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1 month ago

The fear that turns flesh to stone

Greg Rolfe · The fear that turns flesh to stone · Are you standing alone on the precipice of life? Standing there wondering if the next step will topple you? Are you standing there because you are scared to move, fearing the unknown? Paralyzed by fear of the unknown? Then do I have the produc ...

1 month ago

Can we talk about Chris Rock?

Greg Rolfe · Can we talk about Chris Rock? · Can we talk about Chris Rock? Here this guy is just doing his job and while he might have crossed a line seeking to entertain a group of rather jaded individuals, nevertheless he is working. Then a Hollywood elite decides to exercise his prerogativ ...

4 months ago

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. - (Thornton Wilder)

Don Hornsby · Decide to take a moment to appreciate what you have in your life today. · #gratitude #thankful #Success #TodayMatters #Thanksgiving

5 months ago

I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude. - (Brene Brown)

Don Hornsby · Remember that there are always things to be thankful for in the quiet and small moments of the day. Pay attention to them! · #thanksgiving #Gratitude #TodayMatters #Leadership #success

5 months ago

We tend to forget that #happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. - (Friedrich Koenig)

Don Hornsby · Decide to take a moment to appreciate what you have today. Be genuinely grateful, and your happiness will rise along with it. · #gratefulness #Thanksgiving #Thanksgiving2021 #Coaching

5 months ago

I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness - it's right in front of me if I'm paying attention and practicing #gratitude. - (Brene Brown)

Don Hornsby · What are you grateful for today? · #Thanksgiving #PersonalGrowth #Positive #Leadership #happiness

7 months ago

Don’t brood. Get on with living and loving. You don’t have forever. – (Leo Buscaglia)

Don Hornsby · Don’t brood. Get on with living and loving. You don’t have forever. – (Leo Buscaglia) · Decide to make today count. Live every moment with all it's worth. · #leadership #TodayMatters #success #PersonalGrowth #Sunday

9 months ago

There comes a time

Greg Rolfe · There comes a time when one must stop and ponder, pause and think. Then begin to add one to another the things that are going well. To count the moments that are good and pleasant. And say, it is well with my soul.  · Sure we could continue to focus on only the poor decisions we ...

1 year ago

Let the storms come

Greg Rolfe · Let the storms come · Each morning we get up and go to work, hoping to have a good day or a least one that doesn't create too many issues. We generally enjoy a week that goes by easily and smoothly, where the work is accomplished and the clients are pleased. We rejoice when the b ...

2 years ago

This too shall pass

Greg Rolfe · This too shall pass · While we all realize that all our current issues will pass whether we are referring to Covid 19 or any other current problem but these moments create a genuine opportunity. These moments create an opportunity to evaluate just where we have planted our feet. ...

2 years ago

Living Laughing Loving

Greg Rolfe · Why not live a life laughing and loving? Why spend the time complaining and arguing? Are there things that we can complain about? Certainly. But why spend vast amounts of time on it? State your concern and move on. ( At this moment I am compelled to state that I am referring to ...

2 years ago

It"s the bottom of the ninth with two outs and it's all up to you!

Greg Rolfe · It is not an uncommon day dream for a boy to place themselves in the seventh game of the World Series bottom of the ninth. Now this is where you have two options. Option one, your facing the greatest batter of your day up by one with the bases loaded two outs and you have battled ...

3 years ago

Your WTF? Moment with Your Spouse

Dave Worthen · You’re talking with your spouse. · You start to argue. · As soon as you feel the arg, in argue, you distance yourself from him or her. · I’m talking at the precise moment there is a difference of reality, your space between that person and you gets further apart. · Not your phys ...

3 years ago

Like the glint of breaking dawn

Greg Rolfe · As the light creeps over the hill tops adding touches of color to the gray tones of early morning it brings with it a hint of promise. This hint, this glint of hope is offered to any who see it peak over the hill though what they do with it is entirely up to them. Some miss it as ...

3 years ago

I stand at the door and knock

Greg Rolfe · In Revelation 3:20 Jesus makes this statement, asking who will answer the door. In our own lives we too come to the same position, we wonder who will answer if we knock. Who will ask us in and share their lives with us. These moments of wonder and often frustration can result in ...

3 years ago

Do you value the lights that illuminate your life?

Greg Rolfe · Watching the sun set over the ocean is a beautiful sight. The light slowly dims as the colors shift from amazing blue to the black of night. Then as you stand there after this beautiful scene you realize that now you are cold and have a long drive ahead of you in the dark. · The ...

4 years ago

When standing on the edge of forever

Greg Rolfe · How often do we stand on the edge of decision and wait, wait for inspiration to guide our actions? That simple act of decision, that simple moment of choice is the point of time and consciousness that can change a life. What we do next matters so we wait. And in some cases that m ...

4 years ago

The Crux of Your Problem: The Look, No-Look Moment

Dave Worthen · There is this phenomena that you go through when you look at a situation that is uncomfortable and then instantaneously not-look at it. · You sort of bounce off of what you are looking at. · You look at the condition and then not-look at it in almost the same moment. · Because y ...

5 years ago

Carpe Diem

Greg Rolfe · I had the privilege of performing a marriage last week and even had a little adventure on the way home. I got lost then entered into an episode of the Twilight zone. When all things were said and done I made it home a little late but safe and sound. · The reality of life is that ...

5 years ago

In The Moment

Michael D. Davis · A life lived in the moment is a life bathed in the full light of opportunity. · All the speculation, preconception and preparation in the world is a mere speck of dust adrift in the universe compared to the experiences we will share today. The blessing we need more than anythi ...

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