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3 months ago

Post from Francisco Lopez

Francisco Lopez · How Hurricane Ida Got So Big So Fast · An eddy in the Gulf of Mexico and some heavy vapor played key roles · https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-hurricane-ida-got-so-big-so-fast/

5 months ago
Crypto Business World C

Mexico lawmakers are planning to take the same lead

Crypto Business World · On Twitter, Hinojosa changed his profile image to feature the senator talking into a microphone with the iconic “laser eyes,” representing support for crypto. The lawmaker specified he would be “promoting and proposing a legal framework for crypto coins in Mexico's lower house,” ...

1 year ago

Continue To Come Together

Marianne Naughton · Pictured above, although society has made it hard for mixed families in the past, I sure feel blessed to be growing (in culture). Here is our improved generation, now including heritage (Africa and Mexico into our mix) no short of the many places in my genes alone: Irish, Polish, ...

2 years ago

Food Delicacies Around the World

Bryan Dunst · There are some foods, tastes, and recipes that have become a tradition all around the world. Food delicacies are a staple in each and every country. They are a way of expressing culture, ethnicity, and origin. Delicacies differ from country to country, each bringing in their own ...

3 years ago

Chankanaab Beach Park Review, Cozumel, Mexico

Brook Massey · On our first visit to Cozumel, Mexico, we enjoyed the Fury Snorkel and Beach Excursion.  Returning on my latest cruise, I decided to try something different.  The options were vast.  I opted to visit Chankanaab Beach Park.  Within one park, I had access to many activities.  It lo ...

3 years ago

Chacchoben Ruins: a Great Intro to Mayan History

Brook Massey · Chacchoben Ruins · A Great Intro to Mayan Culture · Quintana Roo, Mexico  · When we honeymooned in Cancun many years ago, I had wanted to see the nearby Mayan ruins.  We could not afford to tour the surrounding area, though.  We had a great time lounging by the clear, blue waters ...

4 years ago

Am I a Racist?

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · I’ve been pondering this story for a long time. Istiak, a stoic Bangledeshi, piqued my interest. I viewed his demeanor with humor as he practically grunted through purchases I made at a local convenience store. More than anything, I wanted to see him smile. He has such a beautifu ...

4 years ago

Mauricio Revah, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager for United Farms 2017-2018, by BILL STANKIEWICZ, SUPPLY CHAIN GUY

Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador ·      ·                   PICTURE FROM SAVANNAH TECHNICAL COLLEGE, New Bee's in development for www.beBee.com · QUERÉTARO, MEXICO TODAY · I have been fortunate to do many startups in Mexico earlier in my career.  I was training by a fantastic EVP by the name of Carlos Fallos. Carl ...

5 years ago

Profitably, Unprofitable!

Fancy J London · I see this every day here in Mexico, people making things, and selling them dirt cheap, never calculating what it took to make it in the first place, leaving them unprofitable! · Let me break it down... · We shall use a padded chair for an example. · To make your chair you need: ...

5 years ago

'Squirrels use the Internet'?

Fancy J London · This is one of those, 'The dog ate my homework, short stories' you are not going to believe, but here I go anyway. · I installed internet in my house in Mexico, not to long ago, with a phone line, and waited over a month for the installation. I made a long awaited, very important ...

5 years ago

The Indigena

Fancy J London · There are many places in Mexico that are beautiful, but tragically there are also things that would turn your emotions into an explosive volcanic eruption of complete anger! The government officials and residents of Mexico walk by these things daily not feeling any compassion at ...

5 years ago

Day 3 Disney Fantasy Caribbean Cruise - Cozumel, Mexico

Brook Massey · Day 3 Disney Fantasy Cruise · Cozumel, Mexico · On Day 3 Disney Fantasy Cruise of the Western Caribbean we would visit our first port, Cozumel, Mexico.   The day began as do all my days cruising, with a deck 4 run followed by breakfast. · The port of Cozumel was not what I had ex ...

5 years ago

It is time.

Francisco Lopez · Our deplorables are, those racist, bigots, hatemongers, xenophobes, fringe lunatics, crazies, fanatics, ignorant. They do not like those who think, and/or are not white, or speak a second or more languages, have a different religion (or none). Is not just a wall against Mexico, i ...

5 years ago

Here's What I Didn't Post on Social Media This Week

John White, MBA · We are all one big happy family. Life is always just peachy keen. Or so it would seem through the lens of social media. Social media has become our personal highlight reels of our lives where we share the top moments. You see social media is great at capturing moments. People pos ...

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