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They are Creating Your Vaccine Credentials.

They are Creating Your Vaccine Credentials.



Mayo, Epic and Cerner
teaming to create digital
COVID-19 vaccine passport
By Ron Shinkman

Published Jan. 15, 2021

Dive Brief:

¢ Asdistribution of the COVID-19 vaccines slowly rolls out




U.S, Mayo Clinic, Epic, Cerner, Microsoft and


Or: among a coalition


WO g on an ini

It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen anything this heartless.  The intention is clear—to sequester the vaccine-injured who cannot have the shots without fear of death. Me and mine are in that group which is millions strong. There are tests. They won’t do them. There are so many of us, it will lose them millions in market value. And then there’s


HR S346 - 99 Congress (19851986) Nasional wichonst Vacsioe [ary Act of 1988 | Congress gow | Liteury of Congress


H.R.5546 - National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986
99th Congress (1085-1688)



Sponsor Bee Vaman Henry A [D-CA24) (Introduced 0018/1966)

Committees. House - Energy and Commerce. Ways and Means | Senate - Labor and Human Resources
Committee Reports: HM Rept 93-908 Part 1

Latest Action Reed Woe wd plored 1S he Corrie on Lib ge mg IIE ad a

Tracker: Intoduced Passed Mouse


Summary: H.R.5646 — 99th Congress (1985-1986)
All Information (Except Text)

Listen to this page

There ae 2 summaries for HR 5548 Passed House amended (1014/1986) §

Bil summaes are authored by CRS

Shown Here:

Passed House amended (10/14/1986)

(Measure passed Houte. amended)

National Chidnood Vaccine Injury Act of 1666 - Title I: Vaccines - Subtitle 1: National Vaccine Program - Amends the Pubic.
Health Service Act 10 estabisn in he Department of Health and Human Services 8 National Viscoine Program 10: (1) dwect
VOGT 888a7Th and development with the Federal Government, (2) ensure i production and procurement of safe and
#f0ctve vaccines. (3) dect the Sat ouB0n and Use of vaCcnes. and (4) coordinate governmental and rongovermmental
actHvities. Roques the Director of the Program 10 report 0 $p8ced Congressional Commies.

Estatiishes the Nations! Vaccine Avisory Comm:iee to recommend (1) witys to encourage the avadadity of an adequate
Su0sly of vaccines, and (2) research priorities.

Authorizes sppropnations for KY 1987 through 1691

Subtitle 2: National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program - Part A° Program Requirements - Estatisnes (he National
Vaccine Injury Componsation Program as an aematve remedy 10 judscaal action f° spaced vaccne-relatod injuries,

Prescrives 1 contents of any peSion for COmpeNsaton.

Grants US cisinict counts authority to determine ekgibaty 9nd Compensation. Requires Te JHtrict Court in which the pevson
floc to CesGnate & SO0C Mase: 10 567ve 83 81 BANC 10 he COUT Sets forth the responsibtes of Po court

Lists faci 10 bo considered when determaing the amount of 8 compensation word Sets forth @ take of injuries Geemed
VBCTING-18iated for COMDENBELON PUPCses Perms the Secretary of Health and Human Services 10 (1) promulgate regutations:
10 revise such ladies. and (2) rECOMMENd CRaNGes 10 To VacONes covered by Te Woie

Mw comgrens gon Re reas beste $588 [4].








HR5546 and additional indemnifications for the COVID shot.










Mayo, Epic and Cerner teaming to create digital COVID-19 vaccine passport

The rollout of the two vaccines approved to fight COVID-19 is
expected to pick up steam as the Biden administration comes into
office and devotes more resources to production and distribution.

Proof of vz


scination could allow for quicker re-openings of
restaurants and other businesses if individuals could easily

produce evidence they have been vaccinated.

VCI is aimed at speeding this process along by essentially
allowing individuals to show proof of vaccination on demand. A

statement by the coalition noted "the current vaccination record
system does not readily support convenient access, control and

sharing of verifiable vaccination records.”

Read more HERE


Will I be able to buy food?  Where will I be allowed to go?  Will they lock me down in my house all the while refusing to do the test that so many of us need?

The New England Journal of Medicine thinks locking people up is a good idea:

noncompliance should incur a penalty, Nevertheless. because of the iafectiousacss and dangercussess
Of the virus, relatively substantive penalties could be J:st8ed. incadiag empoTmEnt Suspension of
str at home orders for persons is designated high prionty groups who refuse vaccination. Neibee

Read more HERE

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cesh [am 06 2 Vibro sects] tgeind from Che | Anmo @




COLIC (10)

Your comment listed below has been successtully submitted for the moderator to review


Name Joyce

Country/Region: Unated States

Edit Prohle
Joyer Bowen Vaccine Injury
Oct 0%, 2020 tix appallny ple seek to termfy the population 1a the Us



fildien, my body. and out Ives have been


suffering from vaccine injury. My


destroyed by your shots. [ean tal ause the


no pharmaceatical products b

same toxicants that az


in the shots ate Laced throughout pharmaceutical

product lines



ocumented IQ ¢

[had 2 brlliant future ahesd of me. | began studying genetics as 2 child and




fy desir was to become genetic tesearcher. Thad a




age of 13


Ldeclined a free pass to Med school at t 23. Somes



wzon e first wa


with my toddlet in 76, My babies weze in t


injured children. In th
xd ab

for what was doae to us.

e 70s/80x, childien were not Dx autistic, they were





sed. call cine induced bran damage. and we wes


do not know yous ex

ate so many vaccine in


ossible to believe you people



ex. The statements ia this article are <3


ex against

manity and violate the Nuzembery: Code.





I responded in a comment that was never approved:










I wrote this article a few weeks ago.  I’ve been fighting this possibility for three damn years.  I don’t understand what is the matter with these people but I think of them as completely insane:


foes mal obT
wrest | som ad deed

soorzss) 7 Bed GE Home LL-0L

Ta P prses siness

Ja B- Po aera
Responsible Relative Were ~ roy ( As Mpg it F- )

Referring Agent: M. D, { ) S.W. ( ) School ( ) Family ( )
Clergy! Other:Specify. = =. (G'S

Name of Referring A
School or Agency _¢ E 2




What’s It Worth?





Am I just a poor little mother trying to find someone to blame for her children’s and her injuries?  No—my goal was to become a genetic researcher—a scientist, but the vaccine-induced brain-damage my 2-year-old manifested prevented me from accepting an arranged free-pass to medical school in the Midwest.

I most certainly had the brains and I have screen-shots of excerpts from records recorded when I was 13-years-old to prove my assertions.

Joyoe is no sshool behaviar predlem dut she is underesshievinge She is intensely
ATBITSTUY Ln hav. NRLY0 Sihel SL 0SH EM Sriels Wwe) ThiniN hamsters end
experimental) mice, 5he has done a grest deal of recesrch for har Ney, wd
finds it a tremendous saurve of satisfactions She hopes te go imto research and
her dresn is to work st Ber Harbor where they are doing “tremendous things® in

Testing reveals IeQ o of 154 on WISO placing her in superior range of intelligemoee
Rorschash shows an essentially normal record but sme éifficultiss In areas of
inter-personal relstionships. Joyse has capsoity far insight, drive for self=
improvement but sees herself hampered by & severe frustrstirg environment that
does not allow or offer her intellestuel and emotionsl growth, She forsees
however, self-capscities and strengths to find these things for herself, and she
should be helped to develop these strengths simoe it is not likely that the parents
esn be positive guiding foroese
One thing that is never covered is that hospital wards were
established back in the early days [70s/80s.] | think those
calling themselves professionals were just as confused as
mothers and fathers were. There were many children in the
ward in our area. It was a 14-bed unit-it was always full
with a 2-week turnaround.

| watched as they used this to rip the first wave of vaccine-
injured children out of homes

42 U.S. Code § 5106a. Grants to States for child abuse or
neglect prevention and treatment programs

They diagnosed parents with conditions their children

manifested. Sc many children were ripped out of loving,
desperate homes. We were persecuted as “lousy” parents.
Institutions received more and more grant money to steal

our children away from us

They will [some states already do] use the same law to

Io take unvaccinated chil \ $
wh * \Y

I was being abused and I begged my teachers for help.  My parents had no choice but to allow me to go.  But they made it hard.  I was a little kid and I had to walk the few miles rain, sleet, or snow.  And I did.

I had high hopes I would be able to move on in life and bury myself in a research lab. 

The Article:  

42 U.S. Code § 5106a






When I was little, there were no Mandatory Reporting Laws, but they were put in place just in time to accuse me of the abuse the medical industry had inflicted on my children.  I studied those laws because I wanted to help children.  They are here:


We all suffered terribly by abuses from those calling themselves professionals.  They destabilized our family unit in every way possible.  Life was a nightmare. I’m glad to finally know why. 

They tormented us for money—their grants were fattened for every child they pulled out of the home and placed in foster care.





We did have a wonderful DSS social worker by the name of Pauline Michaud.  I know she knew my children were not abused.  Television shows were covering vaccine injury more and more.  But my son was far too active for me to pay attention to television, and MDs did not inform me of what they must have known.  [And yes, I know.  She didn't tell me either.]






Every time someone tells me they are Pro-Vaccine, they are telling me they are PRO-Death, because that’s what is/will happen to the vaccine-injured [which encompasses my family]. 

A few months ago, I was able to confront an MD at the institution that tormented my family.

“I survived my parents for this?” sweeping my arm around the ER as I spoke.

Don’t they realize they have killed and maimed too many people to pull this off?  Maybe they do and that’s why rumors and articles of possible military interventions are flying.

I am vaccine-injured.  I have antibodies to my DNA.  Logic tells me my DNA is not the DNA I was born with.  It’s been changed by the shots.  There are fetal stem cell DNA fragments in some of the shots.  Those fragments love to find new homes.  My DNA has been changed and my immune system is treating it as an enemy.

Remember those records of mine?  I was going to be a geneticist and I declined medical school.


I firmly believe the crazy people are in charge. I just want to keep breathing.

These people are lying to you and have been making money shooting you with toxic shots laced with viral material to legitimize them as vaccines.  These things do not prevent disease, they spread it.  If the pharmaceutical industry didn’t own most of the mainstream media, you’d be hearing about that on television and in newspapers. 

It’s the same old story—they’re doing it for money.

20$ for every 1$ invested.  See him brag in the clip below


Copyright January 2021 by Joyce Bowen


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