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An Incorporated World is in the Offing 2021 [And People say I don’t Have a Head for Business…]

An Incorporated World is in the Offing 2021 [And People say I don’t Have a Head for Business…]


On July 19, 2017, I posted an article relative to the direction the world was blowing.  What I didn’t know then was that things were already well advanced.  I had stopped writing from 2010, pretty much, thru 2016 because my hands had  become so crippled. I had seen a neuro-psychologist who recommended I go back to writing and that I should also take a drug by the name of Aricept.

I periodically experienced what I called word-abysses and could not remember a word. More significantly, I could not verbalize any concept relative to a word, so no replacements were available to my lips.  [After three years of avoiding pharmaceutical products and eating whole foods, my word-abysses are gone.]




A simple example could be tree [although the usual words were more complex]: Think of all the words used for tree—tree, oak, maple, wood, and on and on and on…

Where that word [and all its relations] resided in my brain turned into a black hole. I could get none of them from my brain to my lips. I had been getting sicker and sicker, so I thought what I was experiencing was part of a dying process. I thought it was the beginning of my loss of language. I thought it was over for me.

I took the suggested drug and went on the wildest ride of my life. It WAS meant to impact the brain, and impact the brain it did. When I wrote ‘Incorporated World, I had been ‘given’ permission to stop the drug. When I wasn’t finding refuge in the keyboard, I was sitting in a chair, clenching my fists, and praying the damage would reverse.

It seems my word abysses resulted from being administered the Prevnar [pneumonia shot laced with aluminum] in one arm and the flu shot [laced with mercury] in the other in one sitting. I remember asking if it was safe to do so and being waved off with assurances that it was. I was made to feel silly for even asking.

Aluminum is bad—mercury is worse—but together, they are a shit-storm. I have no idea how I recovered, but it took a few years and a little help from a friend.

‘Incorporated World’ was my rendition of what I thought corporations had in store for us. Since 2010, I had seen a strange behavioral shift in the political party for which I most often voted. They were becoming ruthless, nasty, and omnipotent. I couldn’t understand it.

By February 2018, I realized pharmaceutical products were my problem. They were making me sick—killing me—I stopped all but one—antibiotics. I stopped those a year later when I realized they were damaging my lungs. Go figure…

Let’s move on to: “Incorporated World” and see how it was a few years ago.

An Incorporated World is in the Offing

I’ve tried to ignore what I’ve considered to be an evolutionary backslide for quite a while. I hunker down in my dream and hope events will bypass me, but I know, in my heart, they won’t.

I’m embarking on a journey of relying on a system that might not be in place for much longer. I’m going from feeling fiercely independent to dependency. I will be applying for the dreaded Medicaid soon. I see that going the way of the dinosaurs if the new ACA gets passed. [Now in 2021, it's a system I avoid like the plague...]



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ScyFy channel recently promoted a series by the name of Incorporated. 

It is the world where Governments no longer exist, and Corporations run the world. In it, people no longer scream for living wages; they scream for survival. The have-nots are grateful for jobs cleaning the Haves’ houses and toilets. The have-nots become the discarded.

The Haves desperately hold on to Corporate jobs, undergoing loyalty tests and screenings to ensure they do not leave their corporate buildings with trade secrets.  The punishment for transgressions is exile to the Red Zone, where people struggle to eke out survival.


Get a load of Episode 1:

Incorporated is 1 American tebevision drama sens The show premiers
November 10, 2016, on Syfy [ke] Before its offical precasere, Syfy released an








advance preview of the Hirst episode celine on November 16, 70161 The 13ow
concioded oa daatary 5, sony 14
Oa February 77, 2017, the series was cancelled ae one sesonL
=n pom ea
rat p=
Cast Cndedsy mtd en
1 proes ae

oe orm saw tone
DVD irease Ace ve
Wostcast +e Hen
Amer and mommations rt tue
Husa an ty
External mks Contry of ae wes
Premi wh



The series takes place 15 1 dystopian Miwashee ia the your 074, wher ay [Hof
antries have gone bankrupt doe ember of cries and climate change Ip | Seosons
v governess, powectil Buknatsonal corporations Mave |g of

sovertiments, contig ites caled Gren 726m The
eo are Caled Red 76613, where fovernaics os weak oF 5






a ia the world

Bea 1anioa 1 4 Tarager ot Spas Biotech, the Largest corporat




works for zabeth, the estranged mother of kus wile, Lara [2 real
imate refugee trom the Red Zoe outude Miwsakee whose eal name 1s | Protuce

AdTor Aaron bas infiltrated the Groen Zoee, assuring the keatty of Bet | omy cen

Lavon fo search for bi chbood love Fees, who trvagh 4 senes of | 7"


ualortenate circamstanon bas become 4 high end prostitute at 4n exc
brothel for sreiot Spiga ICRI Aros resolves fo work AIS way 8p 10 4 | Producten
33307 positon in order 10 access Acadia snd rescue bee Aer traming kis boss | compares
(Rad for stealing clasiified formation apd epseniag bis dima) fom te
€OTpamy, Aso eEdeanoans lo oblat the pOTOLIOE [0 the Eom va4D? PONTO]
a3 tescee Leas, all while Tamtuining ba Bea Lanoa cow 13 the ace of

The year is 2074. Climate change has ravaged the planet, causing widespread famine and bankrupting governments. In their place, multinational Corporations have risen in power and now control 90% of the globe. These Corporations fight a covert war for market share and dwindling natural resources.

Those who work for them live protected behind the walls of the Green Zones.

Those who don't are left to fend for themselves in the slums of the Red Zones.

One of the key Green Zone players is Ben Larson, an up-and-coming executive at the mighty SPIGA Corporation. Ben lives in a world where Hurricane Zoe is about to wipe out Rhode Island, Canada has put up a high-security fence to discourage illegal immigration and some unidentified terrorist group has bombed a SPIGA R&D lab, but so what? He lives in a great house in the private community of Stanford Mills with his gorgeous wife Laura, where they get to eat real bacon (!) and take self-driving cars to work.

At SPIGA, Ben and his colleague Chad Peterson are working on something called Everclear, software that can record and reveal what a person is thinking and dreaming. It would make for excellent interrogation tech for Julian Morse, SPIGA's intimidating head of security, were it not for the fact that it's currently only at 65% accuracy … and 55% when the subject is asleep. Not good enough, but hey, they'll just have to work 110% harder!

Meanwhile, Laura works for Renascienta Cosmetic Design, where rich old ladies take their boytoys and have their faces reconstructed to look like the young versions of their late husbands. Hey, it's a living …

And tonight, Ben and Laura have an extra reason to celebrate their three-year anniversary: they're gonna get preggers! Yes, they've received the proper permit to procreate, a privilege given only to the top officers of the Corporations. Maybe one of the reasons Ben is climbing the ladder so quickly is because his mother-in-law is Elizabeth Strauss, the head of SPIGA's U.S. Operations … though Laura would like to think that their future doesn't rely on any meddling from her mama. They're a bit estranged, those two.

It's all pretty nice, right? Here's the thing, though: Ben's life is a lie. It's a means to an end, an infiltration to help him track down his long-lost love, Elena. Elena disappeared several years ago, and Ben — whose real name is Aaron — has been looking for her ever since … and now, thanks to the sweet tech in his high-rise office, he may have found her!

Except she's in Milwaukee, seemingly transferred to Arcadia, a private resort that's pretty much an executive sex club. To get to her, he's going to need a promotion … which means he needs to create a job opening …

Ben sees an opportunity when he joins his co-workers for a night of debauchery out in the Red Zone, where dangerous crime and delicious vice rule the land. Chad has a little too much to drink and spews into a filthy toilet, during which Ben covertly takes a sample of his blood. Hmm, what's he up to …?

Later, Ben takes a motorcycle (really) to the 18th floor of a run-down apartment building to visit one of the few people who knows his real identity: Elena's brother, Theo. Theo's been training to be a cage fighter ever since he got caught selling cigarettes in the territory of a sleazy Red Zone bigwig named Terrence (who can make eating a tomato look like the most menacing thing ever). Ben is worried for Theo's well-being, but Theo is more worried about Ben getting in too deep … is he starting to like his corporate life on the nice side of the tracks a little too much?  

Time will tell. For now, Ben jumps into action the next morning, scoring an anti-riot tech device known as The Whistler. This little beauty creates sound waves that instigate nausea, and after Chad excuses himself to the bathroom, Ben uses the blood sample he stole to gain access to some red-hot files on Chad's computer, which he then downloads onto a portable drive. Hmm, what's he up to …?

It all comes to a head at the end of the work day as the SPIGA suits line up to be scanned by security before leaving the building. Ben has set up Chad, who's found to be in possession of the high-security files and therefore caught red-handed trying to take them off-site. Chad is brought before Julian Morse, and it looks like the consequences of his attempted thievery are going to be severe …

So, there's now a job opening, and yet another rung on the ladder for Ben to climb. The only thing really standing in his way is his ultra-ambitious colleague, Roger … but, as we've seen, Ben knows how to fight dirty!


Pretty women from the Red Zone are enticed into a world of prostitution for denizens of the Green Zone. They are meat on a slab. They gratefully lie down and use their bodies as currency and as a way to save loved ones.


Incorporated (TV series)




sive Economic and Trade


The Comprebiensive Economic and Trade Agreemeat (CETA)
(sactficially Canada Furope Trade Agreement) b a ve rade sgreecaret
breween Canad 13d the Diropesn Urb LIED Khas bees proven
applied JZ] thas resaoving 5% of the prrexnting lurits between the two parts


The aegotiations were cotchoded it Avgust 2ciq All > Enfopeaa Unios
be ie sobiicca mane Git duke] Egle] sopreod ihe lind
TOT CHE or gman, wit og fhe aa carey to ge
roval i Justis Tredesn, Prisae Minter of Cazsda, travelled to Brussel on
2 October 7016 to sg de behal of Canada cl The Faropess Parbasment
approved the deal 0a 15 February or7 iil The agreement, beng + mixed
strvesaent, bn subject to ratification by the EU ad al FU member States in
crc 10 be fully appbed EL] Ut the, substantial parts ee proviseealy
Sepliad feces 71, Sept 50), chading irotement proton LS) 1
might caly tally enter 1310 force uf, additionally to the ational r. atioea, Bo
res eghis n fe flpatt” sentien machicben. <5, ony Toe
Faropess Gomrt of Sutice followin. recess fo 42 opinion by Beam.) The
Caregen Coat of Jen hm ct mm 30 6 Ags mas ho syn of,
at toe spate slice mechan compbes wih 11 Low 4 The agreesaent

only proviuonaly Bo became only 16 FU meeaber States have
he agreement 10 far 14





The Faropeas Communion indicates the treaty will lead 10 saviags of Just over
halt 4 billion euros ie ave for EL exporters every year, muteal recogrition ia
rrgalated profeassons such 45 architects, acrouataats apd engiaees, 4nd easer
Lazar of company sal 43d ott profesoads between the FU aad Catads
The Europesa Commusioe clams (FTA wil crvate 4 mote vel playing foesd
between Canada and the EU on inteliectaal property rghta 12]

Propoaeets of CITA emphasize Faat the agreeeat will boost trade beteres the
FU aod Canada 454 7hus crvate ew fobs, faciblate busioess opetations by
abolbizg customs dete, goods checks, 43d varmus other bevies, faciate
fated recogaition of diplomas 43d regulite [aveatmect dispetes by Crating +
new system of courts LELal Opposests conte: that CETA woud weaken
Faropeas consumer nights, acudng high FU stasdands coaceraiag food
salety 122) und cnitcize it 43 a boot oly for big buspes and mekiational
“orporations, while rikitg det bones, ave) oi, azd eavioamest

Sarge impacting winded ates [21010] The deal abo iacudes 4
controversial imvestor state dispute setleeat Techarisa wh Bakes critics
feat tn mab meron soir cons oul ae amoral permeate bons
of dolla f they thought that the governzeat poboes had 4 bad impact 03 their
basses 2] A poll conducted by Aagus Reid Institute ta February 207
coaciuded that 5, perceat of Caradiaas support CITA, wie oaly to percent
oppose it The support, bower, Aas wazed whea compared To the poll
coaducted in 7004 14 15 contrast, the North American Frve Trade Agrvesaent
(NAFTA) bis 4 44 percent sapport rate among Canadiass 5 February 017 13)
In contrast fo Carada, be agreement bas procapted protests io 4 ember of
Faropeat coustsien





Comprenensive Economic
ana Trace Agreement



~~ ar
yV a








0 xeer


ct ree tt
Grrr xecsee
of ment cf
Asso By at

74 Segpertn 0172

ogee vn
A eer
om 16.0
re oe
pe —
A mr mgm a
Ogos Coster
Corner Gare
nan tron
Lorn res
rece Gar
Goren prema
men Late
Lure Mstesn
feten seriapon
terme Sem

Read More HERE


Incorporated Syfy Trailer">


Incorporated is not as far-fetched as it seems. We recently escaped the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), where what was supposed to be a trade partnership evolved into corporate giveaways to the tune of 87%. Such an agreement fulminated a bypass of our courts, creating tribunals staffed by corporate loyalists to decide disagreements. It was negotiated in secret for six years by the US Government. Canada passed its own secret deal called CETA,

Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

Trans-Pacific Partnership


The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP),


Trans Pacific Partnership



Agreement, we 4 proposed trade 1 betwers. Australis, Brose;
Caza, Chile, Japaz, Malavsla, Mexico, New Zedand, Fem,
Tirta. aod the United Shtes vigand on 4 February 016 After the

Fed U5 presses Donald Trump withdrew the US sigratare from TPF in
Japaary zo: J3 the agreement conkd 307 be ratified as required apd dud aot
eater 1310 lofce. The TPRLAELES CORBI Eegotiated 4 oe 'rade agreement
cali Com 43d Progressive Agreement for Trans Pactc
Partaeriiip, ERE [Ecorporates most of the provisions of he TPF acd whic
entered into force oa 10 December 2018.



The TPP began as aa expansion of the Traps Pucstic Strategic Economic
Partaersaip Agreesent (TFSEP of P+) goed by Bria, Che, New Zealiad

Singapore ia 200, Beginaiag 13 >0ol, additional countries jouaed the
Sisson for a broader sgreemment Awstrabs, Candas, Japaa, Maine,
Metso, Peru, the Uatted States, 434 Vietnam, bringing the degotisting
cDaptries to twelve. In Jamaary 205, the United States withers from the
agroeraent 15] The other 1: TPP coutries agreed 1a May 2017 to revive itd
154 reached sgreemeet i Juanary 20:8 13 March 2018, the 1 Commies
sigaed the revised venion of the apreemaent, cabed Comperbeasve and
Progressive Agveeat for Tras Packie Partoership (21 After ratfication by
+x of thet (Attala, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand 43d Singapore),
the sgrremeat came Loto force bo those coupies 0a 10 December 201









TP coptaiad mexsares to lowe: both non tanff aad tnt
ade lis] and extablisd an ipvestor sta settlement


The ons.
barmens to



(15D) med] 2] The US. International Trade Commision JJ 7
Peterson Izatrate for Intemational Trotomics, the World Bank 4nd the
Oe of the CTorl Tioaomat #f Clobal ARairs Canada found the fina!


agrvemnent would, ratified, lead 10 ne? panitive econo outcome fot al
signatories, while an aaalyss
University economists found the agreemeet would adversely
Sigastories D421) Mary obnervers have arpaed the trade deal wouid have
served 4 geopolitical purpose, namely fo reduce the ugnatorie’ depeadence
o6 Chisese trade aad brig the ugnaoties cows lo the Uatted
Staten Daloadoall 4)






conomec Partnering Agrvenent


Trans-Paciic Partnership



| peponsey



+ October 7o1AEEY
4 tceruary 16
Ashore tam Seman
Hamat yt raged
ronson x 7 years
ste ate tet
or thot 6 shes
cresgrreg to 2 of
aw of carat


- ee

04 Camm

fy CP



New festa

Logler, geevatios oe
aro too

Read More HERE


 capturing all of Europe. The TPP captured much of Asia.

If I recall correctly, my reading of the TPP— 


Trans-Pacific Partnership

of Fracking

Read More HERE


Hydraulic fracturing


Hydraulic tractariug, bo cabed  fracking,  fraciag
Bydrofracking tracing, tracing, id bydrotracturiag, o 4 wel
stimalation technique voice the Factenng of bedrock formations
By a pressured bquid The process iovoives The Bigh prevare
injection of *Hracking Bus” (primarily water, contaiaiag nd of other
proppasts suspended with the od of Bickening ageats) ipto 4 wellbore
i cin i th dep tock Aris Crongh Ooh mated Rs
primis, 40d bine wil fiw mar fey Whea the Enibatks
porte © removed From the wel, smal grams of bydrael fac

Ean (shor saad o shmimsem ride bod ths Farrres pemleh



Hydranke fractenag began 5 an experiment i 1947, 4nd the fist
commercially saccenstal application followed in 150 As of 2017, 2 5
fuilioa “trac jobs” Aud beet: performed worldwide 0a oil nd gas wells
over ope milkor of ow within the USili Such trestmeat no
areal cena to ahve sega ov res i shale 1, 13
5, ight of, 424 con seam gas wells 1] Some bydeaslc fractures can
itn erica ves ov Bm i Dlg sad hyde
fractariag have made the USTTed States 3 Bajos crust ol exportes 43 of

61 but faakage of milhine, a. pomertol wr




Induced hydraulic fracturing


PE Ly ve
ete gun

Process type Mechs





or wuts

used bi) Tacreased od 43d gu production from the
decade loag tracking boom As bed to lowe: prices fof coesumers, with
‘be stare of bousebold (Lome going 10 rare



Hydraulic tractanag ts highly controversial Us! I's proposeats advax,
te economic benetts mote exteasmvely  accessdle
Pydrocarboas [4152] as well 4s replacing coal with astaral which
Desmond kd Ja’ arbeic C0, salad

Oppoaeets of tracking argue that thew aw oatwighed by the


Pa remsce |



environmen =, which iaciude ater and yartace wate: contamination, Bote aad air toe, and
Ee Eizering of at quiban ong with Be relies hae 1 pub: beak 4 the eovimnemes TAT] Bpmiarch:

Das determaised that basa bealth 1s attected 715 Lnhuding confirmation of chemical, pyscal, aad psyebosacial
Bazards such a3 pregasncy and birth 08ND, migfaine headaches, AroaK rinouotss, severe atigee, tins
xacerbations and prycholopical stress 2 Growsdwater contamination has beet documented 122) Adbereace to
regelation and safety procedures av required 10 vou further Begative pacts 17)

There i conssderabl uacertanty aboot the scale of methane leakage assorated wih yank fracturing, and evea
some evidence hit leakage ay cance cut he prevnboise §o raion benebts of atural gs relates 0 ott
foal fuels For exsmaple, a report by Lavironmeatsl Defease Fund (1DF) hughky thas lasue, forusiag on the
leakage rate in Peaaeivanis during extender testing 40d anairis wes use 1 be approTimAely 6%, of on

mes fhe reported Agures 22 TH Jeukage re rs cons wered fepreseatatve of the hydra Harturiog industry 1a
the US geaeraly EDF bas recently andounced 4 satelite mamod to ferther locate and measure methane
emmmoons AZ





Increases is seismic actity following bydeasli Iracturing aboag, dommaat of previously sake Lilt are
sometizaes <a ep tajection. drsposal of Avdraabe fractanag Sowhack (4 byproduct of Aydrssscaly
fractured wells) [24] and produced formation brine (4 byproduct of both fractured asd nontractured oil apd ga



—set criteria for pricing strategies that would be endured by those of us currently living in the not-so-imaginary Red Zone. Say, Colorado passed a law against fracking;




Hydraulic fracturing


Public Citizen's
Global Access to
Medicines Program




How the TPP Endangers Access to Affordable Medidnes

Contes. ches an array of baring nes that, cracted, will te the hares of rational
BE rr


ase src MVIARS, dius, arming others in the Asss Pacsbe regeon, Wah 23 regard
pharma eut al monopoles, the 175 wont bring hgh treatment cont, leaching to treatment.

J dL Tor PREP]
FLT ura HE Pye
BT Lor TT Sr SE es
Fo erp
BN mrt

LE Laur
copa mary Bard rues habbo by 13 shes raat baal Prcperty Chageer
[Sig Set pervs

be mache seadabie for mace carstiors on cd mene

J TL Ta epee
by resin ot beast ve years, of marketing exc hse cd me hares fo US TR arch

BLL a Tne eee
BT Lar Teer


ty for ewe se, forran and aethod of ng old dru, oe B fer years of exc ary for
J roe
BT Ae Le
BE LT Cte eu Un CEST
A Sa es

BE Lat Te Er

Read More HERE


corporations could take their case to the tribunals, suing the State for lost profits, and probably winning.  People be damned.

ABA 170m ve mtg 0. 20608-02738 00 wmsomnors


October 16, 2013
What's New in the 2018 Wikileaks TPP Intellectual Property Text?

Pharmaceyticals: Landing Zones 30d Issues for Ministerial Discussion’

Today, With rk redead an updated 30alt of the Intellectual Property (¥F) Chaptee’ of the
propond Tram Pact Farthenhe (TPP) The teat indus 05. backed mires that would
pad prarmacrtical monopoly power 473 COmproMme accr T0 Medan m Pac Rim
Countries. The deep HmRLIRGE L0 thee Meas from many negotiating countries has endured
for years The US. has dropped some harmiul propos, but conti [0 mat on
others. Unable 10 ag lectus] property negotiators haw fray pases
Controversies on to hes countries’ Nghe? ade 4nd commerce authorities, who will gather
for 3 mantra meeting Lites the month in Austral




Addendum of the sew leaked text chide mm fo be preanted to mater. Addendum |
Coe Crean provi ARIE To pRarmace Utica, The ministers will dncuss TMding Fone,”
3 chun in thes 1 But Beacribec in some deta in 40 ide US Trade artic,’ and known
10 cone followers of the negotItion. A Lind 700 1 4 130g of pov, Kientied by the
Countries’ chart 199 negotiaton [or powbie agreement in ther word, counties are to
choose trom the wwival posible Optom cher spelied out in Addendum | or ated a
modiications to the Added | teat in another Ladnckaund document. Not every country has
2 mandate to deca very Landing tone, and I ru Sl povubie that the ranges of powibdties
uty be AAT Of Frsectest entirely. I 1 3h worth ROUTE EA? the Linding 10m rangi are at
Himes 10 wade a 10 compas al possible cgtom

hes paper analyzes


rnd | and dicen Ts provison (gH of what n known about the
lndeg ones tore the range of Medy interpertabon of apphcation of each
proviaon In several carne, the lading zones m induated in Addendum |
mar very tant Str encen 1 the pubs interest For rrample, Countries ae debating 4
Farge of pvubie monopoly periods for bctech Brug, TNEINg Om £010 Yan To twee That
he tte between Me and Seat fo may ances patients






More information an andy n avadabie SU wanw Olin OF TpPE

rte Cotsen Cea Aversa 1 Medica rogram, Octobre 2014, Or usc Kile (tide sizer seg)


“ide US Toate. {rte 179 Pps On Drug 5 (once Jones Shomn Erteet OF Dnences, eon 05
Teac (txt 14,20:


Pk Ce Co Acris CIE UIE ctor Co omy oe om



Prescription drug prices were negotiated to be set and approved by drug companies. Prices already so far out of reach for many would remain so. The dangers of TPP drug policies are discussed somewhat here, and here.



How the TPP Endangers Access to Affordable Medicine


Read More HERE


Pharmaceuticals:  Landing Zones and Issues for  Ministerial Discussion


Read More HERE


Consolidation of wealth is inevitable now.  Five men now own half of the world.  It’s as if the top is sucking from the bottom.  As we grovel along creating wealth for those too greedy to share it, we peter out and die from exhaustion and disease.

TPP is gone for the US, but other countries signed on to it. It would be ludicrous to think corporations will give up their quest for total control of our lives

—and deaths.

Copyright 2017 Joyce Bowen

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