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9 months ago

What actually matters?

Greg Rolfe · A bunch of years ago I wrote a series of essays entitled “The anvils ring”. The most noted and first essay was called the “Blacksmiths Apprentice”. With the last essay being called the “Black Iron Mistress”. This last essay was actually never completed and was in my own opinion ...

11 months ago

Unique Characteristics of Entprepreneurs

Carlos Osvaldo Cortez · There is a vast number of people walking around with great ideas or tons of money at their disposal, however, the majority of people never manage to take an interesting idea and create a successful venture. Being an entrepreneur is anything but easy. If you’re considering centeri ...

1 year ago

Tips Toward a Successful Niche Business

Jorge Alberto Lloreda · Many people are unhappy with their jobs but don’t know their next move. Quitting without another income puts a strain on the entire family. As an entrepreneur, niche markets are profitable. Here are tips on finding the perfect niche to make money. · Identify passions and interest ...

1 year ago

What Matters More As An Entrepreneur: Business or Passion?

Jorge Alberto Lloreda · Most entrepreneurs are people who strongly believe in their product or service. They feel very passionately that their contribution might make a difference in the world. As far as personalities go, the people who turn towards entrepreneurship are not motivated by power, money, or ...

4 years ago

Changing the world, is it something you have thought of?

Greg Rolfe · What would it take to change the world? Many people are pondering just hat question. It is true that most are in marketing but why not think big? Why not change the world, leave your mark on the things that interest you and make a difference. I have to admit that not everybody wh ...

4 years ago


Joel Anderson · This is not intended to be a top ten list and I am not a math whiz so my equations, progressions and overall PEMDAS may be a little off.  It is really intended just to be a series of questions about stuff that may, could or won’t lead to a discussion about stuff that is our isn't ...

5 years ago

Give It All You've Got

Michael D. Davis · What'll it bee? A life full of missed opportunity or one where you produce to match your passion and full potential? The choice is always yours. · "

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