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Ennui can ruin your day.

I missed a telephone appointment this morning. I could cite the insomnia that had me rattling around at 2:30 in the morning and the fact that I’d turned the alarm off but those are excuses for the main event.

Tuesday was terrific. It started with a telephone consult that went extremely well. Next, I edited a client’s newsletter. After lunch I was part of an international panel for a two hour webinar seen in English speaking countries around the world. Busy? Yes. And fulfilling.

In just a few days I’ve gone from wall to wall activity demanding my full absorption to nothing on the schedule. Worse still, there’s nothing in sight until the end of the month. Not even a glimmer.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have long term projects aplenty.

Those projects need to be done.






Ever feel that way? I don’t often. Usually I’m rarin’ to go.

Not lately.

I was talking with my doctor the other day and mentioned how this sort of tiredness and lack of interest was beginning to haunt me.

He asked if I had changed anything that might cause it.

We figured out that it seemed to occur when I didn’t get out and meet people particularly when I didn’t get some exercise.

I had vowed to take better care of myself.

Diet and exercise was as far as I got.

That discussion led me to take stock when I sat down to compose my weekly missive here.

I came to the conclusion that there are multiple components to taking care of yourself. Here’s my new list:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Social Involvement
  • Mental stimulation
  • Community engagement

What does that all mean?

Diet—It’s working, I’ve lost over 30 pounds even though I’m stalled at the moment. I’ll continue my Keto diet and win the bet with my Doctor to be at or below 265 at my annual exam.

Exercise—I’ll get a workout every single day. Every day. That includes weekends. One hour working on the body. My vow is to “Break a sweat a day!”

Social Involvement—Blogging and responding here is a part of it but being eyeball to eyeball is simply more engaging. As close as an on-line community can be it is not the same as when all your senses are engaged. I’ve seen no evidence but I think that we are creatures of touch and somehow process pheromones. More importantly, I’m fairly certain that there is a gestalt to being in the same space. There will be more one on one meetings in my future.

Mental Stimulation—without it you become lackluster. Something as simple as turning on the radio and bouncing back and forth between far right talk radio and National Public Radio stretches my mind. These days trying to find a middle ground will really stretch you! And I have to stop put ting off learning two new pieces of software.

Community Engagement—There was a time when I was a working member of two Chambers of Commerce. I stopped mostly because I detest early morning meetings (I’ve always been a night person). My stated reason for leaving was that my clients were and are not found at that level. What I overlooked was the connection to the community. Looks like I to re-engage.

What have I overlooked? All suggestions are gladly accepted.

And so it goes. 


Jerry Fletcher is a sought-after International Speaker, a beBee ambassador, founder and Grand Poobah of

His consulting practice, founded in 1990, is known for on and off-line Trust-based Consultant Marketing and Brand development advice that builds businesses, careers and lives of joy.

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Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #16

Lori, sometimes we forget how important it is to just connect with people. Social media is nice but social in person is so much better! And so it goes.

John Rylance

2 years ago #15

Why not go for a walk and have a conversation with yourself on your mobile phone. I'm sure that's what many do. After all we used to be wary of people who walked along talking to themselves, now it's accepted as normal. Unless you hear voices from the mobile, they could easily be talking to themselves. Some people would claim walking along sending messages checking e-mails etc. Is exercise. Whatever floats your boat. Now sailing that's good exercise.

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #14

Bill, Talking to your dog is a good idea. I Don't' have a pet so sometimes I talk to myself. I'm concerned that I may start answering. but that's another story... And so it goes
taking a walk helps me, and I talk to my dog more too nowdays, keeping away from all the negative info flying around is healthy.

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #12

Thanks Franci and thanks for sharing. If you'll excuse me I'm going for a walk.
Looks like you're on the right track because you are taking steps for self-improvement. Spend less screen time with computers, phone, etc. Take a walk and enjoy nature.

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #10

Pascal, I'm inclined to believe I need them all! And so it goes.

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #9

Diet first on the list the rest should follow nicely 👍😉🏃

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #8

Lada, Great idea. It has been a lot of years since one of my daughter's math teachers introduced her to the game. Because she needed an opponent between tournaments I became the chosen victim. Neither of us ever got beyond the novice stage but both learned a different dimension to thinking things through. That, in part is why she holds two PhD degrees. And so it goes.

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #7

Dr. Ali, thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately there is no milk on the diet I'm on. Best I can do is a cup of hot tea with honey. I will definitely try that next time I'm banging around in the middle of the night. My current solution is to find the most boring book in my library, settle in under a blanket on the couch and start reading. Usually it takes about a half hour for my eyelids to slam shut for an hour or so. And so it goes.

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #6

Ken, I've always liked crosswords. It's worth buying the New York Times in an airport to have one for the plane. The sunday one will really put a twist in your mental knickers. And so it goes.

Lada 🏡 Prkic

2 years ago #5

Jerry, for me, playing chess is the best mental stimulator. Not with a computer but with a real person. :) All in all, less social media and more "eyeball to eyeball" engagement.
Jumble words help me a lot in stimulating my mind. It is both fun and thinking bundled together. When I am awake very early in the dawn I take a cup of hot milk with a tablespoon of honey dissolved in it rather than sugar. This helps me sleep again. We all have our "personal notes" of preparing for events, Jerry.

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #3

I find, Jerry, that crosswords stimulate the grey matter when I’m at a loss and don’t want to start something big. I’m talking, of course, about those black and white box filling layouts you find in the newspaper, and not angry monologues beginning with ‘f’. 🤣😂🤣

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #2

Thanks Mohammed!

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

2 years ago #1

Great precepts to be a passionate player. Be healthy and keep reaching the heights!

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