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Serial entrepreneur, speaker, business consultant

Miami - Florida


Matt Sweetwood

5 years ago





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Matt Sweethood’s tale of fatherhood, business

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My "Leader of the Pack" Book Gets Front Page Coverage!

That moment when your new book, "Leader Of The Pack," gets featured on the front page of one of NJ's Largest publications. That's 4 years of hard work and still going! · From the article: ..." · But the tale behind it borders on fiction, achieved despite monumental personal odd ...

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Matt Sweetwood

5 years ago

Four Instagram Power Users From Four Continents Tell How They Grow Their Business

The very first Instagram photo was taken by its founder, Kevin Systron in Mexico in 2010. I find it fitting that it was of a dog. We all know pets, especially dogs, are a big hit on Instagram. And as most things seem to go on the Internet nowadays, braless women are the latest In ...

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Matt Sweetwood

6 years ago

Now available on

My Book "Leader of the Pack" Now Available

Attention Bees! $1 Download for all beBee users and asking you all politely for a review on Amazon Kindle! · Leader of the Pack: How a Single Dad of Five Led His Kids, His Business and Himself From Disaster to Success · Leader of the Pack is the story of a man who, like many men, ...

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Matt Sweetwood

6 years ago

10 Customer Service Power Tips To Make Your Business a Winner

Fast, reliable, efficient, and effective customer service can be the difference between your company being a winner or loser in today’s highly competitive marketplace. I knew that when I opened a retail store in 2008. By 2013 we were the third largest single location store of its ...

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Matt Sweetwood


1 more

6 years ago

in beBee Writers

9 .

"A thought leader is
someone whose views
on a subject are taken

to be authoritative
and influential.”

msweetwood com

10 Tips on How to Become a Thought Leader

I get asked frequently how I got to be a contributor for a major platform like Entrepreneur. In fact, every time one of my articles get published on any of the several well-known platforms I write for, I get Facebook, Linkedin and beBee messages and emails asking, “How do I get p ...

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Matt Sweetwood

6 years ago

14 Tips to Help You Succeed in the New Underground World of Instagram

Instagram has undergone dramatic changes in the way it operates recently. On the positive side, you can now post pictures that aren’t square, you can like comments, there’s Instagram stories and they have improved their editing tools and filters and you can also go live. On the n ...

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Matt Sweetwood

6 years ago

It's Time To Change the Way Marriage Works

It all started with a humorous Facebook post I made recently about my fear of marriage. I was taking my usual Saturday walk-about in Manhattan when I turned the corner on 42nd street, near Grand Central Terminal, and I came across a wedding photography shoot. I snapped selfies wi ...

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Matt Sweetwood

6 years ago

10 Tips To Help You Learn To Love Being Alone

You just broke up from a long term romantic relationship. · You are going through a divorce. · You are being bullied or shunned at school. · You have gone away to school or relocated for a new job and you have few if any friends. · Your parent(s) passes away or you move away. · Y ...

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Matt Sweetwood

6 years ago

10 Social Media Tips for Students to Improve Their College Admission Chances

Originally published on the Entrepreneur 5/16/17 · I applied to college by filling out an application with a pen and typing my essays on a typewriter. When I wanted to fill out another application, I repeated the entire process over again. · Only a few people applied to many coll ...

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Matt Sweetwood

6 years ago

My Daughter Just Graduated and Why I think She Needs a Powerful Personal Brand

I am proud to say that my youngest daughter is graduating from Pace University this week, summa cum laude (that’s a dad-brag with no apologies). · Let me enjoy the moment… · ...ok, the moment's up and my enjoyment time is over too. · Now it’s time for her to get a job and off the ...

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Matt Sweetwood

6 years ago

8 Reasons How a Powerful Personal
Brand Will Make You Successful

® °

It's Official: beBee Producer Crushes Linkedin Pulse for Engagement

In today’s highly competitive world of article writing, everyone is looking for the best platform to have their work viewed, discussed and shared. So, I decided to perform a simple test on two of the largest professional network blogging platforms. · Three weeks ago I posted my h ...

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Matt Sweetwood

6 years ago

10 Rules to Determine Whether Any Relationship Will Steal Your Happiness

An edited version published originally on the Thought Catalog 4/21/17 · I firmly believe that happiness in life is most affected by the quality of our relationships. We all have a variety of relationships like the ones with casual acquaintances, friends, co-workers, business part ...

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Matt Sweetwood

6 years ago

8 Reasons How a Powerful Personal Brand Will Make You Successful

If you do not have a powerful and visible personal brand you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in almost every aspect of your professional, business and personal life. Personal branding has become a requirement for anyone looking to grow their business, get a better job, get ...

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Matt Sweetwood

6 years ago



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5 Tips to Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market

Originally Published on Huffpost Business 5/27/2016 · Let’s say you are applying for a new job. You have a professional resume, a complete LinkedIn profile, letters of recommendation and you have lots of experience for the position you are applying to. You fill out the job applic ...

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Matt Sweetwood

7 years ago

13 Power Tips To Create The Best Live Video On beBee

13 Power Tips To Create The Best Live Video On beBee · Published on The Huffington Post on 2/9/17 · Based on my article from Entrepreneur. · Having run a photographic supply business and camera store for over 28 years, I witnessed the dramatic evolution in imaging technology. Wit ...

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Matt Sweetwood

7 years ago




12 Things Retailers Should Do in 2017

Published on Digital Imaging Reporter 1/8/17 · If you are running a photo retail store, I don’t have to tell you 2016 was a difficult year for photo retailers. If natural disasters killing camera production and supply wasn’t bad enough, we had Amazon adding same-day delivery to m ...

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Matt Sweetwood

7 years ago


(n) a feeling of euphoria experi,
climbing into bed at the end of a ve


10 Reasons Why Late to Bed and Late to Rise Can Make You Successful

Published on Entrepreneur · 11/16/16 · There have been many articles about how getting up early is the key to success. The most well-known is one by Richard Branson, · Why I Wake Up Early. Recently I read one by Peter Shankman, · How to Wake Up Early (And Why It’s So Important), ...

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Matt Sweetwood

7 years ago

3 Tips to Find Happiness During the Holiday Season

Published on The Good Men Project 11/20/16 · A dad who has “been there” gives some important tips on surviving the holidays. · — · During the days of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve, our thoughts naturally turn to what this season will bring for us. For us si ...

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Matt Sweetwood

7 years ago

Can Online Networking BEE as Successful as In-Person Networking?

As the U.S. CEO, a new professional social networking site with over 11 million worldwide users (Bees), I give a lot of thought to social media and networking. Since my goal is to get beBee to 100 million users, I am most interested in is what causes people to connect w ...

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Matt Sweetwood

7 years ago


How the beBee social network aims to get you hired

Originally published on The Philadelphia Inquirer · October 22, 2016 · For more than 30 years, University of Pennsylvania career services director Patricia Rose has helped anxious students find internships and jobs after graduation. In the age of social media, she says, job-seeke ...

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