlier here); and that the result will be to deliver clear title to the banks of depositor funds.  New Zealand has a similar directive, discussed earlier here.

Few depositors realize that legally, the bank owns the depositor’s funds as soon as they are put in the bank. Our money becomes the bank’s, and we become unsecured creditors holding IOUs. (See here and here.)  But until now, the bank has been obligated to pay the money back as cash on demand. Under the FDIC-BOE plan, our IOUs will be converted into “bank equity.”  The bank will get the money and we will get stock in the bank. With any luck we may be able to sell the stock to someone else, but when and at what price? Most people keep a deposit account so they can have ready cash to pay the bills.”


Read more here…


Wages have plummeted in past decades.  It’s hard for many to make ends meet.  Just imagine going for groceries to feed your kids and having your card declined so a bank you trusted can try to save itself from its bad decisions.


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Michael Lazar, Contributor

Contributor, The Destination For Americans 50+

Too Big To Fail Banks Can Keep Your Money If They Fail

03/25/2016 10:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017


Can too big to fail banks really take your money if things go sour and leave you screwed without access to your cash?

The short answer: without the proper regulation in place (which is currently not in place), is: YES.

A bank rescue scheme that led to one man killing himself after losing over $100,000 is already testament to it. In his suicide note, the man explained that after being a customer of the bank for 50 years, and investing in bank-issued bonds, he was relieved of his investments thanks to a hidden clause that saw him and 130,000 shareholders and bondholders left hung out to dry so the bank could stay afloat.

The bank in question was already in rescue mode, and in order to tap into a specially created rescue fund, it had to meet the requirements of the wealthier banks that would be providing the funds. However, before these funds can be accessed, the bonds are first tapped, at the loss of any said bond or shareholder.

BBC explained this method as a “bail-in.” In plain English, that means that bondholders got screwed because the bank they trusted failed. Newer EU laws basically say that losses must be forced on bondholders and depositors who have more than €100,000 on tap.

In a worst case scenario, banks that fail in the EU, under the proposed laws that take effect this year, mean that over a million savers could be stiffed.


Your Money Becomes The Bank’s 


Read more here



Don’t like banks?  The government doesn’t like you.  If they catch you with large sums, they can take your savings, too.


The Government Can Take Your Money for No Reason

One #undred Eleventh Congress
of the
United States of America


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TE ITE I ann «nay ron sate

Read More HERE


Had enough?  But wait—there’s more…

Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics answers a reader’s questions here:


Digital Dollar & Civil War


Conparate Governance and Banking Supervision 5

“The Position of Depositor Creditors

The commun law position on the status of bank customers gives 8 useful basis to
delineate the limited protection corporate law provides for thew interests In general,
unsecured creditors, such as depositors of a bank, will have very hittle redress to
recover their debs if 2 company 15 put into liquidation. The courts will not deal with
the question of which class of creditor should have priority over other classes in
such circumstances * In the case of banking, it indicates the limited responsiblity
of 4 bank towards depositors once the bank has the money put into ils account
The principle sllustrates that the relationship between the depositor and the bank
1s not ane of principal and agent, where the bark as agent acts on behalf of the
prncipal in their interests. The money deposited in an account is no longer deemed
as belonging to the principal but rather to the bank. In this relationship the bark is
only contractually accountable for the sum of morey pad ir. This is the sum of
money the bank is required to give back, including any interest accrued. According
to Cattenham LC in Foley v Hill ©







The money paid isto the banker's i mosey kisows by the prisipal to be placed there for
© purpose of cing unde of 2c banker, i iy then the basker's money, be 1s
pow Lo deal with it as bis aw, be makes whet prof <b pr
to mimse {The moncy placed 12 the custody of a danke? 1s. 10 all irtenss and pumoses,
e orcy of the barker, to do with it 2s be pleases, be is guilty of po brezch of trust in
employing 1, he is not answerble to (3c prancipal if he pats ot ito jeopardy. .f he engages
12 2 azardous speculation *


It appears we will not be able to escape the carnage as the world’s 8,000 elite dictate we can no longer use physical currency.  We will be forced to place our funds in the wolves’ den—Banks or worse still—what big tech has in store for us…

But this is not about cash—this is about controlling your cash.


Remember what I said about the virus?


This is not about a virus—it’s about control


Yes everything you’re experiencing now is about controlling your lives, your body, and your income.


Welcome to Slavery


So there it is—or was—the article I wrote last year.  Here is the video I stumbled across yesterday:">2021 MAY 31 BANK OF IRELAND BAIL-IN KICK OFF 06 AUG; GOING TO SEIZE YOUR MONEY TO BAIL-OUT BANKS

The decision in Foley set to rest the ambiguous dea that the relationship between
bank and customer 15 one of agent and principal According to Smart, the fiduciary
obligation was regarded a loo ongrous a burden for the bank and its business as
it would have placed a continuous responsibility on the baak to account for its
decmions * The principle also highlights the high degree of discretion the bank
has with (he way it cn usc other people's money The obligation on the bank to





For a detailed analysis of the duty to creditors see Keay. A (2003) ‘Directors taking
nto ac nt creditors’ nlerests’, Company Lawyer, val 24, 300. Keay, A (2001)
“The director's duty 10 take into account the mterests of company creditors: When 1s
i wiggered™ Melbourne University Lars Review, vol. 29. 31S, Prestce. D D (1990)
“Creditors” mtcrests and directors” duties”, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies. vol 10,265
Sappdeen, R (1991) Fiductary obligations to corporate <red toes’, Journal of Business
Law, July, 365

6 Space investments 11d v Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Trust Co (Bahamas,
£14 and others [1386] | WLR 1072 Lord Templeman “If the bank becomes imolvent
the customer czn only prave in tae Iiquidanoa of the bark as unsecured creditor for the
amourt which was, of ough to have been, credited to the account at the date when the
bank west 10 hquidatoa’, stp 1074

17 Fdward Thomas Foicy © Thomas Mul [1848] 11 HLC 1002

Xb app 1005-000

a man, PE (1990) Leading Cases in the Law of Banking. London, Sweet and Mauwell,

4CM DISCLAIMER: in publishing this DOES NOT MEAN 4CM is VERIFYING the VERACITY OF THE CONTENT. We are just making you aware of Data. That has been Dropped on the net. to enable facilitate healthy investigations of the truth, which our reader/viewers maybe pursuing


EDITORIAL: 2021 MAY 08 Bank of Ireland paves way for negative rates on accounts with over €1m: Bank to contact personal customers affected but vast majority unaffected by policy change. 

By IRISH TIMES Joe Brennan URL: Sat, May 8, 2021, 07:01



Edward Harton rare
75 Cpmrmsmes




MA ni rtm cham Un snd A | mms em mn Ci




[row] (Fevarmwraveriv Tones]
On Claims Of Depositors, Subordinated And Creditors And Central
Banks In Bank Resolutions

I Vm mrb, Cn  £9. 2000
The meni urs ois ome ve yea expense WS cose yo or oh wth Bs Bt yas ant cx yous mets


Depositor preference rule

50. the heat Ere | wou er 10 addr rss Ur Sebati snd Uae introduc ion of 4
urgesniton preter ence rue in insolvency. As you kfiow, 3 Srpositor preteen be Frgu es
That in thr insobemncy of bank the das of Geponiton enoy 4 pr vleged statis The
ower Form Of depot pr olection, an it eHecTivdy Pinder the assets of the bank for ther
ret Of Beonitons, 10 (Lr Lo be hespret that the exnZimnce oa Gegositor preference tube
Fruit risk of Bank rm



Amasority of G; 70 cunts ins bare some for m of egenitor prefs ence role, inchading
Antal Sree 146s 30 the Unie Statins The egaitor ede rece ute Fos 1 sd sonally
Der rs ommionn § U Membres SLatis. Hesse, a fr surg mimbes of § ur open
counties vehach have Geet gone. 06 at unde goeng. § UNM programmes, inc king Greece.
Portugal, Hungary, Lats and Roman, have ints uc drositor preter nce regime
Beyond the § LIME proms mime countries, te Vicker s (ror! advo ates the ints ocr tion of
adbeponitor peter ene ube in the UK, whach would preder res] dnpositons og to the hat ©
the deposit paar antree scheme


The ech tanking of the Gepost claim varies in thous counts irs which Rave adopted a
Cipro preter nor fue In most jue sdk tom, inching most frkevant § U Member States,
the gos 2 Lams. anh babies sev rec) Les ac Oth pe efor Clare, 30h Lae ae
enpyre Compensation cLimerr, and ahi of Th: cams of gre al Luc Cito,
Howry, if the US. among uuu 1 1 oditors, the dams of the imobancy admits ator
Fark fst, and The Segoniton rank ahead of fax and pmgloyse: somprmation claims. Gerren,
Pars ahi created 3 supe 9108 <a for Grpontons, which tank ahead of Lax and other
tate Clams, and andy beds the Rank of Greece of any otter fran ual collate al hoe
Bank emghoyees hue priority over Srgositon for part of thse calms to te deter mane a
hoc by a inestorial dec raon As | under Land i, secured 2 eblors seem 10 fotain thes:
peetreential fank on the spec smset charged, hmted howe 10 7/3 of the set's met
valor uns Lepusdation.



rropces, such ana bmi


Moat countries imgose some ermtations on tes: depoutor pe
akin 26 The sa ante: Brit nce The Seproul Gua anton sc heme. a 10 the Case
Furpran mime, including the Geek and Portugure kesislation.


The sete action of a degen 20 pref nce rule with the Spout peasants scheme varies
om ut fi ton 0 ur cic thon,



Senne Hal Lrrabuan Avsrtant General Come Lnga Serve on 8 us open Central Bank 1 U webnate

Better View HERE


More Links below.  Now some of you are going to think to yourself ‘some of these articles are old—2013.’ But these things can’t be done overnight.  It takes planning and time to put the bricks-and-mortar into place:


H. R. 4173


Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important,
Financial Institutions

A jotat paper by the Federal Deposit lusurance Corporation aad the Bank of England
10 December 2012

Read More HERE


Banking Regulation of UK and US Financial Markets


Al Gor Camas Sememet & Neovembes 2011. or C20 &raders essboront Br Key Amv: of
fects Reohution Rope: for Foner ininacicns (Sr Key Amie) we
iterated sap foe trachiton pms, followang § pubs commas proces | The
Kis Atitaces cal cm pasadctaons. song ober Siags ic put ia place 0 08 rag rooney
md rach plan proses 0 sdacr far partial br fbr sd peepee pach shuts
Sart of or cveral wprrvsscry process Sex a plang process i trguend for all goal
Iytecncally portant fam) ssttoms (G STE) md for my oforr Erma sisrsand by
acm abcess a petestally haves an iagact cn facsl wabildy  Be vest of be

Reforms we cow undrrasy in may jaradoios (0 sign eaten! reuin wpm wd
isthe bamracrs aoe bey 18 Gr Key Umiade Recograng Br mgortance of
ering that 2 Sonal titan 1 ho bg 0 ful partralar for 1 being, ves 10 the
efictrie apirmrsiation sd gpbcotn of Go setts Bat we putcilaly wes Gr
GSI The sare: tepoasble for Gr agrrvace md okie of GSH: me
trend 19 Seve muchos aires wad pla: © bar wil Br Koy (oie They a
ahi reed ® coabat molality suremct md prepare Ee Gel co
bend cocprrateon agrees (COAGS)

Bexar hr Let cf G STF that wan judd by Gor FSH ix Novesaber 2011 comms cel
babing game. peonty was pave to wes mrpes = Ge pire of de
truarsares fo tracery aed trackiscs pam by Ohrar Susking gon Haskins prog Sut
57 G ST are Gevefore Sr awn focus of fn resaltaton document Howrves sary of
comings are promaily plcatin Io ay basking po putty tose wbE to
CG SIF. at are acormard by sional mathontoes a pofratialy evn a igect oa fem
satdty a the vest of fade ll x tho mogand tat seme of the oe (ef. Br
srctficaton of cntral fate on teal wes by GSI) may rise 4 arande
reform by oe buck ext of a G SIF r 7. a0 mrstzaret fm ox broker dear 5 sack
Canes. rebrand comings sre extended to Gr oom back extn: Fuathes wert oa Sr src
frases of recy amd rewhatnon of fms) market efwsracars (FAG) i sho bese
cared om by Br Commstre ce Peymest ad Seibert Syten (CPS) aad &r
Lowrmstoeal Ovpsssatice. of Secwibrs Commrooan (10C0)" md @r lotrrmatiocsl
Assocastcn, of lagamce Seprrsumoes (ALS) i uadmtsbay weet oo or spplcaten of Br
Key Amita to aaavms, ochabog my Set caght br draped wn pict! syesmcally
ragrtact svar (GST) afer aback Br seed fox aster ca Or split of
trcenesy and rac aton planeang trpstrsarts will be coomdered







Se FD OO) Lo twas of Uwa Rabon Recme fr Foisl Snmson
ime wes fms td cos bist |b i oa = pace fae TFs
prose pr pep

To Se bi of GSI pkdet bw A FR a ewe DI wm
i wen fmt amie sana 111994

Sa fa PSS IOUD comin per om TAD mens md rin, pubeded wud 2007
Se ww te cent co 10 pf mt hm nn arm a pic IOC DTD pl
When You Weren't Looking, Democrat Bank Stooges Launch Bills to

Permit Bailouts, Deregulate Derivatives
Posted an March 19. 7011 Dy Yves Seth

One of the tig Bowsos of the Raut negotiabon Gees bang cu (or more accusatory, 0) Cypnss's banks
i Grergutating enim WB an FEA OF CAGE State uaranioe 6 3 bac Bn YW Ke glen Pen 3
ICE 10 Gant we Bun (1524S money, and You Can fost Faun al Biry wil renialy Tvs Biedens.

In Cyprus. bark egos, which In ory 27 Sons (Mnaning oven yone pe who ves money 1 Be bark
903 wer out bore: they 10% 3 PANTY) ET (ROVING 10 be 101 30 The: 1Ea%an = hal Pen a0 much ied 0 the
wy Of 1guTy Thee penTy TCH 10 sordid Sebl The seer Bec (18 Aner to SRG) I mrly
Screen or Contra Bark det The Gears are imag on privat wecior Gur Galan” whch mar
Score fu Tun Con a Darks ceed 0 Like kn Jough Come of § TAB descend uty he
ofc gorn Gecxied & wars 10 hard 12 GO 30s the non central bark bandos.



AS 115. therm weve ots of Good (RCTS Why 3 S0eenn Godt HBLCANNG Grd no! happen | don wand 10
Boargury here Notably te tact Ta he Dongs Ft eve esd ko AFUKRET wee Quer urd § git
Lie an weer Vaedy Tose] Dy The ond of evesior who's wing Jo Ite |e the probines fee Arcus 1
al was the natity 1 got wri down. 0ut of Cypro Commas bre Sovergn Jett. because But wan hekd by
hw Barks ahah Srmady orm big Sack holm 1° Bis Dulane sheets. AGEN en COTE Up 1 Somat hat
Cou be rar 1 Fae Sefer of The Orpon ivy IOC SIENA war 0 Great eve ater. Tl ary
iron of Kus woe] Pree Deen par | The wiiow Brooulr. STR Te perruon Rnd hoi
Toca vw tors

17 the US. depostan furve achat Benn ul in 3 worse oulon tian Cyprus depout holders. 3 bes try
0 3 Tw bag Darks 1 play 0 Fae Serheaties CED Th QUO Fup rma 3 DIN (ye 5 Darks Gu
Phe Ser 10 ned anaes mposuee. AS a3 bad 5 That. The Onponons, une thee Cypriot
Contes. an even sere cretion. Kemet Lefer Whee Bu evestrend bark Lied, umecund
mStons ane] reeweTone. SepONns are urecued Gas) gol exh cents on Fue oka One tag fron was
a Greate Cou Tare (gu CLs Kor 3 ETPORAT. THN tery 0 vecund Gears The
200% BAPADACY TESTS, THI (NT VARY CPA Serr 10 Leu iors | efeman fad arty feo.
7) 10 baring subsaanes, anc 1 my Rowe, ws nt ahenng otal argos ut as eras may
FC. hark of Aria raves mist of 2% desteathees orm Bs Mest | mc oper tion i Grgoulary in Lite 7011
As irre pcre

Fark of America Corp (AC). at by 2 rect Sowngrade List mani. hs famed Onevalers Tor 25 Merrll.
LYNCH ud 10.4 wtrakary Buh wh sarod Gross, 3<0nIng 1 pep wih Sect Knowinsge of Bie

Fark Of America's hong Company Bae parent of both Hie tal bark nd Bie Meer Lynch secu und
ei aon §7% Wr of Gneevaers 31 ta ved of June. 30rd 1 ata Corie by Te OCC Aboud

$51 5on or 71 paver. wher when Bank of Arnica NA 2<0rng 10 Far ata. whch freee te

notional ae of te Eades

Ar Bark of Armes hardly unaue Hoomeeg agen

Th Compare wih SIMOran (pon Lakin endl 5 Morgan Crise flank NA which contaned #1
ceed Of ta: New Yorh Gane frre's $75 lon of notional dnevafives, he OCC Gata sow

As wr wet of te tre

Read More HERE


On Claims Of Depositors, Subordinated And Creditors And Central Banks In Bank Resolutions

[5 DHS writes to Banks:May inspect safe deposit boxes & seize contents w/ 10 warrants



ACCONIng to i house Memos now Greuliting, the DHS has issued orders to banks ac1oss Ames ca
which anfiounce to them that “under the Patol Act” the DHS his the absolute ght to seize,
without any warrant whitsoeves, any and all customer bank accounts, to make *pesiodic and
unannounced” visits to any bank ta open and mspect the contents of “selected sate deposit

baxes ©

Further, the DHS "shall, st the discretion of the agent supervising the search, remove, photograph
of seize as evidence” any of the following items “bar gold, god (ons, feearms of any kind unkess
manutactured proc to 1878, documents such as pIsSports oc foreign bank Account records,
pornography or any material that, in the opinion of the agent, shall be: deemed of to be of &
contraband nature.”

DHS memos aka state that banks are informed that any bank employee, on any level, that
feleases Timproper” “clissibied DHS Security information” to any member of the public, to ndude
the (rstomers whose boxes have been candestinely opened and inspected and “any other party,
to include: members of the media” and further “that the posting of any such information on the
internet wil be grounds for the immediate: termmnation of the said employee of employees and
their prosecution under the Patio At” Safety deposit box holders and depositors are not given
advanced notice when failed banks shut ther doors



It people have thei emergency money in a sate deposit box or an account in a bank that doses,
they wall not be allowed nto the bank ta get it out. They can knock on the doar and beg to get in
but the shorts department of whoever is handling the dosure wil simply say “na” because they
are Just following orders

Deposit box and account holders are not warned of the hazards of banking when they sign up. It
is not until they need to get their cash of valuables out in a hurry that they hind themselves in


Rules governing access to sate deposit boxes and money held in accounts are written into the
Charter of cach bank. The charter 1s the statement of pohcy under which the bank is allowed by
the government to do business. These rules are subject to change at any me by Faceless
bureaucrats who are answerable 1 no ane. They can be changed without notice, without the:
agreement of the praple, and against thes will, People can complain but no one will care because
this 1s small potatoes compared to the complaints that will be voiced when the executive ofder
that governs national emergences is enforced Versatie content of the: latest Meijer Ad may
inspire for saving more.



Read More HERE


Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions


Read More HERE


Recovery and Resolution Planning: Making the Key Attributes Requirements Operational,  Consultative Document


Read More HERE


When You Weren’t Looking, Democrat Bank Stooges Launch Bills to Permit Bailouts, Deregulate Derivatives


Read More HERE


Default DHS writes to Banks: May inspect safe deposit boxes & seize contents w/ no warrants



Read More HERE


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in Truth

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