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LinkedIn's Most Annoying Feature and How You Can Avoid It

I just celebrated my birthday. I won't tell you which one because I am of that age where I need start counting backwards. I had a nice day, with visits from my children and lots of wishes from friends I know well and from those I don't know so well on places like Facebook. We are familiar with how Facebook handles birthdays: If you allow people to post on your timeline, you'll get a zillion people wishing you. You don't have to do anything and the next day they are gone. I actually go in and like every comment, but I am a bit crazy when it comes to my social media. 

On LinkedIn, on your birthday, the present they give you is a deluge of messages from you connections IN YOUR MESSAGE INBOX. Add that to the spam messages you get daily and the people thanking you for endorsements you actually didn't give and you have an inbox that is fried. Since there are no tools to clean up your messages and their message system is from the 1990's, you basically have lost your inbox and any important messages forever.


What am I supposed to do with the 959 unread messages I now have? How will I ever get that red flag off? How will I ever find messages that are actually needed? Oh, woe is me.

The solution to this painful problem comes in 2 steps:


Step 1: In LinkedIn, edit your profile and under "Personal Details," change your birthday month to the prior month and then change it back several days after your birthday is over. Between world-wide times zones and delayed notifications on LinkedIn, if you don't make the change a few days before and wait until a few days afterwards to change it you will still get birthday messages in your inbox.


Step 2: Say good bye to LinkedIn and join beBee. We just send you a sweet (I am man enough to enjoy being called a Queen) email wishing you a happy birthday. That's it.  I know, I am biased, but it's still good advice. We don't do Mickey Mouse stuff like LinkedIn does. And wait until you see some of the amazing platforms advancements that are coming soon. If you like beBee now, you are going to love what's ahead.

Buzz on!

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Cyndi wilkins

5 years ago #9

At the risk of being considered a "button boinker" (love that term Wayne Yoshida!) I hope u caught a great buzz on your birthday Matt Sweetwood;-)

Wayne Yoshida

5 years ago #8

Matt Sweetwood - Thanks for posting this. I find it sort of funny people are wishing you a happy brithday on this buzz. It does indicate how many people like to boink a button, though. Here is something good about this birthday feature: For those of us who have a medium-size network on LinkedIn, the feature does help folks interact with their network in some way. For example, a real estate agent or an insurance salesperson could send out a personalized birthday message to someone. If the message is crafted well - and if the recipient is open to buying something - it could turn out to be a good thing. What if you simply deleted the entry for your birthday on your profile? That should eliminate the birthday wishes coming in, right? No birthday data = no outgoing congratulations message = no incoming birthday wishes. And I do agree, LinkedIn's "new messaging experience" continues to be rather clunky. No topic search capability, for example. The "CC" function is dangerous. I prefer using e-mail or telephone for serious communication. I am looking forward to the new beBee features. Thanks for all the work beBee Hq staffers are doing in the background.

Nick Mlatchkov

5 years ago #7

Happy Birthday @Matt Sweetwood ! Cheers!

Laurent Boscherini

5 years ago #6

Happy Birthday Matt Sweetwood ! Excellent buzz so wise !

Graham🐝 Edwards

5 years ago #5

Happy Birthday Matt Sweetwood

Jim Murray

5 years ago #4

Happy Birthday boss. Just shared this on LI and Twitter. BTW, LI you also get inundated the same way on your business anniversary.

John White, MBA

5 years ago #3

Feliz cumpleaños, Matt Sweetwood!

Gert Scholtz

5 years ago #2

Matt Sweetwood Happy Birthday Matt! Have a good one.

Javier 🐝 CR

5 years ago #1

Happy birthday ! See you very soon.

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