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Simple Math and Branding/Marketing.
This stuff makes my head hurt.


10+6/2x1>o0r<(3,4,5,7 & 8) =9.

Or not.

This is not intended to be a top ten list and I am not a math whiz so my equations, progressions and overall PEMDAS may be a little off.  It is really intended just to be a series of questions about stuff that may, could or won’t lead to a discussion about stuff that is our isn't important in the grand scheme of the Thing of Things (ToT).  But then again, maybe we could make this a challenge:  Who can come up with the best formula or algorithm for this stuff?

1) Who is your customer?

a. Why?

b. If you can’t answer a about 1, then do you really know 1?

2) What is your product?

a. Why?

b. If you cant answer the a of 2, then you probably don’t know the answer to 1/a.

3) When do you deliver it?

a. Why?

b. If you don’t know the a of 3, and its importance to 2/a, then 2 really may not lead you to 1 and 3 won't matter.

4) Where do you deliver it to?

a. Why?

b. If you haven’t thought of the a of 4, then 3/a may not be relevant, which then brings into question 2 and might just beg to ask why you have a 1?  And because of 1, you really should ask:

5) Where do they want it delivered?

a. Why?

b. If you can’t answer the a of 5, then 4 really doesn’t matter, because ultimately you have a 1 that wants a 2 and then the timing of 3 becomes irrelevant as 2 is inconsequential and 1 becomes a non-entity because 1 really isn't a 1 after all.  Hmmm, this math stuff is hard and makes my head hurt.

6) WHY do you do what you do, serve who you serve, produce what you produce, deliver what you deliver?

7) How do you deliver it?

a. Why?

b. Refer to #5.

8) How do they want it delivered?

a. Why?

b. If you don’t have an answer to #6, you won’t have a strategy to find your #1 or will have a #2 that either doesn't matter or just may stink in a metaphorical kind of way.

9) Are you Relevant?

a. Why?

b. If you have to spend a lot of time when asking a of #9, you may already have your answer?

10) Timing & Passion

a. If you have the passion, you will find the time.

b. It then becomes a matter of 10+6/2x1 which then will be > or < than (3, 4, 5, 7 & 8) and will ultimately = 9; or not.

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