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Communication Breakdown

Communication BreakdownToday I opened my email for the first time to the depressing headline, 'Joy Behar is Leaving the View.' Now I have never watched The View in my life beyond seeing snippets on others shows, but the fact that Joy is leaving was enough to almost bring me to tears. Why? Because I feel such a connection to these people, call them celebrities, that I imagine it must be hard for them to continue day after day with all the bad news that seems to permeate their lives.

I'm not sure how many times I've see Jennifer Aniston's 'baby bump' in the past 15 years trumpeted on tabloid magazine covers, but by my count she is still childless so that means either about 10 abortions or miscarriages along the way. 

I don't know what I'd do if it weren't for people like 'Doyle' keeping me in the loop on the personnel changes on The View. I find the lives of these celebrities fascinating. The Kardashian family will be considered as important as the Habsburgs eventually I am sure. We are blessed to have such a wonderful group of people to entertain and more importantly, guide us. 

I like guns. I used to feel rather comfortable about the 2nd amendment and owning firearms personally but the more I read about George Clooney's feelings on the subject, the more I lean toward what Hillary Clinton is espousing. Maybe she's right? Ditto for Leo. Leo has opened my eyes to the world of alternative energy. I filled up my gas tank on my new lawnmower the other day and mowed my whole yard at breakneck speed--probably faster than the manual recommends. At the end of my acre of mowing, there was still 1/4 tank left. Amazing! All of those dead dinosaurs and plants over the years made oil which we made into gas and then I mowed my yard. If if wasn't for Leo, I would have gone about my day happy in my accomplishment. Instead I went inside, flagellated myself for ruining the environment and increasing the ozone hole, and watched Titanic.

Thank-you email for sending me the update on Joy from 'Doyle.' By the way, I clicked on Doyle's other enticing link to learn about wrinkles, was taken somewhere strange, and now I'm writing this in the library because all of the computers on my work network are held in ransom. Oh well, it's a small price to pay for keeping the communication alive between myself and my Hollywood betters. Although I did hear some of others here in the library saying that Blake Shelton may be leaving some Voice show and his ex-wife Miranda Lambert is at odds with Gwen Stefani. When will the suffering end? Oh well, back to my 5,819 emails to read.

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Tommy McElroy, MD

Tommy McElroy, MD

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Thank-you Phillip Hubbell, I agree they are perfect (or at least close to it). I hope one day to be one fifteenth the doctor that these celebrities are intellectuals

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