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Two slots remaining for the 3rd season of my podcast


Although the third season of my Analytics & Privacy podcast hasn't started yet, I've already recorded a few episodes and booked some interviews for guests. If you have something to say on these topics, feel free to book a slot for a chat and see how it goes (this is not for the interview itself, but more for a get-to-know-each-other call and some brainstorming on topics). www.calendar.com/zvoulgaris/15-30-meetings

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in Information Technology Professionals and in 2 more groups

Data Literacy Survey

Data literacy involves making sense of data and understanding how and when it can be an asset to an organization. These days it's more widespread and an essential part of data strategy. What's your relationship with it? Feel free to use this survey to express yourself on this matter: https://s.surveyplanet.com/7kkxwyr1 Cheers!

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Science and Technology

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Programmatic Problem-solving

What about heuristics? · All this talk about algorithms may make someone wonder about heuristics since the latter is a powerful domain (framework?) that often involves leveraging algorithms for problem-solving. However, heuristics are geared more towards complex problems you woul ...

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Science and Technology

Gourav Khanna

1 year ago

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An Ultimate Guide to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developer

A Complete Guide to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developer

Finding an expert Laravel developer. This blog is a comprehensive guide on why and how to hire dedicated Laravel developers.


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Can you sponsor this next season of my podcast?

You don't have to be an expert in any of the topics covered. If your stuff is somewhat related to privacy or analytics, you have a lot to gain from an ad on at least some episodes, along with a link in the corresponding descriptions. 

The sponsorship rates are reasonable and once you provide me with some text for the ad, you needn't worry about anything else! You can request a review of the ad if it's not to your liking, or provide a sound clip of your own if you prefer.

If you decide to sponsor the whole season (12 episodes) I'll also do a promo video for you, which you can use wherever you like, to promote your brand. 

The 2nd season is scheduled for early September this year. Learn more about the podcast here:

Analytics and Privacy Podcast

Show your support for Analytics and Privacy Podcast by subscribing today and get access to exclusive content and perks on Utreon — a membership platform for creators.



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Murtza Abbas

1 year ago

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Benefits of Babysitting and Nanny Finder App Development

In the era of mobile apps, babysitter & nanny finding have become an easy task. Babysitting & nanny finder apps are aiding the era with multiple benefits. Read them all.

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Nanny .
Finder App ;


Locate g) ™

Jenny Parent

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Your Carer is Booked

To give you Peace of mind Jenny will
J Julie Jacob a Contact you to provide you final


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#babysitter #nannyfinderapps #business #startup 

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