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4 months ago

Courtney Barnett Rae Street T Shirt

Trending Tee ·  Things Take Time, Take Time - Courtney Barnett Rae Street - Rae Street Courtney Barnett T Shirt - Courtney Barnett Rae Street T Shirt - If you are a true lover of Courtney Barnett, Hope you'd like this Courtney Barnett Rae Street T Shirts .Special Run of This Courtney Barnett Ra ...

1 year ago

Technology's Positive Impact on Insurance

John Jellinek · Technology has had an impact on everything else in our lives, so it’s no surprise that it has also changed the world of insurance buying. Going beyond simply ease of use, it has empowered today’s savvy shopper with increased knowledge about their choices in a world full of confus ...

3 years ago

Start Somewhere!

Joel Anderson · Life is never static. There is always motion. Where in history one went one way, others went somewhere else. · What the future holds I do not know, but I do know this—I look forward to the journey. · A journey that will take me from and lead me to somewhere. · Hopefully somewher ...

3 years ago

A Fire and the Thing of Things (ToT)

Joel Anderson · We had a three alarm fire at our historic Hale Library here on campus. · Alerts and updates were and are being promulgated to keep everyone informed and apprised as the fire unfolded, and now in its aftermath. · Throughout this experience, many caring folks sent emails, texted a ...

3 years ago

Sports Marketing and Fans

Ryan Stoner · As a passionate sports fan and marketer, it makes sense to me that the two would go together. In my previous blog, I discussed how marketers are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to appeal to fans, but there is also much more marketers do to connect with sports fans. Sports mark ...

4 years ago

Homecoming...The Simple Things

Cyndi wilkins · "We have promised each other to celebrate life on the anniversary of his passing, rather than mourning his loss. That will be our forever gift to him. "The summer months are always a time of reflection for me. We tend to get so caught up in our work that we forget how important i ...

4 years ago

The Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Tracking and Receiving Packages

John White, MBA · E-commerce is more popular than ever, and people are starting to order even their daily necessities online to avoid having to go to the store. It's so easy to get what you need that some retailers even make buttons you can push that will automatically order your toilet paper and ...

4 years ago


Joel Anderson · This is not intended to be a top ten list and I am not a math whiz so my equations, progressions and overall PEMDAS may be a little off.  It is really intended just to be a series of questions about stuff that may, could or won’t lead to a discussion about stuff that is our isn't ...

5 years ago

Thank God For The Little Things

Mark Blevins · I got back from a road trip this week. It was too late to start the new semester. There were too many people in one house and things were getting too loud for me so I rolled up and took off. I went to Seattle. · I was going to see my son. I saw he has his own business and a nice ...

5 years ago

A thunderstorm lesson from a digital immigrant. Going “analogue” Oh My.

Joel Anderson · I am a digital immigrant. My navigation, grammar and typing skills (normal and thumb induced) across the Internet of Things (IoT) or, as I like to refer to it all, the Thing of Things (ToT)--are atrocious. · Yesterday, just like this morning, I found myself in one of those unabl ...

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