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6 months ago

The Benefits Of Yin Yoga For Body, Mind & Soul

Martin Walker · Yin Yoga offers a variety of benefits including improved physical health, mental clarity, and ease of movement to name a few. Yin is an authentic means of healing the body through simple movements. In this practice, you'll go slow and steady to relax your body, calm your mind, an ...

6 months ago

The Top 3 Yoga Teacher Training Ashrams in the World

Martin Walker · Finding the right yoga teacher training program can be quite a daunting task. There are so many options out there, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 3 yoga teacher training ashrams in the world. · To get more in ...

8 months ago

The 5 Most Useful Vinyasa Yoga Styles For Beginners

Martin Walker · Vinyasa yoga is a type of yoga that is very versatile and can be used to tone your body or increase your flexibility. It is particularly popular because it is a type of yoga that is both flow-y and sun-salutations-y. As with all forms of yoga, vinyasa requires commitment and prac ...

8 months ago

Online Yoga Teacher Training Pros and Cons with Best Use Case

Martin Walker ·   · Many people believe that learning yoga online can be less effective and that the true essence of yoga can only be incorporated by learning directly from a Guru or Master. But, with the pandemic onset, we have been left no other option than to follow the online mode. Whether i ...

8 months ago

Top 7 Yoga Teacher Training Programs in India in 2023

Martin Walker · If you are looking to start teaching yoga, or are already a yoga teacher and want to improve your skills, then you should consider training in one of the best yoga teacher training programs in India in 2023. ·   · #yoga #yogateachertraining #yogatrainingprograminIndia #yogacourse ...

8 months ago

Yin Yoga Is a Game Changer for Stress Management

Martin Walker · Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga which includes postures that are held for a long period of time than other forms.  While other types of yoga focus on your muscle Yin Yoga concentrate on the deep connective tissues like fascia, joints, ligaments, and bones. · Yin Yoga provi ...

9 months ago

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Europe

Martin Walker · Arhanta Yoga Ashram offers 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training courses in Europe. This is basic to advanced level training for beginner and intermediate level students. Arhanta Yoga is a registered Yoga Ashram and offers 200 hours of RYT courses, accredited by Yoga Alliance USA and in ...

9 months ago

How Yoga Nidra Can Benefit You Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally

Martin Walker · Yoga Nidra is a type of yoga that uses deep relaxation techniques to achieve states of mind known as samadhi. These states of mind are said to be conducive to better physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. yoga nidra is a great practice for people of all levels of experience a ...

9 months ago

Top 6 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Your First Vinyasa Yoga Class

Martin Walker · Yoga is a great way to increase your flexibility, improve your balance, and increase your strength. However, before you start yoga classes, it's important to know the basics.  ·   · #yoga #PracticeYoga  #TipsforPracticeYoga #VinyasaYogaClass #VinyasaYoga 

9 months ago

Unlocking The Secrets Of Yoga Nidra

Martin Walker · Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that allows the mind and body to relax, rest and rejuvenate in a way most cannot achieve through regular meditation practices. Yoga Nidra is a profound relaxation technique that allows one to go deep within and come back safely into everyday life ...

9 months ago

Three Restorative Yoga Poses To Try

Martin Walker · Restorative Yoga is a style of yoga that emphasizes rest and relaxation. The purpose of Restorative Yoga is to ’re-align’ the body, balance its energy flow, and improve your overall health. ·   · #RestorativeYoga  #yoga  #PracticeRestorativeYoga  #YogaStyle 

11 months ago

Yoga Philosophy & Asana Beginners Course?

Martin Walker · Learning and understanding of Yoga philosophy help yoga practitioners enhance their practice and make the most of the valuable time they devote to practising yoga, such as asana, pranayama), Dharana, and Dhyana.  The course also supports students deepen their practice of Yoga. · ...

1 year ago

A Beginners Guide to Hatha Sun Salutation

Martin Walker · Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit is a popular practice in yoga. Sun Salutation is a series of gentle flowing movements coordinated with the breath. Sun salutation which is a culmination of cardio, stretching, and strengthening movements, helps in increasing blood cir ...

1 year ago

Finding Your Calm Space: Restorative Yoga And Effortless Rest

Martin Walker · Restorative Yoga is a practice of stilling the body and mind through gentle movement, breathwork and music. It is designed to provide deep physical relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, ease pain, promote sleep, and improve overall well-being.  · #restorativeyoga  #yoga  #practi ...

1 year ago

Yoga To Cure Sciatic Pain

Martin Walker · Practicing right asana in sequence regularly provides the right support to take care of back pain and prevent further serious complications. The sciatic nerve is the longest and thickest nerve in the body so sciatica is nerve pain. Yoga poses stretch the spine, which eases pain b ...

1 year ago

Three Restorative Yoga Poses To Try

Martin Walker · Restorative Yoga is a perfect complement to your regular yoga practices. The practices of Restorative Yoga re-establish balance in the body and mind, creating a sense of ease. · #restorativeyoga #practicerestorativeyoga #yoga

1 year ago

How I found the Perfect Yoga Teacher Training for Me

Martin Walker · A good online yoga teacher training is one that is designed to help you gain the skills necessary to teach yoga. To find the best online yoga teacher training program, start by choosing a course that teaches you all aspects of yoga. · #yogateachertraining #yogacourse #onlineyogat ...

1 year ago

10 Tips for Choosing a Breathwork Trainer

Martin Walker · Breathwork is a natural and holistic art of breathing. It is one of the rapidly growing techniques which is widely practiced in the world. Breathwork training mainly focuses on the breath – with special attention to breathing patterns, breathing awareness, mental focus, and calmi ...

1 year ago

How To Teach Vinyasa Yoga For All Levels: Recommended Guide

Martin Walker · Incorporating Vinyasa Yoga into your daily life is the best decision as it is equally or more beneficial than a cardio workout. The fast-paced nature and physically demanding postures of Vinyasa Yoga make it an ideal activity for regular exercise. · #vinyasayoga #teachingvinyasay ...

1 year ago

How Teen Yoga Helps Teenagers in Stress Management?

Martin Walker · Teen Yoga or Yoga for teens is completely focused on physical postures or yoga asanas, various breathing techniques and meditation practices which are exclusively beneficial for teens in their growing phase. · #teenyoga #kidsyogatraining #practiceteenyoga #teenageyoga

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