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2 months ago

Roku Technical Support Number 1844-5399831

Roku Billing Phone Number · Its little Roku Streaming gadget is more than worth $50 and is the most affordable video real time gadget. You can transfer recordings from Amazon, Netflix,, Hulu, Sling television, HBO, and other web-based administrations. The other most pursued highlight is lightning-quick spee ...

1 year ago

Is the "trouble" with man or with God?

Fay Vietmeier · Words of God: · “Repent” · "Believe" · "Choose life" · "Do not fret" · "Do not worry" · “Deny yourself” · "Don’t be afraid" · “Listen to My Son” · “Love your enemies” · “My Peace I give to you” · "Follow Me & I will make you” · “Forgive & you will be forgiven” · “Have no other go ...

2 years ago

A Trilogy of Light

Fay Vietmeier · The sun comes up every day .. but how many people see the Light? – fem-v · "Within me I carry a flame" · Not all flames are the same · Light wants to heal us & make us · Darkness wants to blind us & break us · Some in cover of darkness remain · Though dying embers .. ignite to b ...

2 years ago

The Puzzle of Life

Fay Vietmeier · Do you love putting puzzles together? · I do. My strategy is do the frame first. · .. this is like setting a foundation .. · .. it matters not your tribe or nation .. · Foundations are essential in the "Life Puzzle" @Farooq Omar · A wonderful metaphor for life .. a PUZZLE · In tr ...

2 years ago

Post from Francisco Lopez

Francisco Lopez ·

2 years ago

The Fractal State of Humanity. Hidden Forces for you & against you

Fay Vietmeier · “To see a world in a grain of sand · And a heaven in a Wild Flower, · Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand · And Eternity in an hour” · ~ William Blake ~ · Seeing fractals in different ways: · Fractals in nature · Fractals in people · Fractal State of Humanity · Forces: For us ...

2 years ago

Be Like a Tree

Fay Vietmeier · "We never look deeply into the quality of a tree; we never really touch it, feel its solidity, its rough bark, and hear the sound that is part of the tree. Not the sound of wind through the leaves, not the breeze of a morning that flutters the leaves, but its own sound, the sound ...

3 years ago

"Send Your Kids to School. You can always make more," Say Pences

Patrick Scullin · Mike and Karen "Mother" Pence are all about family and Christian values. So naturally, they know the importance of education in a child's life. · "I like to say education is the key that unlocks many doors," the Veep told The Lint Screen. "That's why I think it's so important all ...

3 years ago

Redeem the Time

Fay Vietmeier · And the people stayed home, · and read books, and listened, · and rested and exercised, · and made art and played games, · and learned new ways of being · .. and were still .. · and listened more deeply. · Some meditated, · some prayed, · some danced, · some met their shadows. · ...

3 years ago

Fay Vietmeier · “The Covering” · Lord, please help me to rest .. to sleep · Too many thoughts for my mind to keep · Its dark outside and the sky is reigning .. snow · Huge .. soft .. quiet .. wonderous flakes · Falling like manna from heaven · A feast for my eyes · If time would freeze · I would ...

3 years ago

PITS, Prisons & Palaces ~ Promises to lay hold of

Fay Vietmeier · “God has delivered · me from going down to the pit · and I shall live to enjoy the light of life.” · “For with You is the fountain of life; · In Your Light we see light.” Psalm 36 & Job 33 · These words are from my heart & aimed at yours. · I write as an over-comer ... as one who ...

4 years ago

Prayers for the “Lone Star” state … you are not alone Texas

Fay Vietmeier · Cry, the Beloved Country · by Alan Paton: · “Who indeed knows the secret of the earthly pilgrimage? Who knows for what we live, and struggle, and die? Who knows what keeps us living and struggling, while all things break about us? Who knows why the warm flesh of a child is such ...

4 years ago

Becoming your best you … and how the Light helps you grow

Fay Vietmeier · To blossom: to mature or develop in a promising way … to come into one’s own … to evolve … to become evident (clearly seen or understood) · To grow personally - professionally - spiritually. In my experience, spiritual growth was a catalyst for personal growth. Internal growth is ...

4 years ago

On the way to becoming your best you … and how the Light gets in

Fay Vietmeier · Blossoming is optimized by being “in the Light” … and understanding with the heart. · Blossom: to mature or develop in a promising way … to come into one’s own … to evolve … to become evident (clearly seen or understood) · “Only you are you … As human beings, our job in life is ...

4 years ago

A time for prayer & reflection ... thoughts about the shootings in Dayton & El Paso

Fay Vietmeier · Sometimes words fall short. · This is a time to pause & pray for the hurting people in Dayton, OH & El Paso, TX … to “weep with those who weep” ~ Romans 12 · We have been given this promise from heaven: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8 · I love these ...

4 years ago

"Be a songbird"

Fay Vietmeier · I share this as a contrast to the “Society of Solipsism” whose self-leaning & self-serving members presume that the world revolves around them and are swayed by their seemingly endless flow of poisonous platitudes & vitriol: often mindless, unreasoned words intended to divide and ...

4 years ago

What happened to discussions?

Greg Rolfe · It appears today that to respond to anything opens you up for abuse. Regardless if you are at work or Lord forbid on the internet any comment takes on a life of its own. The intent of the comment is ignored or not even noticed that it might have existed. What happened to discussi ...

5 years ago

When all hope is lost

Greg Rolfe · It’s hard to hear of another pastor taking his own life over struggles that most likely only the Father knew about. These struggles are real and there are times when it feels like the weight of the congregation sits on your shoulders. We often face trials we are unable to discuss ...

5 years ago

Looking at the nature of prayer

Greg Rolfe · The fundamental reality of prayer is communication with God. I believe it is intended to be a two way conversation with God permitting us to know His heart and direction as well as permitting us to lift up our needs and the needs of others. · Now yes I know that prayer is so muc ...

5 years ago


Preston 🐝 Vander Ven ·  “Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.” ·  I now want to take a more indepth look at the question, "What is Wisdom?" · "God is Wisdom, and he gives wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to those who reverence Him." - (Proverbs 2:6) If you have a deep, reverent ...

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