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3 weeks ago

Roads not traveled

Greg Rolfe · There are few of us who when we look back over our shoulders are unable to see at least a glimpse of the road not traveled. That road that could have been, a choice in time that would have changed everything or at the least the path we took to arrive at our destination. Those cho ...

3 weeks ago

You’ve got to make a conscious #choice every day to shed the old – whatever “the old” means for you. - (Sarah Ban Breathnach)

Don Hornsby · You’ve got to make a conscious #choice every day to shed the old – whatever “the old” means for you. - (Sarah Ban Breathnach) · Decide to focus on making new habits and changes to your life for the better this week. · #change #leadership #TodayMatters #Leadership #Coaching

1 month ago

You always have the choice between comfort and discomfort, mediocrity and growth, fitting in and standing out. - (Maxime Lagacé)

Don Hornsby · Just for today, decide to choose discomfort, growth, and standing out from the crowd. Imagine what you can do today. And then begin again tomorrow. · #Teaching #Growth #TodayMatters #Leadership #Coaching

1 month ago
Janetha Gallegos J

Energy Efficient Insulated Pet Door Installation

Janetha Gallegos · Looking for a pet door in Salt Lake City, Utah? Advanced Window Products is your best choice. Our team of experts will help you find the perfect pet door that fits your budget and needs. Call today for a free bid!

6 months ago

How SpotnRides Is The Best Choice To Create A Location-Based App For On-Demand Services?

Anderson James · Location tracking is an unavoidable thing and the enabling of GPS is mandatory while the app usage nowadays. Location-based services are the emerging trends in the on-demand industry where the identification of customer’s location is the necessary one to complete the delivery or ...

1 year ago

Gone with the wind

Greg Rolfe · Depending on who wins your future could be gone with the wind. Your hope, peace, future all gone. Well, at least that is what you have been told these last few months and even years in some locations. But is it actually true? Is your complete hope of happiness and contentedness r ...

1 year ago

What matters to you?

Greg Rolfe · Each and every day of our lives we make choices, each one designed to move us forward on our path to success. Now it is true that there are some days that these choices seem to take a side road that appears to not have anything to do with the path we normally take. Some times thi ...

2 years ago

Intelligent Design: Evolution

Joseph Sprute · Overview · The Confluence of rationals Constituting Graceful Evolution raise the stakes for who should manage what and over whom in the context of New World Orders needed to help sustain life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness overall and always. The Players in the Game of Lif ...

2 years ago

Your Choice

Greg Rolfe · This morning I took the time to peruse a couple of social media sites and again noticed that the overall focus was negative. In many of the posts the stated agenda was to warn or bring to light one of many concerns. But the overall color of the post was negative. It seems that in ...

2 years ago

So you choose wrong that does not mean it is the end of the world

Greg Rolfe · We all fear making bad decisions, from buying the wrong shoes to booking the wrong flight on vacation. But then there are the real decisions that we have to make each and every day. These decisions that we make each day are the make or break choices that prove or inform us if we ...

2 years ago

Being Immortal: A Major Pet Peeve

Dave Worthen · You know being immortal truly has its upsides. · I mean for one you are immortal. · It doesn’t get any better than that, right? · But dang, immortal spiritual beings have pet peeves. · We do. · And one real big one is being located. · See, an immortal spiritual being has no ...

3 years ago

When standing on the edge of forever

Greg Rolfe · How often do we stand on the edge of decision and wait, wait for inspiration to guide our actions? That simple act of decision, that simple moment of choice is the point of time and consciousness that can change a life. What we do next matters so we wait. And in some cases that m ...

3 years ago

Ensure that you make 2018 a great year!

Greg Rolfe · We all already know that the choices we make directly impact what we do. It doesn’t matter if we are management, counseling or sales our choices directly influence our jobs and our lives. So, how are you this New Year? · Are your choices leading you to where you want to be? Have ...

4 years ago

How To Position Your Brand As The Obvious Choice: 3 Proven Strategies

Edwin Dearborn · Rising above the noise and standing out as the “obvious choice” is the ultimate goal of any branding & marketing strategy. · Clever taglines, offering the lowest prices ,and having the prettiest website rarely accomplishs this goal. Marketing technology has become quite vast and ...

4 years ago

Sure it's your choice, but do you know what your are choosing?

Greg Rolfe · Out of the hundreds of choices we make each day, just how many ore conscious? We continually make decisions but the vast majority are on auto pilot. Sure this is necessary and something that is built in but consider this, are they all still in your best interest? · Many of our bu ...

4 years ago

When you should delete this post before reading it

Greg Rolfe · When I was young it was common to say that the cereal box contained more food value than the cereal itself. To be honest I never checked the truth of that statement I simply enjoyed my sugar fix. · The reality is that today that statement might hold true in regard to many of the ...

4 years ago

The Source Of Your Joy

Michael D. Davis · There isn't a day in your life that you don't make choices. In fact it is your choices that define who you are. · The emotional, physical, social and spiritual choices you make and wear openly on your face for others to see, the way you talk and act determine not only ho ...

5 years ago

Give It All You've Got

Michael D. Davis · What'll it bee? A life full of missed opportunity or one where you produce to match your passion and full potential? The choice is always yours. · "

5 years ago

Blame shifting never delivers the results it promises

Greg Rolfe · Blaming our problems on others is hardly new, Adam and Eve choose to do exactly that at the beginning of time and we have not stopped since. The influence others have on our lives is real and it does affect how we think and even how we act but it is we who make our decisions. · T ...

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