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When standing on the edge of forever

How often do we stand on the edge of decision and wait, wait for inspiration to guide our actions? That simple act of decision, that simple moment of choice is the point of time and consciousness that can change a life. What we do next matters so we wait. And in some cases that moment’s hesitation is in itself the choice.

The true problem is many of the choices we make when we stand on the edge are not choices where we are truly in need of inspiration only courage. The difficult decisions we face, the decisions that cause us to hesitate are often decisions that require courage to step out.

Now true some of these moments of hesitation are due to the reality that what we are pondering is just a bad idea that sounds fun. But even some of those are worth the risk. So do we just go for it in all situations, no. Decisions that cause us to wait, that truly make us ponder are worthy of evaluation and evaluation should be based on a firm foundation.

What is the foundation of your decision making paradigm? That is your first concern. I have listened to many people recount bad decisions, in most of those situations the foundation they believed they stood on was not the foundation that they actually used.

Making decisions is the most real thing we do, so it makes sense to be sure we know how we are making them, and then be courageous.


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Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #1

We all know that horrible feeling of standing on the brink Greg Rolfe - thanks for a timely reminder to take courage and make that leap of faith!

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