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4 weeks ago

Critical Decisions That Impact Your Brand Activation Processes

Factory360 Experiential Marketing Agency · Are you looking for a brand activation agency that understands your product or service category well? If so, Factory 360 is the name you can trust! They will understand your business needs carefully and provide you with the best experiential marketing services accordingly. Contac ...

2 months ago

Post from Don Hornsby

Don Hornsby · The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not fighting the old, but on building the new. - (Socrates) · What new decisions and habits can you start this week? Start now! · #life #success #leadership #PersonalGrowth #TodayMatters

5 months ago

Making Difficult Decisions

Teagan Geneviene · Here's to making decisions. · Have you ever made a difficult decision? I'm sure you have. There are always hard choices around every corner. · About ten years ago I wrote a epic fantasy novel. As fate would have it, at that same time, Game of Thrones came out, using a tag line th ...

6 months ago

Post from Don Hornsby

Don Hornsby · Everything you do and every decision you make should be from a place of good. You should always be striving to make the world a better place. - (Les Brown) · What will you do today to help the world be a better place? · #leadership #coaching #success #TodayMatters #PersonalGrowth

6 months ago

Post from Lana Voutik

Lana Voutik · On-Demand Live #Video Consultation App -With hospitals & medical facilities flooded with #coronavirus patients, it is not the right decision to visit there for the general health problems. https://bit.ly/39jUG1X

1 year ago

Some terrifying truths behind decision making

Greg Rolfe · I choose to read and watch a few arguments for and against mask wearing. Why you might ask, I was curious what people where thinking. After a while I noticed that very few if any on either side used actual facts. I found it very curious. The very vast majority simply said do as I ...

1 year ago

What You Should Know Before Becoming a Foster Parent

David Grislis · The decision to become a foster parent isn’t an easy one to make, nor should it be made on a whim. You’re welcoming a child into your home with the promise to love and care for them, no matter what your reasons for doing so may be. No matter the reason behind your decision, you n ...

1 year ago

The Most Sensible Decisions For Your Small Business

Brox Baxley · Handling a small business can be a challenge during COVID-19. Everyone is facing financial struggles, and you might have to make difficult adjustments. Let’s take a look at the most sensible decisions for your small business. · Negotiate with vendors · In this pandemic, there is ...

1 year ago

The prevalence of opinion

Greg Rolfe · We each have an opinion regardless of who we are. It is a simple truth that we make an opinion based on what we see or believe we know. We choose what we believe quickly, often based on what we desire to be true not what we might take the time to learn. · This opinion is then t ...

2 years ago

So you choose wrong that does not mean it is the end of the world

Greg Rolfe · We all fear making bad decisions, from buying the wrong shoes to booking the wrong flight on vacation. But then there are the real decisions that we have to make each and every day. These decisions that we make each day are the make or break choices that prove or inform us if we ...

3 years ago

Why College Grads Should Have A Financial Advisor

Brett Fingerhut · When college graduates are thrust into the real world, they have to make a lot of financial decisions. Consulting with a financial advisor can help make these graduates’ decisions much easier, especially when dealing with issues they weren’t taught in school. · Many college gradu ...

3 years ago

When standing on the edge of forever

Greg Rolfe · How often do we stand on the edge of decision and wait, wait for inspiration to guide our actions? That simple act of decision, that simple moment of choice is the point of time and consciousness that can change a life. What we do next matters so we wait. And in some cases that m ...

3 years ago

Was 2017 a year you want to remember?

Greg Rolfe · Well 2018 has finally arrived. We have waited 365 days for it and it is finally here. For some this is a blessed relief and yet for others they will miss the wonders of 2017. Where you stand depends on the decisions you made in 2017. The greatest truth is that if 2017 was a very ...

3 years ago

If at first you find success; stop, look, listen.

Greg Rolfe · What is the best decision you have ever made? Can you remember the circumstances leading up to that decision? Is it repeatable, not the decision but the methodology? Wouldn’t it make sense that if we are successful in a circumstance to attempt to derive what made that event so su ...

4 years ago

Sure it's your choice, but do you know what your are choosing?

Greg Rolfe · Out of the hundreds of choices we make each day, just how many ore conscious? We continually make decisions but the vast majority are on auto pilot. Sure this is necessary and something that is built in but consider this, are they all still in your best interest? · Many of our bu ...

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