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It is time.

It is time.This is what We Fight Against:
Ignorance, Bigotry, the Systematic

Erosion of your Ciyil Liberties and |

the Missuse of F dom to Enslave

Our deplorables are, those racist, bigots, hatemongers, xenophobes, fringe lunatics, crazies, fanatics, ignorant. They do not like those who think, and/or are not white, or speak a second or more languages, have a different religion (or none). Is not just a wall against Mexico, is a wall within us, to divide us and make us vulnerable against our enemies. That's why they hack our computers and exploit our sins to their favor and the favor of their Manchurian candidate... It's time to start thinking and to act against this peril. Is time to rid away the real deplorables from Congress and the Supreme Court and keep them away from the Presidency.

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