Jerry Fletcher

Portland - Oregon

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About me:

Jerry Fletcher, CEO of Z-axis Marketing, Inc. is an expert at Trust-based
business development for consultants He speaks on Consultant Marketing internationally.
Jerry enjoys movies from indies to blockbusters, reads mysteries for pleasure and is exploring music from symphonies to blues.


B.S. in Advertising Design University of Cincinnati


CEO Z-axis Marketing, Inc. Consulting Experience (31 years)
Marketing Experience (59 Years)

Jerry made his mark birthing new companies in garages, counseling the mighty in their board-rooms, and working with companies of all sizes in conference rooms and kitchens across the USA.

He has raised over $500,000 in private funding for a start up (Digimarc) in just 17 days, increased Q1 sales of a consulting firm by over $1.2 Million with a single suggestion, doubled sales in a world class agency in a scant nine months and crafted unique Trust-based brands for 237 consultants at last count.

His knowledge of contact management , referral based marketing and the complexities of internet marketing blended with years as the CEO of an ad agency and PR firm plus experience as the COO of a world-class Direct Marketing firm make him one of a very few experts in both on and off-line marketing.

His consultant marketing advice grows the trust to build businesses, brands and lives of joy ... on and off-line

What kind of projects is Jerry Fletcher looking for?

Speaking: To Consultants, Coaches and Professionals on Trust-based marketing to build their business, their brand and a life of joy.  

Consulting Credibility to Cash A three day intensive limited to 20 participants per session. Sessions given quarterly. Telephone or Zoom interview required for acceptance. One on one consulting for critical projects for elite clients only. 

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