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Memo to Men: Help Stop Sexual Harassment

Let’s face it men: more of us need to “man-up” by proactively helping to end the scourge of sexual harassment. We must collectively stop being the main cause of the problem and start being part of the solution. · This means standing up and speaking out to support women. This als ...

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How & Why to Spread Your Blogging Buzz on beBee

Blogging is a powerful way to build and showcase your personal brand. · beBee Affinity Social Network has proven this concept through the popular publishing platform, Producer, launched during the spring of 2016. That's when beBee opened the blogging floodgates for millions of u ...

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DOJ Marks 60-Years of Civil Rights Enforcement

In case you missed it, the month of September marked the 60th anniversary of the Civil Rights Division (CRD) of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). · The CRD, which opened for business in 1957, has a noble mission and rich history which has helped to effectuate equal oppor ...

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How to Catch More Buzz with beBee Live Video

In case you haven’t noticed, live streaming is all the rage these days. · But not every social media site offers free live video, which is fast becoming part and parcel of the digital landscape. That's why it just makes good sense to diversify your social media experience by lev ...

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Independence Day Message: Freedom Begets Equal Opportunity

Happy Birthday America! 🇺🇸💥💥 · Call it coincidence, but did you know that the most sweeping civil rights law in USA history was enacted just two days prior to Independence Day on July 2, 1964. · This uncanny timing is somewhat ironic because freedom and independence beget equal ...

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Happy Birthday to Me! Please Hold the Applause

Yesterday was my birthday. · No, I won't tell you my age. Let's just say I'm fast approaching mid-life, or something like it. Also, I desperately need to update my profile picture, even if it means paying a professional photographer. Admission: that profile pic is over 5-years ol ...

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5 Leadership Lessons from JFK on 100th Birthday

Although President John F. Kennedy was assassinated more than a half-century ago, his strong legacy of leadership lives on today. Two critically important areas which exemplified JFK’s leadership were civil rights and space exploration. The 35th President’s risk-taking actions ...

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How Companies Can Foster Work-Life Integration to Maximize Productivity

News flash for employers: too many traditional work management models are antiquated in today's high-tech Information Age. Put simply, they don’t result in high productivity, accountability or employee engagement. New times call for new solutions. · Thus, it’s surprising that ...

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Why All Americans Should Care about Obamacare

How much do Americans care about affordable healthcare? Just ask President Donald J. Trump and the Republican-led House of Representatives. · How ironic that after voting over 50 times prior to 2017 to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the House failed miserably last we ...

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Women's History Month: She Made the U.S. Senate 'A Place Where Women Belong'

Did you know that March is Women's History Month in the USA? This is a bit ironic because the march for gender equality continues unabated in the 21st century. Moreover, women deserve to be respected, appreciated, recognized and acknowledged every day of every month of every year ...

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The Critical Importance of Mentors to Landing Your Dream Job

Miguel de Cervantes, the 16th century Spanish novelist, poet and playwright, once said: “Believe there are no limits…” · That’s exactly the type of positive mindset one needs to achieve big goals in life which may at first appear insurmountable. However, almost anything is pos ...

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Valentine's Day: Beware of Cupid's Arrow at Work

Is love in the air at your office around Valentine’s Day? If so, remember this: it simply makes good career sense to proceed with caution when considering workplace romance. · That’s because while work romance can potentially send you to the honeymoon suite – albeit in rare ins ...

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African American History Month: 7 Critically Important Issues for USA

As the USA observes National African American History Month in February, it’s an opportune time to examine several critically important issues confronting the black community. That’s because for America to truly thrive as “one nation undivided” then all citizens must be afforded ...

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Blogging on beBee = Better Personal Branding

You can always catch more buzz by blogging on beBee Affinity Social Network. The "Producer" publishing platform -- launched in April 2016 -- has opened the blogging floodgates for over 12 million users in more than 100 countries. ·  To best leverage your content marketing strate ...

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Lessons from MLK for Millennials & Gen Z

It’s important for today’s young people to recall the history of the civil rights movement in America. Yet too many Millennials and members of their younger cohort, Generation Z, consider civil rights history as ancient history at the dawn of a new millennium. · However, as Am ...

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Cybersecurity is Top Business Priority in 2017

How concerned are you about falling prey to cyberattacks in the New Year? · Whether you’re a corporate CEO or a small business owner, strengthening cybersecurity should be a top business priority in 2017. In fact, it should be a “no brainer” by now that every company worldwide n ...

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Tribute to JFK: 5 Lasting Leadership Lessons

The date was Nov. 22, 1963. The place was Dallas, Texas. The historic tragedy was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (JFK). He was the youngest American President ever elected, at age 43, and the youngest to die in office. · JFK’s open motorcade was meandering down ...

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Veterans Day: Some Public Schools Teach Terrible Lesson

Something arguably unpatriotic has occurred mere miles from the nation’s capital this Veterans Day. The most populous public school districts remained open, albeit to the detriment of military families and the vital lessons veterans can teach young people. · Moreover, some pu ...

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Daylight Saving Time: Early Birds vs. Night Owls

We've all heard the famous 17th century English phrase, "The early bird catches the worm." But this is not necessarily true for everyone, especially in today's high-tech modern world. Therefore, I pose these questions: · Are you an early riser or nocturnal by nature?Do you ...

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How Social Startup beBee Benefits Bloggers

Today’s boisterous blogosphere continues to expand exponentially with competing content. In fact, your current social reach for blogging might be analogous to readers finding a single grain of sand on a beach, or the proverbial needle in a haystack. · That’s why smart and sav ...

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