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I am the founder and director of Echelon-Health a concierge ...

Tampa - Florida

Why Colin Kaepernick Matters

I don't follow the NFL. · I find professional football to be boring, predictable, and cautious. That's why I love college football, because it is none of the above. · Another reason I don't follow the NFL, or hardly any other sport covered by ESPN, is because of the pure lack o ...

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The View
Joy Behar leaving the show


This Summer the host got her facing looking amazing and wanted to show

everyone how easy 1 is to get rid of wrinkles

Communication Breakdown

Today I opened my email for the first time to the depressing headline, 'Joy Behar is Leaving the View.' Now I have never watched The View in my life beyond seeing snippets on others shows, but the fact that Joy is leaving was enough to almost bring me to tears. Why? Because I fee ...

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Top 10 Signs Concierge Medicine is Right for You: Patient Edition

10. You don't like waiting for an appointment. · If you would prefer to see your doctor when you need to, and not have to go to urgent care, then concierge medicine is right up your alley. · 9. You have a high deductible health plan (HDHP). Some patient's insurance deductibles ar ...

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Make Your Mark, Like Robert Plant Did

Imagine a world without Led Zeppelin. Legendary Zeppelin co-founder, vocalist, and songwriter Robert Plant was destined to be an accountant. Mr. Plant told an interviewer, · I was supposed to become an accountant....can you imagine that, an accountant?He also related that he once ...

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Co-Lead Vocals: Rock's Best 1-2 Punch

Previously I wrote about Changing Lead Vocals: Rock's Best 1-2 Punch, now I will take a stab at top bands that had co-lead vocalists. These bands utilized two vocalists to expand their sound by putting a different spin on the same band, sometimes within the same song. · The List ...

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Jobs I Had Before I Was a Doctor

I GOT MY FIRST JOB AT AGE 6. Granted this wasn't my first regular job, but it was the first one I was paid to do by a person outside my family. When I was a kid there was a development at the end of our street in Medulla, Florida called West Oaks. As they bulldozed trees and put ...

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Concierge Medicine is [Not] Only for the Rich

CONCIERGE MEDICINE HAS A REPUTATION AS BEING ELITIST AND ONLY FOR THE RICH. I’m here to tell to tell you that isn’t true. In fact, of all of my patients only two own an airplane, and they are married. Now, are there practices that cater to the rich with their membership fee and e ...

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Changing Lead Vocals: Rock's Best 1-2 Punch

Throughout history rock bands have had to replace arguably the most identifiable feature, the vocalist, and have had varying degrees of success.  I say arguably because there are those that will say that rock n' roll is about the 'music' and the vocals have only a complementary r ...

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Marketing Membership Medicine: Selling the Ghost

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Topher Morrison, Managing Director of Key Person of Influence-USA. Among the things we discussed was the difference between selling products and services. As a concierge medicine physician, Topher pointed out, I'm 'selling a ghost. ...

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