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Pfizer, Gates and Birth Control

Pfizer, Gates and Birth Control

The Ptizer

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Intro by Joyce Bowen

The following may seem disconnected but it鈥檚 not:

I once had a Spanish professor whom I adored鈥攅ducationally speaking.聽 He was dedicated to teaching.聽 He was an older man who had a reputation with the ladies.聽 Rumors swirled.

I didn鈥檛 care about his reputation.聽 I found his ideas to be fascinating, so I would often hang back after class.

He spoke more than once of how we were still living in a feudal system.聽 The thought had flitted through my mind more than once.聽 I had to agree with him.聽 It was far less obvious in those days, but I knew it was marching forward.

Yet in a next breath, he would proudly declare his lines were Castilian鈥攖hat although he was born in Mexico, he was of pure Spanish blood. I wondered why he could not see the contradiction in his thinking鈥擨 said nothing at the time. His disdain for 鈥淢exicans鈥 was more than obvious. It reminded me of this:




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Villeins, sometimes known as serfs, were given land by Knights. They had to provide the Knight with free labor, food, and service whenever it was demanded. Villeins had no rights. They were not allowed to leave the Manor and had to ask their Lord鈥檚 permission before they could marry. Villeins were poor.



This article is part of our larger selection of posts聽about the medieval period. To learn more,聽click here for our comprehensive guide to the Middle Ages.

How is it that we get trapped in such a mindset?聽 That we erroneously believe birthright grants us anything?聽 Instead of nurturing each other, we capitalize.聽 Each body has a worth to someone out there, and that worth [even these days] is not always relegated to the owner.

NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) A row between the Catholic Church and the
government over a tetanus vaccine aimed at women in their
childbearing years has clergy urging people to shun the injection,
saying it's a stealth population-control ploy.

On Tuesday (Nov), the bishops appearing before the parliamentary
health committee said they had tested the vaccine privately and were
shocked to find it was laced with a birth control hormone called beta

human chorionic gonadotropin.

“We are calling on all Kenyans to avoid the tetanus vaccination
campaign because we are convinced itis indeed a disguised
population control program,” said Bishop Paul Kariuki, chairman of the
Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops’ health committee.

The tangle began in March, when bishops became suspicious about
the vaccine, which was targeted at women in the reproductive ages of
14 to 49. and excluded boys and men

An ordinary tetanus shot can protect a person for 10 years, with a
booster available for those who have suffered an injury.

The bishops also wondered why the campaign was being rolled out in
phases and in secrecy.

“To our surprise, the Ministry of Health confirmed it had not tested the
vaccine, having trusted it, since it originated from WHO (World Health



CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA鈥擨n the USA, We are the聽Herd鈥擫iterally




Medieval Life 鈥 Feudalism and the Feudal System


In 1991, WHO smnoarced 3 “birth-control vaccine” for “family panning
Published research shows that by 1576 WHO researchers had conyagated te
tapas lorem (TT) with human chorion. gonadotropin (WG) produing +
Durth-contral” vaccine Conpigatiog TT with hCG causes pregraoy bor.
racnes to be attacked by the immane mpitem. Expected revalts are abortions in
females slvady pregnant and/or inbertinty in esipienis oot yet impregnated
Reprated incxviations prolong iwdertbty Currently WHO resrarchens are.
working on more potent antdestiity vaccine aung recombinant DNA
WHO publications whom 3 bong-range purpose to reduce jopaiation growth
in unstable “less developed countries” By November 199) Catholic pubin a
trons appeared saying an sbortifacient vaccine was bring Land #1 3 tetanus
prophylactic 1a November 2014, the Catholic Church asserted that seh 2
program was underway in Kenya. Three independent Nairobi screed boo
Chemistry Laboratores tevied samples from vials of the WHO tetanus vaccine
being wand in March 2014 snd found HCG where none should be present. In
Oxtober 3014.6 additional vise were obtained by Cathob dortor and were
tested in 6 accredited Liboratores. Again, HCG was found in hall the amples
Subueceraly, Nairota's Agri) Quest laboratory. in two arts of snaiyies. again
found BCG i the same vaccine vials that teed positive earber bul found bo
HG in 52 sapien alleged by the WHO to be vish of the vaceane tard in the
Kenya campaign $0 with the same identifying batch numbers a the viak that
tested poutive for BCG. Goren that 2CG was found in at feast hall the WHO.
Vacciae samples known by the doctors involved in administering the vaccine,






鈥淢edieval Life 鈥 Feudalism and the Feudal System鈥 History on the Net
漏 2000-2021, Salem Media.
January 17, 2021


Bill Gates [and friends] have a dream.聽 There is a patent on an internal system that will credit the injectee with funds for subsistence.聽 Movement translates into digital payment.聽 No thinking allowed鈥攋ust work.


Over the fast fw decades. (hore have been an snpercedentad sums of goverment prosecutions. drug focally
and Depo Proves class actions sats” where Pfizer has coher host cases of settled Amadst a furry of lawsusts, Norplant
another dangerous Pfizer contraceptive, was pulicd from the market by Phizee in 2002”, while clected officials and
peosecutors remained silent about harm In October 2011, Plizer settled the Norplant contraceptive laws, for its
submdary Wyeth, for spproxamaicly $10 milion Thal Plirer payment was @ ation 10 approximately $48 million
already paid by Wycth by 1999 and $40 mullion in legal fees for 3 total of more thas $120 mulkion i setticment costs ™
Thus faz, even though Afrwan women in the DRC (formerly Zaire), Fgypt, Ghans, Kenys, Madagascar, Nigeria, Rwanda
Scacgal, and Zambia, were sed at human sabjects without informed consent of harm in Norplant human experiments, the
Rebecca Project for Human Rights has aot been able to locate records of seftiements (0 any African women i those
countries they deserve the same redress and compensation a3 harmed American women Depo Provera Aas the same
progestin chemical component as Norplant, the only differcace beng that Norplant 1s mplasicd usder the skin, while
Depo Provera 1s imexted







Morcover, UN data demonstrates that Depo Provera” 13 sekdom admimistered to White oe affuent women and
pits im the US or Europe There 1 a strong correlation between Depo Provers use, HIV infection and misorsty satus
Minority comeunities 1a the Usiked States have high HIV/AIDS infection and tansmession rates In 2009, according
the CDC, Afncan Americans comprised 14% of the US population, while accounting for 44% of all acw HIV/AIDS
infections. Afrscan Amencan wome have the highest wage of Depo Provera in fhe Unied Stas, followed by Latinas
Latino accounted for 20% of new HIV infections, whike representing 16% of the total US popuistion Furthermore, 1
Alfica some 250,000 South Afncans died of HIV/AIDS 0 2010 In the same year, approximately 42% to 47% of all

Cryptocurrency system using body activity data

Make no mistake鈥攖his is essentially a full reversion to feudalism.聽 The United Kingdom has made first moves towards legitimizing this by repealing the 1689 English Bill of Rights.

Boris Johnson Repeals English Bill of Rights from 1689







My point?
It鈥檚 something even I found almost impossible to believe鈥攂ut after around two-year鈥檚-worth of digging鈥β犅犅 There are too many people to control effectively, folks鈥β Some of us gotta go.聽 There are different ways to accomplish that.聽



Kenya鈥檚 Catholic Bishops Claim Tetanus Vaccine Is Stealth Birth Control Project

deaths among South Affam™ were HIV/AIDS related Yet roprettably, South Africa asd its neighboring coustries
continue to have the highest use of Depo Provera and HIV, AIDS, thereby further increasing the risk of HIVAIDS The
monioriag of Pfizer's dangerous contraceptives should aot be left To private lawyers, human nights advocates of the
ACLU US Attorneys and state Aflorney Generals should be as aggressive in thes prosecution of Pfizer when
involves dangerous contraceptives as they are with other drug


Ir the paw four years, vader the vupervisscn of Depaty Attormy General Tony West, the US Department of butte (DOJ) has
smccessfally proseced vera! drug compress chang Plizer and GlasoSeubKivs and they hive pid fines in excess of sx
blion dollars foe false clara beibes and ctber fxad Free esablnbed USAID contractors uch as Acadensy for Féuwatonsd
Developme - ALD were saccensfally pronecated sad put of busses for fraud These sucessful prowcxtsons have beer. primarily
directed by peeemnert DO prosecutor such 25 Machael Loucks”. Samay Bharibuaes, Sars Bloom, Zachary Carha, (harieme Keller
Fuller, Robes Gane, Patras Harower, Cokin Huatey, Marilyn May, Cheryl Morgar, sed Susan Posanstilo. Ploree aad other drag
compara were prosecuted for dekhersiely mninformiog comarmers of harm making false clam beibarg goverment offels
corceskag hum, mame nag Na, collusion aador fraatalertly promotion, drugs sol approved for chide These wre the tame
crimes wmvohng he prodatony and perms promotion of Pheer’ Depo Provera to women of color ie the Urated States sod
ehuewhere 1a the world However, this 1 not only 8 cl crime Depo Provers's #amtubent promenion evolves eviensive criminal
roe pdomg. hence, an sprea) that Myths Ramus (Hood of Crimonol vy ) and Torn Peres (Head of Covel Rights [hy ) wheres in
fms unprecedented prosecation of Pluree ko protec the tights of worn The DX) mt contin ko act exgatably 1a the sierest of
ntce for womee. of colo when the crise srvol ves daaprrons costraccpves hi should aot be 3 poktiesl dex on












USAID demonstrates 3 policy of spgremsive apathy 3nd mear-corsemsasl sikcrce see several Keboces Proget requests to Nicole
Seicgz (sermer advisor to USAID Admucxstrstor Ragrv Sha) aad several other offaisls ia the Oars Admastrsteon have bere
rpmored Unlike other Plier deg prosecutions, what distiapuashrs Depo Provers aad 1 that the US moverement via USAID, 1s 8
constructive partipant wn Pliers elaborate msrketing wheme ko fraatalertly promote Depo Provers ie te Used States and
slobally Phrer comes this fast with comvolling principal intermediaries. iwchsding USAID (page 14) These powerful
Fovernrrent eats caly maak thas < sue more arses Ko cas catrge for crvansl sed cond prone toms ko protect x crv il ngs of
tires and 10 casare tht Laxparycs dollars ace rot spend on dangerous contraceptives that swse 3 flawed famaly planting poly wk







1967-1978 The largest test on humans of Depo-Provera begin aad 1s conducted for cleven years trough the
Grady Cline in Atlanta, Georges on 14,000 fow income wom These “trals™ wese conduxtod on women human subjects
hou: being aware of the fact that they were pert of an experiment. and, the researchers deliberately did pot inform the.
women past iqunts thet Depo Provera had grave swe cffects Many women developed cancer andor died duning the
nals, bus these cases were nol reported fo the FDA. The director of the study. Rohert Hatcher, futher violated the law
refusing to submit an ans report during the cabire study Women with medal conditions, such a3 cancer, were shi
given the shot Record keeping on the chents was shoppy and more thas 13.000 women had no follow up™ (Comautice oz





The Afncan confine
malpractice”, without informed consent forms (sample) nor
planning cxpenment, dressed 1 the Rebecca Project Hamas Rights’ 2011 report The Outsourcing of Tuskegee.


has been a thester for snecgalaied, uncthical human experimentation and furs tdious

ly provided to Amencan women In a seminal family


Nonconscrsual Res Africa, researchers expenmented with Depo Provera on appeoumately 9.000 impoverished
women w= Naviongo, Ghana The Nawongo Lyperumen’ occurred in Navioago, Ghana (199.2006, Funded by
USAID Population Council Rockefeller Foundaton) Dr James Phelps and Population (Counce! researchers vioksted LS

Read more HERE


HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World


Read more HERE


Do some methods involve partnerships between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Pfizer?




Read more HERE

So we have Pfizer and the Gateses in communion in some projects.聽 There are those alleging sterilization occurs with GSK鈥檚 COVID shot. What鈥檚 in Pfizer鈥檚 shot?

[I learned a few years ago not to trust anything in a hypodermic needle. In 2017, I was given Heparin shots in a hospital. After two days' worth, a strange headache emerged and I waved off the nurse when it came to the shots. Although the headache persisted, the nurse did, too. Nurses constantly asked me if I wanted a heparin shot.

That strange headache persisted for over 2 陆 years and when I asked a neurologist about this strangely located pain in my skull after only one year; his response was for me to take ibuprofen.

In later researching heparin, I found it was probably porcine and contained aluminum.聽 Aluminum has been found to breach the Blood-Brain Barrier in animal studies.聽

My mystery was solved.]

Now on to the GSK /Gates connection

Covid 19 GSK & Bill Gates Vaccine Scandal


Are we in trouble because of these relationships?聽 You tell me...

Copyright January 2021 by Joyce Bowen

And the hardest part is people are almost willing to hit you with a baseball bat to shut you up. They WANT those belief systems--that's why I say society is like a drug.
It's going to get worse. The US government just cleared the way for human experimentation for a number of AI items. It's just the beginning. Of course, they're telling people it's to help them, but it's to help themselves. Being bilingual [you], you must understand linguistic nuances. It looks like you do. Did you learn both English and Spanish as a child? The reason I ask is that people here in the USA seem to be unable to comprehend how words are being used [very carefully] to manipulate the populous. It is most frustrating. For instance: People hear the phrase "vaccines are safe and effective" over and over and over again. But they aren't. It took me months to break the chains of Bernays in my mind before I was able to look at the ingredients and say, "You're injecting these into a baby? What are you, crazy?" Before that, I was completely hooked. Society itself is like a drug.

Cecilia Castelli

2 years ago #2

Brutal. I read about this but thanks for putting it out there. He needs to be in jail like NOW. I thought I was following you! But I just did...we are connected now, thanks for keeping up the fight! Xo
Had to correct that. It was Castilian--not Sicilian. It's been decades.

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