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About me:

CEO • Speaker • Author •
Coach • Photographer
Innovator, risk-taker, creative thinker and, above all else, the voice of single-dads everywhere.

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University of Pennsylvania MA Theoretical Mathematics
Rutgers University BA Mathematics


Chairman of the Board of Directors Aish Center Inc. The Aish Center is New York's premier organization for Jewish culture, learning, community and experience. Our premiere Executive Learning Program is a one-on-one learning session designed for Jewish professionals, who don;t have a lot of free time, and have interest or curiosity about Judaism, Torah, Talmud, Spirituality, Life, improving their relationships or marriages or just finding a better way of living - I like to call it Life Coaching with the help of a Rabbi and God.
Chairman of the Board of Directors Josephine Herrick Project Since 1941, the Josephine Herrick Project (formerly RTP), has implemented a broad range of photography programs, providing training, direction and cameras to under-served communities. JHP
provides a creative platform, using the power of photography, that inspires and enables individuals to channel their energy in an open and expressive way. This reinforces independence, self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment that rekindles a lasting interest and enthusiasm about life.
Business Consultant Matt Sweetwood is a social media and personal branding expert and is the U.S. CEO and CRO of beBee, Inc. He is well known for his innovative and transformative ideas in marketing, social media, and business development. With more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, Matt is well-known for his innovative and transformative ideas in marketing, social media, and business development. Winner of the 2014 CMO Club President's Award, he has been credited with the reinvention of the modern camera store, as well as the country’s largest in-store photography education. However, by far, his greatest achievement is having raised five successful children to adulthood as a single dad. He is the creator of the Man-Up Project, helping others achieve a BIG life. He is a regular contributor on national TV and to several publications in the social media, photography, business, ethics, politics and parenting arenas. Follow Matt on Twitter @MSweetwood or at
CEO U.S. beBee beBee USA King Bee • Successful Personal Branding
Photography Expert Instagram @Msweetwood National TV Photography Guru
President & COO Unique Photo, Inc. New Jersey's Largest Camera Store and Photography Education Program and National Photographic Equipment Distributor.
Best Selling Author Leader of the Pack Book “Leader of the Pack”
How a single dad of five led his kids, his business and himself from disaster to success.

The Self-Help Book that will change forever the way you look at marriage, divorce, parenting, and leadership.
CEO Luxnow LLC LUXnow was created to provide the best of luxury on one convenient platform - a secure and transparent peer-to-peer marketplace to access and share luxury autos, villas and yachts - when and where you want it. We’re driven by the belief that the combination of community and technology is the intelligent way to experience luxury.
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