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4 months ago

Is sin still wrong?

Greg Rolfe · More than a few months ago I wrote a post called “for the wages of sin is death”. This post was far from well-received. And that could be simply that it was not as well written as it could have been. But the idea buried in the post was simple. Sin equals death. · To be completely ...

4 months ago

Breakthroughs. Your mind is a ship. Your heart gives wings.

Fay Vietmeier · “Every challenge you encounter in life is a fork in the road. You have the choice to choose which way to go - backward, forward, breakdown or breakthrough.” - Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha · To have a breakthrough in your life .. requires “Breaking Free” · .. free from the pattern of the ...

5 months ago

The Fellowship of Friendship

Fay Vietmeier · And a youth said, “speak to us of friendship." · And he answered, saying: · "Your friend is your needs answered. · He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. · And he is your board and your fireside. · For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek h ...

9 months ago


PD Scullin · Two leaders of the Republican Party are outraged at the dangers looming within their own ranks. · House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham are committed to crushing fellow party members who don’t support disgraced former President Donald Trum ...

1 year ago

Prepare for Death, Destruction, Inflation & Jesus (Part 2)

Bo Polny · Bo Polny Interview · Greg Hunter on · USA Watchdog · October 2, 2020 · In my previous blog post, I began explaining the correlation of today’s events with the biblical prophecies of Revelations. In that post, I left off on the first seal that was broken. The first horseman of the ...

1 year ago

Prepare for Death, Destruction, Inflation & Jesus (Part 1)

Bo Polny · Bo Polny Interview · Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog · October 2, 2020 · Previously, I predicted that something epic would happen on September 18th; while I did not know what would happen, I knew it would be a significant event. Low and behold, September 18th’s epic event was the dea ...

1 year ago

Silver Turns into Rocket Fuel in 2021 (part 2)

Bo Polny · Silver Turns into Rocket Fuel in 2021 · Bo Polny Interview with Greg Hunter · USA Watchdog · August 8, 2020 · https://youtu.be/r0FTzCoBGj8 · https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c4NmDBILrfEuHvVDZDJTJbn7FIceiY99/view · For those unfamiliar with the 4-2-1 cycle, it’s a 7,000-year cycle ...

1 year ago

Closed-eyes & Hard-hearts

Fay Vietmeier · How often do you stop to consider that the condition of your heart affects your ability to see & understand? This is heart-attitude. · Heart-attitude is a matter of perspective and will. · What is inherent in human nature that makes people unable to see? · I mean to perceive. To ...

1 year ago

"Whirling Winds & Wounding Words"

Fay Vietmeier · “The wind blows wherever it pleases. · Where does it come from? · Where is it going?” ~ John 3 · Whirling…rushing…unpredictable · …turbulent…twisting...storm-like · …driven…impatient…erratic · Willful, wayward words: · Talking tantrums · Talking testing’s · Talking tirades · A ...

1 year ago

“The Heart of the matter IS the matter of the Heart”

Fay Vietmeier · “Divine Art” · If you could see inside your heart. · Broken places … broken apart. · Has hope become a drought? · When did the Light go out? · Has the door been closed? · For uncounted reasons no one knows. · A disconnected heart so easily turns to stone. · Did you forget to forg ...

1 year ago


PD Scullin · To hear President Donald J. Trump tell it, his life as the nation’s savior mirrors that of Jesus Christ. · “And nervous Nancy is like what’s his name–– Punky Pilot,” the Donald told The Lint Screen. “She sentences the grown-up Jesus, that’s me, to death with her phony, fake, very ...

1 year ago

PITS, Prisons & Palaces ~ Promises to lay hold of

Fay Vietmeier · “God has delivered · me from going down to the pit · and I shall live to enjoy the light of life.” · “For with You is the fountain of life; · In Your Light we see light.” Psalm 36 & Job 33 · These words are from my heart & aimed at yours. · I write as an over-comer ... as one who ...

2 years ago

Still fighting about religion versus relationship?

Greg Rolfe · I am sure that a good number of you are very much aware of the relationship versus religion debate that has become more prominent in the last few weeks. Well I thought I might try to shed some light on the topic or perhaps address what is most often ignored. · When looking at o ...

2 years ago

Positively frustrating

Greg Rolfe · I have noticed lately as I expect you have that even the post that are positive or pro in nature have a hint or back ground of frustration and anger. Even when we are trying to promote good will and peace the color of the post or article is tainted by the amazing hate that is per ...

2 years ago

The truth will make you free

Greg Rolfe · There is a common idea that the truth will set you free. This idea is taken from the Bible specifically the book of John chapter 8 verse 32. This idea is interesting, why does the truth set us free? What about truth is freeing? · I have joined in many conversations about truth a ...

2 years ago

Taking the mystery out of the question

Greg Rolfe · Salvation, just what is it about this idea that is so controversial? While it is true that this word has been linked to religions almost from its inception by itself it simply designates those who are safe from those who are still in danger. Why is that a bad idea? · When the qu ...

2 years ago

Love your neighbor

Greg Rolfe · Love your neighbor, a simple statement not overly complex and rarely misunderstood. Love your neighbor is even explained with a parable to help us understand who our neighbor is, the person we have the opportunity to help out. While this statement is simple and actually easy to u ...

2 years ago

In a world of confusion let this be clear

Greg Rolfe · Today it appears that we stand at the crossroads of debate and confusion over just who God is. Is God the God of the white man? So I thought I would be blunt and simply tell the truth as the scripture reveals it. · If you are olive, tan, black, red or white, if you are gay, strai ...

2 years ago

December is here again with all it brings

Greg Rolfe · Well it is December and the time to set aside to celebrate Christmas. Parties have begun and decorations are going up, · people are out buying a plethora of gifts. This is the time of year where traditions take over and general thinking stops. Questions like why am I actually bu ...

3 years ago

I stand at the door and knock

Greg Rolfe · In Revelation 3:20 Jesus makes this statement, asking who will answer the door. In our own lives we too come to the same position, we wonder who will answer if we knock. Who will ask us in and share their lives with us. These moments of wonder and often frustration can result in ...

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