Genetic Modification 101

Genetic Modification 101

Some of you have read my work; some of you have not.

About me:

I have a kickass brain.聽 I was born with it and have hated it for most of my life.聽 It sets me apart in many ways and it鈥檚 lonely.聽 In recent years, I鈥檝e been forced to resort to it for a few reasons鈥攏one good.

You might say these actions by incredibly corrupt people are the tipping point for me. The fury I feel goes beyond the pale.

These efforts with this new shot are not new explorations into genetic modification鈥攖hey are a continuance of the same. I keep not wanting to believe what I know is true鈥攖hat genetic and brain modifications have been going on for decades with these shots.


Genetics was my thing when I was a kid and young adult and I studied it relentlessly. My goal was to cure cancer by genetically tagging a cancer-specific genetic anomaly with an antigen in order to alert the immune system to cancer鈥檚 presence.聽 [Mind you, this was back in the 60s]

[I was very disappointed when I had a short email conversation with a scientist who told me that idea hadn鈥檛 worked. I think he lied.]

They turned to altering T-cells which is patient-specific and very, very lucrative.


I studied Multiple Sclerosis for a time but realized I had to give up that study if I wanted to continue with cancer. So I know a thing or two about autoimmune disease.

Now I have autoimmune disease and I鈥檝e had those shots and I can鈥檛 believe I had blanket trust for those who injected me. I have antibodies to my DNA. After listening to Dr. Theresa Deischer, I know why.

Open Letter from Dr. Theresa Deisher to Legislators Regarding Fetal Cell DNA in Vaccines

Copyright December 2020 by Joyce Bowen

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