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The Last Ship

The Last Ship

I decided to take a break from things and finish up watching a series I had neglected to watch to the end long ago.聽 At the time, things were as normal as they were going to be, but not for long.

Season 1, Episode 8 lays out genetic mutation and a PCR scenario.聽 Unbelievable.

Edward Bernays: The Father of Public Relations and
Architect of the Consumer Mind

The Century of the Self

Enrique Suarez
Master of Education & International Development
Harvard University

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I groaned and groaned and groaned as I realized the indoctrination being splashed [toilet-wise] on the public.聽 The proposed heroes of then








Fdwad Lows Bemsys was an sa Amencan pioscer 1 the field of public relstioas aad
propaganda. referred to un hus obiraary as “the father of pudlic relations” He combined the ess
th the paycbosaalytical dens of
ie fel thas manpalatrou was beversary wm society. which be regarded
sous! znd dsugerots 3 3 result of the “herd mstiact” that Trotter bad descrnbed Ads
Cartes swardwaning 2002 documentary for tae BBC, The Century of the Seif, piaposare
Bomays as the ongastor of modem public relations. acd Bemays was passed eac of the 100
ost widacacial Azserscas of the 20th seatury by Life Magazine





Date of birth: November 22 189]
Place of birth: Vicass
Narioastiry: Used States of Amencs

Published ou Awg 20, 2013


e conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the
masies fs an important elemeat fn demacratic sackery. Those who manipulate this uaseea
mechantsin of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our
country. We are goreracd. oar minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested,
Largely by men we have never beard of


Fdward Benaays Propaganda
Edward Beruays According to Kenaeth Anton - (

Edward Berasys, the godfather of modem public relynons. says “the mviuble goverment
wich dictates ons thoughes ducers ou feelings sod conrois our actioes” He combined
wndnibual and socal paychology. polis. poliseal persussion md averiiag to coast
‘ecessary iho wiih cabal ally became reality for the gullible masses



President Woodrow Wilson was re-cested to his secorsd ters: 12 1916 as a peace candidate On
the bunungs. Wikon sad. Thi 1 o goverssueat of the people. 0d ths people is wt goug 10
choose war” But soon afer winaag the clecnon be kd Amencs decuasely sro World War |
\ackiog and bewildering hit peace-loving supporters

So. why would Wihca revert from a


« plattonss 10 3 poly of engaging w = bowl War on



have been replaced by proposed heroes today.聽 It鈥檚 more than annoying.聽




People have no clue how the television [boob-tube for some] has been used to condition us.聽 Remember Edward Bernays?

鈥淚t started with TV and took over Mainstream Media in every form. 鈥淐onditioning鈥 鈥淚ndoctrination鈥 The Land of the Free became the Land of Free Enterprise and we became the product.

Author Enrique Suarez weaves us through the strategies used to 鈥渃hange鈥 ourminds.

We鈥檙eallinthistogether We鈥檙eallinthistogether We鈥檙eallinthis鈥

#psychology #socialpsychology #sociology #criticalthinking #freedom聽#humanbehavior

Edward Bernays: The Father of Public Relations and Architect of the Consumer MindThe Century of the Self


Enrique Suarez聽聽Master of Education & International Development

Harvard University



Enrique is now a pretty hefty guy in his field.

Read more of this Harvard paper聽HERE

Did I think moments of imposed relaxation would evolve into this?聽 HELL NO!!!

The Last Ship 鈥 S01E01 鈥 Russians First Encounter

A Writer, Mother, Student of Human Behavior for a lifetime. The science bug bit early with a desire to follow a career in genetic research.

I declined a free pass into medical at the age of 23 because of brain damage suffered by my toddler. As a result, I diverted into the paths of psychology and human behavior. It would be years before I discovered the cause of both my children鈥檚 brain damage.

Writing became a solace and a path forward through the sometimes muddy waters of life鈥攁n emotional, scientific, and logical expression of many topics followed, but my most pressing concern has always been that of children and their lives.

There is no one-size-fits-all either genetically, medically, or psychologically.

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In season 2, Episode 6 the demonic asymptomatic carrier returns from his mission of breathing on people and mentions how the sheriff told him, 鈥淲e鈥檙e all in this together.鈥 Watch 鈥楾he Last Ship鈥 on Hulu:
I just finished re-watching Season 1, Episode 8 of The Last Ship. It is like a script for what we are seeing today鈥攃omplete with PCR, the demonic asymptomatic carrier [although he injected himself into infectiousness], and genetic modification using an immune person鈥檚 blood. A bevy of brave volunteers risk their lives unto near-death testing the shots. The only thing we are missing is the background music.

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