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A Tale of 2 Kidneys and Mitochondrial DNA

A Tale of 2 Kidneys and Mitochondrial DNA

Medical Money - Kill Greed By Reducing Profit &

Okay—so this is about kidneys and mtDNA, but kidneys got me to this point—mine, that is.  Bear with me through my Tale which finally brought me to a discussion of mtDNA.  I'm in good company because the WHO's Colin Mathers knows a lot about it.

About Colin Mathers

22.2. The Kidneys and Osmoregulatory Organs

Genetic Risk Factors Associated with Vaccine Injury

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eet dum insey avons.


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pire 1%, 11 mer s.


12 marae yen 11 1a Sar re

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A re hn 1 0 2 iS ga 7 PER, Ty Lg i Eg RGR © CH SARC arma Th od 1 ear 8 limit fh
me recesses

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rag ama Ge Tha MTR 47) wrt ed 130 5.1 Ci mm Rk C8 ra, 1 3 Sma, ea

A 3010 ay fo ed fe Rr of er. md ai ed AAR od C5 To 1 By Re 4 i, 50 Sh 5 or
rn mm

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ami ae RR a a




I don’t think they looked this bad yet—at least I certainly hope not, but they were on the trend.





I asked a PCP to refer me to a Nephrologist because my GFR number was in the 50s and my creatinine [and other test numbers] were trending in the wrong direction.  I knew this was indicative of Stage 3 kidney disease and I wanted to try and find a way to turn my numbers around.



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potirbuils Lasrey sender yim eny pind
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preg repre ne
serum of te FRVIA ad of rain ren sear ad
remem what [Wns bal re rags Dngn dees &


[My Harvard-affiliated-institution PCP did not sound so SUUUURRRRRREEEEEEEE but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.]

Six months later, I asked her again.  She said,



Something was rotten in Denmark, and I did not want it to be me.  By now my kidneys were down to 50% and my Creatinine was out of whack.  I had been going to a Urologist who had expressed real concern and I knew I needed help.

I took the initiative and called a Harvard-affiliated-institution Nephrologist on my own.  I told them my numbers and was shocked at the response I heard from the receptionist who guarded the nephrologist’s office schedule,

“You aren’t bad enough yet,” she said.




Bt ie bitaiiatid
Ler re ]


© Resear on shoud be based on
preos kromieage

Pry sufferng and avoid risk of

I hung up the phone, my eyes blinking wildly, and tried to understand what had happened to medical care.  I had declined a free-pass to medical school decades earlier and my illusions [or delusions] as to how I would have treated people were quite different.

I had always thought Medicine was a profession that helped people until I learned that in 1973 in the USA, Nixon had passed an Act allowing Medicine to become profitable.  The minute I read about that Act the words



Twas the Coordinator of the Mortality and Health Analysis Unit at the World Health



Organization (WHO) Headquarters in Geneva, Switzesland from 2002 until the end of

March 2018 Th



now retired from WHO and am working part time as a consultant and


enoving life in Geneva As the Coordinator responsible for WHO official health statstics,

1 managed WHO's work on


sary measures of population health, burden of disease


and coordinated its work on comprehensive global health statistics. Pros to joining the
World Health Organization in 2000, worked for the Australian Institute of Health and


Weltare tor 13 years in technical and senior managerial posts,


study and

have plaved a key role at WHO in the development of comparable estimates of he


lite expectancy for 192 countries, in the updating of the global burden of dise.


publication of regular updates by WHO, and in the development of software tools to
support burden of disease analysis at country level. Talso carned out projections of global,

regional and country mortality and burden of disease trom 2011 10 2


030. My Umit


produced regular updates of child and maternal mortality, life expectancy and extimates of


deaths by cause. age and vex for the 194 Member States of WHO, 1 collaboration with


other UN agencies, the World Bank and academic collaborators 1 also oversaw the annual


cation World Health Statistics, which ix closely


publication of the WHO flagship pub
linked to WHO's GG



1 Health Observatory (www who int/gho)

My principal research interests are in the measurement and reporting of population health



sor methods and applications


and its determinants, burden of d prowections of


human mortality and healthy life expectancy [have collaborated with leading researchers


throughout the world on txsues relating to the development and spplications of summary


and in moniton:


measures of population be. tends in global health 1 have authored



or edited 30 books and major reports, over 50 book chapters and more than 130 journal

articles in peer reviews publications


In August 2015, [was appointed as Honorary Professor in the Callege of Medicine &
Veterinary Medicine, by the Unvematy of Edinburgh news) stat)


(http://www e 015/ appointment

1 have bev included 1a the Wet


lists of the mast highly cited researches

raghty Cited thet

200 0



1d of medicine trom 2014 throw


0. The hsts of around 400 researchers are
© Catate Beaarert cn



a gaan aaa






There’s No Profit in Healthy People,
Author in Source Title Joyce Bowen









sprung to mind.



Truer words were never spoken by this candidate for office

Medical Money AQ466



And here are a few people I never agree with—except on this show. [Johns Hopkins and ZDogg are Vaccine-Injury Deniers]

Cutting Through The Medical Money Games | Dr. Marty Makary (Author of The Price We Pay)





I studied and studied and studied and researched and researched and researched until I learned pharmaceutical products were my nemesis and by association allopathic medicine. 





[Mind you everything in a syringe is not dubbed vaccination. Many heparin shots contain aluminum, and I can’t have those either.]



I sleuthed my way into why I was dying.  I had little time to spare.  Every time people held my gaze, I saw my grave reflected in people’s eyes.



Toxic ingredients in pharmaceutical products often change and my body could no longer take them.  But MDs make money from those companies and insurances do not cover homeopathic medicine.  It’s apparent the pharmaceutical industry owns our health—what’s left of it.

[Yes, yes I know—you want to get to the Mitochondrial part.]

Many of you know vaccine products took out my family—that’s Mitochondrial DNA.  Because I passed my mtDNA down to my babies, they were just as susceptible as me.

There are tests. 

There are tests. 

There are tests.







Genetic Variants That May Cause Vaccine Injury

But today’s MDs won’t do them.  If we could have the tests many of us need, we could prove these toxins hurt us.  And these toxins are not just in the shots—they are laced throughout pharmaceutical product lines—with emulsifiers and things to even make sure they get into your brain.


There’s lots of information people do not know in the document below. My brainwashing as to how necessary these things were to keep me healthy made it very hard for me to read at first.  It's about 1,600 pages long.  I haven't finished it yet; although, I've scanned most of it.

vaccine guide

[Click Vaccine Guide above if you can’t see it.]


These shots are nothing more than toxic shots laced with viral particles to legitimize them as vaccines—and I firmly believe that’s true. I further assert that these shots have always been experimental, and I do think they are being used to target Mitochondrial DNA clusters.

[An easy way to understand mtDNA is it’s DNA that comes down all the way from your cavewoman grandmother. So whole lines and millions [perhaps even billions] can be wiped out if this is done.]

Nobody should be screwing with DNA, RNA, or any chromosomal material. It’s the field I studied diligently for from my preteens on through young adulthood until I had to give it up to take care of my vaccine-induced brain-damaged toddler. I still know a whole hell of a lot more than most about genetics. I almost wish I didn’t.

The greatest danger from these genetic modifications will probably be autoimmune disease—ALS [think ice-bucket challenge] ASIA [which I have and is completely unacknowledged in the USA] and more…

The numbers could be huge—and the very people who diagnose it won’t because they caused it and are part of the problem. It took almost 3 decades before they finally diagnosed me with autoimmune disease and they never diagnosed the problems I had with the toxins in pharmaceutical products. They just tried to prescribe more toxic products and there were those who became angry when I refused to take them. 





And all the while those people kept giving me the very shots that exacerbated my condition.  Go Figure…  They certainly aren’t my heroes.





The shots you’ve been told again and again are SafeAndEffective are not.  Since tests are available to show who cannot have any pharmaceutical products with these toxic items[including the shots], I can only conclude there is intentional targeting of Mitochondrial DNA clusters.  And since Mitochondrial DNA is required for life, many of us will die.

I have to admit when the thought struck me that any such shot could be used to “cull” the herd, I was horrified. Of all the things I could have done with what I have learned it was never constructing this scenario.

I had a childhood dream of curing cancer by tagging an across-the-board cancer-specific genetic anomaly with a cancer-specific antigen of some kind. I just had no idea some cancers walk on two legs and speak.

The Nuremberg Code therefore applies:



Copyright January 2021 by Joyce Bowen

Mitochrondral Eve: the deep maternal ancestor of us all

Mitochondrial Eve – an update

Deep maternal ancestry and mtDNA

Deep maternal ancestors: out of Africa into ice age Europe

Explorations by Colin Mathers

About Colin Mathers








Role of Mitochondrial Gene TFAM in The Progression of Renal Disease


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