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To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate? [Originally posted October 2, 2018]

To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate? [Originally posted October 2, 2018]

I initially wrote this back 2018.聽 It鈥檚 been a wild ride since then. 聽That's history for you.

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Getting back to writing has been a journey. I started my online adventure in October of 2016鈥攁bout two years ago. I needed to make a living somehow. I had finished my degree in聽2014聽but found that my lengthy stay in our collegiate system had hurt me. I had not counted on many things: age; illness; and the fact that advanced degrees were needed to make it in today鈥檚 world.

The 鈥渞esearch鈥 bug bit me in childhood. It was my dream鈥攁s聽a child鈥攖o gain a position in the genetic research of cancer. I currently have some background in the language of the body鈥攁t least enough to understand some of what is out there. I鈥檝e forgotten much of what I knew, but retain those distant memories聽enough聽so information that does not blast through can聽be measured聽through context.

I鈥檝e had misadventures in medicine thrust upon me in the last two years. Such things made me curious as to why things evolved the way they did through no fault of my own. So I鈥檝e been wandering through causes and treatments for those issues. No wonder they鈥檝e plagued me. I choose to be alone,聽and聽I鈥檓 female. I had assets that could聽be bled聽dry regardless of my opposition. It鈥檚 the law.

I鈥檝e poked and prodded through issues surrounding medicine that affect you, me, us鈥

Here鈥檚 my next departure into a聽literal聽hell.

My fervent desire is to stay healthy. I was a religious vaccinator. Last year, I had a hissy fit when they made me jump through hoops to acquire a Tetanus shot. I鈥檝e had my flu shot for as long as I can remember. I vaccinated my sons.

I like to think I am not a creature of blind obedience. I like to believe I鈥檓 a thinker鈥攖his is not always the truth. Blind obedience overtakes me far more often than I like to admit.

In exploring the dangers of medications, my YouTube channel strayed into that damned anti-vaxxer realm. Oh, jeesh. But an MD and a scientist caught my attention,聽Suzanne Humphries, MD. She is smart and does her homework. I became glued to the tube.

Suzanne Humphries, MD

Suzanne Humphries, MD


vd in vanous parts of the world on infant immunity, vitaman C, aluminum, and

Rising From The Dead, sn aut
Dissolving Hlusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History,

Discase, Vaccines, and
the Forgotten History

Read More HERE


Do I think these people are nuts? I did, but I don鈥檛 anymore. Blind obedience聽be damned. I was taken for a ride yet again. My 鈥淒o as I Say, not as I do鈥 demeanor聽was Busted聽open.

Let鈥檚 start with an opposing opinion:">">

Time points聽to聽this:

鈥淎nd no wonder: Since 1988, when the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) began, more than 16,000 claims have been considered,聽and聽a whopping $3.18 billion have聽been awarded聽to families alleging some聽kind of聽harm from vaccines. That sounds聽awfully聽damning, and in this case, unlike in so many other cases, the anti-vaccine crowd isn鈥檛 just making聽stuff聽up. The numbers are real,聽and聽the federal government is the first to admit it.鈥
Jeffery Kluger

What this paragraph doesn鈥檛 tell you that this may represent only one in ten claims. The process is so drawn out, tedious, and demeaning that many don鈥檛 bother. But fear not鈥攎ost of these damaged,聽and聽disabled children end up suckling Social Security Disability Benefits鈥攖he taxpayer.


National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

National Vaccine Injury Compensation


the National Vacne Injury Compensation Program. Rescission of Revisions to
Vacane oyury Table Final Rule, whit was publntied in the federal Regriter
on April 22. 2071 fescnds i its entirety the rule ented "National Vacane injury
Compensation Program Reasons 1 the Vacant injury Table © published in the
Federal Register on January 21. 2021 (Jouary 21, 2021 $eial Rule) As of Apnl 27,
2021, the january 27, 2021 Foal Rule 5 witht awn,





Vacanes save lve


y preventing de

MSE prople who £61 VaCones have no senous problems. Vacones, Ike any medanes, can



ects, But Most are very fare and very mild. Some health problems that follow


Cause se


VaaINAtOnNs are not Caused Dy vaccine

lem, such as & severe sllerEic reaction


£1VETY (a1 CAs VACCINE CaN CAUSE 8 Serious

yury Compraatien pr


am (VICR) may prone

100 and are found to hive been ojured by


Katonal Vacane


ak who tie



0 which such a Bndin


ners may



How does the VICP work?


National Vaccine Inury Compesation Program is a ne La



egal sytem for resohang, va as,


we inpary pr


was. Created in the 19805, after Liwsts op, are provide

and reduce US vasonanon rates, which could ha


SE vaCCne Companies and hea


Sheratened 1 GI vase Short



Caused a resurgence of vane prsentatie dea

Ary ndradual who receved a (oy Ane Debeves he GE he was ured as





d ddrctuals wi

Read More HERE


So鈥攈ey鈥攑eople can even file for you after you are dead!!聽 That鈥檚 if the vaccine is even covered鈥

Time鈥檚 JEFFREY KLUGER goes on:

鈥淭he 鈥渧accine injury court鈥 is more properly known as the Office of Special Masters, which itself is a division of the United States Court of Special Claims. The special masters聽were created聽as part of the VICP, an act passed by Congress in 1986 and signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. It is a fundamental part of the anti-vax canon that the court is a closely held secret, established by Washington but kept as quiet as possible, lest the public catch wise to the fact that hush money is聽being paid聽to injured families.鈥

Jeffery Kluger

What鈥檚 not told to you here is that vaccine producers went to Congress complaining that they were聽being sued聽too much, so they would聽simply聽stop聽making聽all vaccines. Congress passed a law restricting suits, therefore giving billion-dollar companies free-range to do anything they want.聽

Dangerous?聽We聽do need to have some vaccines in the wings for pandemics and the like.


The Supreme Court rules on Bruesewitz v. Wyeth and vaccine injury cases

Even the Supreme Court has ruled that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.




or vacemny
r ~NaAvo:
¥ Ssioe EPCTSS a









tnmocent ohildren throughout the cou


By deteizining th

National Childhood Vacsine Injury Act



fetes aie © brought


for impury or death caused by
the Court han defined the oe

ttoselates to commen vaccines



- wan a serious dincunss



© the systes designed to ceprasate the victims of



This mote will exp



foapsoportionately Barn victims who have the mia


Shjured by watcines that actve a public purpose but

Read More HERE


As far as Dr. Andrew聽Wakefield聽is concerned,聽there聽is this:">">Wakefield鈥檚 鈥渁utistic enterocolitis鈥 under the microscope

Wakefield's “autistic enterocolitis” under the microscope
WTO WO a RE S20 Grn LIMSRN LLL] (beefed 14 Aged S010) Oe Bus an 1A) JO



Are fichohiests ie Kr 3 im med CCE HEE RSL SEH or ner ety AR © Sa Arr ret VC
ater, tes Dees reperts

Tato pos 3. @ row rT are elaine SAGRT STRATE © ie ATER! Gn Ince 3 Sea ar 8, esearch of
i ta dr mide sehr + Lore pert on 1 (hake if Seen feeders ort lek fin: fetes WK



ms he rene I Seton Bir vecne and ees’ asm Bal Ga Pr Proadines and spades se We ie sages
0 hae 5 Nr newer © rev 5.8 pag, SEEPS 111 of Be 1 CUM, aPE Bi fend afc. Ande Whol:
emda oerfer ck, wad A eA creck | TieeascPers of Fur Hoyed | oe Mangia Scud of Medicine
my pve Ancoveree © rave syeEcanE n CHSER  8 Sew ry ow doe an auton” Br Fon
errance 1.2 sre reine: corny TT 7 Thee pages eho sugests Bal 8 Aunioes of casen Pa croet of
Erte por man sid wl VAN vac reer”



Spars he rc mn dcp whe 13 6 Bi es 1) hers each Bus chan) © Se mike of oop
vetigaon br Ba Suny Times 4 Ard nd Cr Be crt pape wa cand 4 ey 5 Corer! Mebn Conch saved
Set Put ese? mn “het” ed rene 6

Ht © wn nt hr or CAN Par send mh eres” abet Weheded cer traons Ko pt teal 200 he
stain 5 prheste chr 2 Austr Tem, cus cr esearch 30 Erte Bi sym’ Ard SEAS be eee Hs
Cent Sree Air Tor GA weet ties Pe en we. Born Recut America, and evee, Be United Kreg

“fir Corti fr cnr Sx de ae a 1 Screed ber hes dene rad bcreston CAR ier 3 dockr or
ie cis metmie 7 “Ths was ely Samed =. errs by Or Wekefiekd bese of Bx ryan Same of
fireman * The | anced. Ko, ston by i Cn oscil: Sadan Tan Fu cher age of Par paper * 5 bee Bare
wn, a3 va, vehi Bo Pi ren betwee) wed Sane are] sui, WKH Gam rend rer Erestigaten
Juss ein Hand Herr cid Br MKC 1) cary S004 8


rr wa sg es Sry <8ee | Sa Comte i, mh ae 1 Sieg of ny “cm 2s ye eGR Gt Bu Sarda
Tims Bt Yo ar (AMC Cres § Thee mechs tee Came Bi pape pare srr

Inflammatory evidence

0 wt sre of “ent ctor” Ss Waketiils dir ade are Tn sages’ rectce:” The ames ERTS an
Creators of eh cleATs Cyan whch mn See ren ch 3 Shean a yearn bebe Br (oper ws Gti
Fi wa er By Sc 10 Se Wr 8 50rd Mad ager i Cores Bia reAaBeret MMH vaccine And Be

Read More HERE


Then they rescinded their condemnation with papers like this. 聽His results have been verified again and again and again鈥

Wakefield鈥檚 鈥渁utistic enterocolitis鈥 under the microscope

Wakefield's “autistic enterocolitis” under the microscope



2010. 340 00: ls Hor xg S60; C1127 (Pubkshed 15 Apel 2010) Cle Ih as BMJ 20
« Alfie

«© Heweq content

« Ad

«© Raped respons

+ Tkoomiad

Rapid Response:

Wakefield's Lancet Paper Vindicated - [Yet Again]

New dependent research presented at he 2010 Pedatic Academe
Sooebes Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada cont
tangs of D1 Andrew WakefesTs




ay the
33 Lancel paper of an association
testinal dese ase nn chisren (1)



arm ang se


The new study wars conducts


he Autism Speaks Aum Treatment
Network an Covered data Irom 19 Ireatment ang research ces
States an 3 7 1016 years wih an

5 0 the.


Canada Of 118% chien age


1c conation


% were reported 10 have GI symptoms. Abdomen) pan


mmon (55%) followed by Consipason
11%) and bloating (76%) Repe
Creed with age Seep Probes 0ccurTed in 70% of chédren with than
ose without GI symploms (30%) The problems aTected al Chic

ws of gender, eh background of mlelgence

1%). daha (43%),


sof GI symptoms





Thes 5 nol the S31 bime Wakebeid's research has bee


confmed by

dependent researchers around the wond [7



And this:

The Vaccine Autism Cover-up: How One Doctor鈥檚 Career was Destroyed for Telling the Truth



Nom Sacobe News Corin PrmewthGod Aaals Q


rome ros

The Vaccine Autism Cover-up: How One
Doctor's Career was Destroyed for Telling the

Crt the news

me . . ® Total Varws 415.763



Hy finen Shhavy
For, Mesh impact Hews


bemrgeen 20
Conn Wet
recae 1



However. whi tar at (hoprtity) Greed
Tay Pen WH Cid £1 Ba Coens
Sane. anc 1o Whom Te Ensen meds Owes. 3 Fuge 000) 6 A”


Read More HERE


And whatever you can Google. They are taking stuff down toot sweet!!.

We聽are聽being lied聽to. We live in a 鈥淒o as I Say, not as I do鈥 nation. Do the ingredients in vaccines harm us? The EPA tells us聽we cannot have more mercury聽than聽this聽or more aluminum聽than聽that (neurotoxins),聽yet vaccines are a treasure trove of both; not to mention all the other goodies in them鈥攗p to sixty-two other ingredients.

聽And in some聽cases, they聽are being forcefully injected into our bodies. In the聽end,聽we will fall victim to them all as laws聽are passed聽mandating that all of us have no choice in the matter.聽Nuremberg Code聽be damned.

I had measles,聽chicken聽pox, and rubella. Sure聽they聽weren鈥檛 pleasant, but I readily survived. Most children do. What they may not all be surviving聽are聽the vaccines to stop these diseases. Here in the USA, we are up to a horrendous number of vaccines for our children. And why not? They're worth billions鈥攖he vaccines鈥攏ot the children.聽 The CDC itself owns a number of vaccine patents.聽 Can you say, "Conflict of Interest?"

CDC Members Own More Than 50 Patents Connected to Vaccinations

Members of the ACIP Committee Directly Influence Public Health

Fach ot the 17 membe


tthe LDC's ACK Con




pe Nas rfuence on the health of rear'y @



Temi of the AMencan POs Alon Becatse Pe ae responsashe §


Pi oH


hor altenng the


14 vam

schedube tis of critical importance that they renan objective and


< befGre ceterm ring whether a



£3cciNakion 1s aop-opnate for use. oarticularly r


bod ¢5 of vuleral


@ young chilcren Unfortunately. a sign fican
aumber of ACIP comrytice Temoers rece ve direct hnancial returns when more vaceinations are aged to the current



n relatec patents) arcior


« shares of the cha‘mace.


al COMPaNIes asd bia for


stoke Others tc erve teswarch grant mosey. funding for this academ departments of

acc re safety t


A Long List of Patents Owned by ACIP and Other CDC Members

The folowing s a cat


of some of the catent


131 re SWNEC of 513reC by members of the C jor ACIP

comm tee, ncludng Dr Paul Ott

+ ‘Nucleic acid vaccines for prevention of flavivirus infection” - 71


comme i


> pay during the

manufactunng process of vacar


5 fo ye low fever. Zka. Dengue be virus anc more


+ Various vaccination testing methods Vor Charmacect Cal companies need 1 test sped
they may ut

f 3 new vacaine




c one of the CDC's patented testing method


including an artmaal Lrg


om for 361050! vce nes


and a


Auman ‘bir


170 vaccinations intended to create an ntersibec mTLre

wt gatents 0 advan ts Lad specifically 11 vaccanat ons created


pre natu

« Assays that assist vaccine development - Turin this vac: te dhe pment proces fac tured wil fies
observe bio ogical samples for specific artbodies. the COC owns 3 patent on 31 3550 tat faciitates this

MONO 1G Syetom.

© Vaccine quality control patents on vancus 35pects of quality control for vaccinat ors are utilizes by


pharmaceutical compas on a large SCAe 0A 3 NEW VATS re 1S act vely 4 Strib



0 the HusIC


Intota 56 nda patects ver foun:

tun the CDC

be owned 3° shaced ty Ore of mor membens of the ACIP committes of


other corunittees w

Members Claim They are Unbiased

#/hen prompted wth questions pertaining to thes finanaal connections with pramaceutical companies. most ACIP


Memon: clam they are able 10 “6Ma r uno 3563 espe the rewarss they rECeve every ime 3 Hew vacanation is


“COMMENCES 10 the PUBIC 11 NUMAMOLS 1NGTances vaconas released to tha market are late” removed after enous
Seti effects are documented The FOEAVIUS VACONE Was 0° suc examise, was pulled Tom the market 1 1999 4

year afte: its wutia approval In 2001. the House Government Reform Con


wtiee found that four out of the ext ACIP


memaers who votes to approve the vac ne 13d cirect financ al tes to one or more of the pharmaceutical companies
WHO P'0GLCEC the VACONE for Pubic JE SIMIar SAUaLINS Involving Tany other vacanators have seen
rdepeccently documented over the course of neary 20 years

A Multi Billion Dollar Industry

The vac cnat on industry currently ganweates $30 bilion ©


fit wach year some of which ‘wach the hands of the


wry peop e Who Create te vac schedule Despite CORCRns Connectiig vacanat ors to the inc ease in autism and


3 host of other d'sorders, the number of recommended Vaca res cort rues 1o grow each year With a new fede


adminstraton interested uncovering the ity secrets hidden within alliances between CDC members ang vaccine
MACLIACHHOTS. We May DOG IC 566 3 Wave of personal i


ry and y


rongtul death lawsuits related d rectly to Lrethical

penacrs which Pave nd 10 CLIO unsafe vacones beng pushed sa an ynkn f the Nat onal Vac ane





Injury Compensation Program INVICP: 1s amended of teseaked. vic


1s of vacone damage wll be egally permitted to


file cla ms drectly against vaccine Tanufacturers and members of the ACIT committee who ofter have nad knows ecoe

of vacane rks yet continue to recommend tei vides ead use

Read More HERE



1962 1983 2016
[es ETT

om con


And there are even more in the pipeline.


The HPV vaccine? Knowing what I know now, I would never give it to my kids.

Vaccine Excipient § Media Summary
Eats chad JS Vac Be Dy Vaccre

= cont a mena a

= 8

The videos below will take some hours to view. If you care about your children, grandchildren, and yourself; watch them. There are renown scientists, doctors, PhDs, and others in their mix. These people are not against vaccination, per se, they are against what is in the shots. 聽[They took them down and now sell them for lots of $$$$$$.]

Me, too, once I learned what was in them.聽 This is what I did to my poor babies???

Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary






a ema i. ps uma re



A Sm te. oot get

rn sr bot a Aare pA
ET a Che him pane. Pte iit
re en Se. et Grate wt
eter cee i, Per og Fe, res
mores 8 To SE + ren ST

rn Cs ry 3 1d pen, A cl SA
Hy —




tet oot ros rn £130, po
en agar oo wren

ee fe ree wt 4A ime usa
Eire yoann pen pm to Moa ben
hans matin pts ne green hr

prssyyrips sloshing
Le | = Jed




freeing or cee





erm. brated en eA: Sera ST
Ps ra Sms Smt bur Serr See

+ at eg Stren AAs

rn rn wr

reer wns se. a A BP mh co on rn,
meio. sce ra SR Pr ed
oie Ye me 1 gare tun 19 bi




ge 1


2 a bg

Lo ran




[Rrasmipavertiuresrsnmendsio my
mtr beestctie ost 3 ebameretend.

tad nacre tin. wi vie one 70d

mt et 3 oo re ea Sor rt rts
arcane Comms


Tobe fev 1 Vel

A AL DT | ram 1b, es. srmprs + M a bing S04

ot geen, bo 128 samen



main by er grat 1 ba it

ramon 5 immo. sion ont immense Sp 41
1" tte oun A aba bee mem. F215


Decide for yourselves聽if we are聽being led聽down the golden path by those standing to make billions upon billions by sticking needles in our arms.

Personally, I think I鈥檒l forgo my flu vaccine from now on.聽 [And I have and I feel muuuuuch better.]

Copyright May 2021 by Joyce Bowen

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