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Pfizer鈥檚 PHQ Pfallacy

Pfizer鈥檚 PHQ Pfallacy

Yourtmpat — Sl Sle ot ___ YourDateofBirth: ____ _Today’s Date _-


Patient Health Assessment — PHQ-9 and Fall Risk


"ALL PATIENTS: Please complete by Circling Your Response k |

[over the last 2 weeks, how how often have you been “Not | Several | More | Nearly |

bothered by any of the following problems? atall Days | than every
| days


| ! half the | day |

1. Little interest or pleasure in doing things

Su 2st or pleasu ing things. [To 1 5 Ziupesae
2 Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless 350 ° | Ra 3 3



3. Trouble falling or staying asleep, or sleeping too 20) $5 Ta
| Lmichy SAE LA Re ARES NE | le 5
4. Feeling tired or having little energy
pl oo ee rai ie ls SNR vo le TEES ol CR
5. Poor appetite or overeating | o i Pp 3


6. Feeling bad about yourself —or you are a 0
failure or have let yourself or your familydown | | LT 3 5%
7. Trouble concentrating on things, such as reading 0 fr
the newspaper or watching television {3
8. Moving or speaking s so slowly that other people 0 £L |
could have noticed? Or the opposite- being so
fidgety or restless that you been moving around a |
lot more than usual | |
9. Thoughts that you would be better off dead or 0
hurting yourself in some way |


T00f you checked off any problems, , how difficult h: have those problems made it for you to
Do your work, take care of things at home, or get along with other people?

___Not difficult at all ___Somewhat difficult Very difficult ___Extremely difficult


PATIENTS AGES 65 or OLDER: Please Complete by Circling Your Response


"1. Have you fallen 2 or more times in the past year? [Yes No



2. Did yu get hurt with any (fall in the past year? 2 3 Yes No

[Okay鈥攕o it should be

Pfizer鈥檚 PHQ Fallacy

I like to play with words.]

Let鈥檚 start with what PHQ means.

It was created to determine depression levels

PHQ 5° Questionnaire for Depreasion Scoring 208 Interpretation Gaide


Fer physacian use cody

Count the cmbes (6) of ives checked 3 colume. Maltply Sh susbes by evade indcased beim. he od he wectal
to prociace 3 tors sare The possible range 16 21 Use the tadle bebow to aterpers 6 PQ 3 seoce.

Nee ws 0 __x3
Several dare ® aie
Mere tone half tor da (8) n=
Neyer dy (8) xn
Tet sors


tecpreting PHQ 9 Scores

Mons, droves 04
Mid drpersaca so
Moser sae deeersace 1014
Modersely severe drpeesvna 15 19
Sever topes 0.1



Actions Based on PH? Score

The scone smppests the part cary oot aed deprtsince.

Phvsacus anes ccd dpment soot weatorcs, based
oo putbear dansesce of sympa ed fascooes:

Warraon Gesteeot for drpxessace. ag stdepeesiiod.
ry bebreapy sadion 8 coebemuime. of Eesrat

I鈥檒l never forget the first time [and the last time] I ever filled one of these out.聽 I was in a Neurologist鈥檚 office at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge Massachusetts.聽 I had chosen this hospital because I was impressed by their Harvard-affiliated credentials.聽

Silly me.

I am EXCRUCIATINGLY honest in most things.聽 This is not necessarily good.聽 I had to learn to 鈥榳hite lie鈥.聽 If you are wearing a favorite shirt and ask me if I like it, even if I despise it, 鈥榃hite鈥 is the game now.聽 I will gush over how great it is.

But in the days I actually thought Medicine cared, I toed the line and honesty was my game.

I was in the Neurologist鈥檚 office because I have autoimmune disease, so you can imagine how this form went for me.聽 Not to mention I was on four or five pharmaceutical products that caused more than a few of the items the form asks about.聽 MDs never take such things into consideration.聽 Pharmaceutical companies pad the paychecks of MDs prescribing and/or touting their products.

I filled the form out and, boy, did I score big.聽 The fact that I had autoimmune disease and was on pharmaceutical products that caused side effects that were represented on the form was not factored in at all.聽 I hit in the 20-27 range, so I was tagged with severe depression.

For some time, I believed that Dr Linda Buchwald denied me access to the neurology department鈥檚 special clinic because of my inappropriately high depression score.

Jone 8.2017

Ms. Joyce Bowes.

Dear Ms. Bowen,

The lems 1 rib in respon 10 0ut May 5, 2017 pbc converts epiedieg Be
Sonia eh 700 ered fo emi yr rut mand formation 4 yous mal reer a
Neh Shere Modal Comite Several rovasees have reviewed your pues 1 send Be
Scum cascm from yet Noveester 11. IK] adangon 8 seed tae and have conchaded a:
i arbre derad ho am yu recor 5 appre, wed m3 huge will be cand bo
cman. The provide who mtboend the organ] documncace 0 ce: #vElie to
cad om he requ, ae therefore he domain will 201 be semeriec.


1 yor a mt safe, yous Sree sided ght yo ony Chemie 3 exec woh erect 10


You hive hp ght 6 seb wrk dered agreeing wh Bos dexrsion. 1 you sobre:
“Sateraces of Eagrecates”. Bi eras, ehing wb vex coms! vert fe ¢2 mcesimant.
nt cr mil wile rd 12 your cl poco ad La formate (cf 4 acre
smmcary) will Se cmb 2 avy rn raced éhhoenss of i hh Sore ate. to wc
your asgresment relates In or 1 ex rie ed FE. You £8 WES gee oF
Sharma of naires 10 ry ateeton of Ux adem Fed Sei

Chat Connection Unt
Pancen Viewbews
Hersh (3 orm Marngemes
39% Revoiutoe. Dive, Sue 970.
Somerlie, MA 22145

Fe i ang Ne




Once something like this is on your health care record, it is impossible to change.聽 You can bitch and moan all you want, but your health care record might as well be chiseled in granite.聽聽






The Patient Health Questionnaire-2 (PHQ-2)



Patient Name _ a Date of Visit _ .

Over the past 2 weeks, how often have Not Several More Nearly
you been bothered by any of the Atall Days Than Half Every
following problems? the Days Day
1 Little int

rest of pleasure in doing hing 0 1 2 3


pi Fock ng down, depressed ¢ or hopeless 0 1 2 3


An MDs word is Godly, and what they say might as well appear in a bible as not.聽 A 鈥榩atient鈥 cannot even file an opposing view without the approval of the MD who created the record in the first place.




How do I know?聽 I鈥檝e tried.聽 And if that MD no longer works at the institution that created the record, forget it.聽 You鈥檒l be told that MD is no longer available to approve anything you contest.

Partners in Health hornswoggled me for years after not recording anything about my allegations regarding an MD child rapist.聽 I had many conversations with health care workers regarding him that were never recorded.聽 It wasn鈥檛 until years later that I discovered he had worked for that particular institution for a time.聽 It was before its affiliation with PIH, but I requested to amend my record after PIH took charge.

Patient Health Questionnaire-2
Instructions for Use


The P40 2 inchudes Be fest 2 fms of he PRG 3 The stars question s, “Dwr Bie pt 2 weeks, how often
Fares you ten bith by any of the oflomng protien?” The 2 fs are *| S92 Kiterest of poasuee
Gory) Bangs” and “Feeing down depressed of hopakess For ach fm, Te aspons: options a “Not at
al” “Several days, "More San tal * ad “Neary wry day,” scored a5 0, 1,2, 300 3, respertheny
This, the #44) 7 Score can range fom 020 6 "A score of 3 points of more on thes wrsen of he PG 2 fas
a swt of £3 percent and 3 spActicty of 97 pert Lor mage depresses pisos



Scrveren) wit Bu: PRG 7 15 only 3 frst stp Paniats who screen posites shoukd be further masala we
he FH) 9, offer clagnasti Fister or rect mere 10 Ocere whethey Pay mest eter
depriessryn dsr ¢


Score interpretation:
Probabiity of major Probability of any

PHO-2 score depressive disorder (%) depressive disorder (%)
1 154 389
2 21 483
3 384 0
4 455 812
S 564 846
6 786 29

“lhe rs ets ab pes sd rte na Pes FE
hn 4. Wo 3 Trt ona © S115 ron he Wf TIE 01 U4 TE


American Academy
of Pedstrics


Fons. i :
a =




So my displeasure at being denied would be recorded, but allegations of workers deliberately keeping my numerous conversations of sexual assault as a child out of the records would probably not.


I covered the story of that particular offender.聽 In 1989 and 1992, local papers [reporters] ran stories almost daily for a week. Below is my synopsis:







[There are records available through the article, written by employees of that institution showing clearly that they broke the Mandatory Reporting law by not reporting assaults on children in the 70s.聽 They were not legally beholden to report under the law when I discussed my own sexual assault in 1981 because I was well past the age of majority.]

[PIH, by the way, are these guys:

NewsFlash: Mass General infectious diseases chief, Rochelle Walensky, to lead CDC under a Biden聽Administration?

Who will apparently be running the CDC.]

All efforts are made to control any narrative.聽 Patients are bugs.

The moral of this story here is be very, very careful what you tell anyone professing to work in these fields.聽 It could very well end up chiseled in granite in your records.聽 And we can thank Obama [damn鈥擨 voted for that guy twice] for electronic records which means anyone with an MD can squeeze your life electronically.聽 I鈥檝e met some idiot MDs who rode on their MD parents鈥 coattails into these lucrative professions.

And even if these people are really bad at their jobs, you are required to pay them. Cushy job.

But I digress鈥


I was so angry with my erroneous forever score that I tracked down one of the co-authors of the PHQ-9 form and emailed him.

He answered my frustrated email with this:


鈥淚 am sorry to hear a diagnosis of depression was made solely on the basis of the PHQ-9. It is not intended to be a diagnostic measure for depression. The 9 symptoms simply measure the criteria for depressive disorders but, as you mention, some of the symptoms can also occur in a number of medical conditions and other diseases. Thus, it is incumbent upon the clinician to determine whether the symptoms endorsed on the PHQ-9 are due to an underlying medical illness, to depression (or in some patients a combination of both).

Also, it is important when a PHQ-9 score is obtained, to incorporate the patient鈥檚 perspective since she or he often has salient insights about the potential underlying cause of the symptoms that can complement (or override) what the clinician believes may be the cause.

As I occasionally teach about recognizing and treating depression, I will continue to remind the audience that a simple score on a brief self-report scale is nothing more than a measure of symptoms and not a diagnosis of depression. I have typically communicated this but your experience and words convey more poignantly this caveat.

Kurt Kroenke, MD

Professor of Medicine

Regenstrief Institute鈥

He did better than that.聽 Pfizer had commissioned the PHQ-9 form [which is now required to be filled out by all Medicare/Medicare patients.]聽 Kroenke parlayed complaints from people into the new PHQ-2 form.聽 Full forms proudly display his name.



It now only takes two questions to depress you鈥攐r at least get you started.聽 All physical manifestations were removed.



And note Kurt鈥檚 name mentioned at the bottom of an instruction form for the PHQ-2 [highlighted in yellow.]


Have a death in the family?聽 Lose your job?聽 Get over it immediately or take a Pfizer pill.

Frequently, these pills are being shoved down our children鈥檚 throats.聽 This is happening at younger and younger ages. Children have no chance to physiologically develop emotional controls.聽 Pfizer corners that market for life.

And what a market鈥

Doesn鈥檛 this make you feel fabulous about Pfizer鈥檚 COVID care?

Copyright January 2021 by Joyce Bowen

Thank you for the share, Debasish Majumder. The PHQ-2 form came out shortly after I tracked down the co-author [the other author is deceased] of the PHQ-9, so I don't know if you can blame me for that one--I think you can just blame him. My biggest concern was that this form may play a big part in extrapolating "mental Illness" statistics in the USA as it is required to be given out by government insurances like medicare and medicaid. If it is used to compile data, it is easy to see how inaccurate that data is. Another Pfizer Pfiasco is here: Author/Medical Doctor/Astronaut/Scientist, Duane Graveline tells of his terrible experiences with cholesterol lowering drugs.

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