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Why you should follow me (and not miss the rest of the world.)

Why you should follow me (and not miss the rest of the world.)

beBee wants original content, and, as a reward, it is the only one that will go to the hives. Certainly, this will help to preclude stupid content, trolls, scammers, dating updates, photos of cats, dogs, flowers and generally low-quality imported content to clog the hives (even though all kinds of garbage can be injected into 'original' content, or honey, as beBee calls it). This is the good side, which, even if not perfect, I applaud. 

Our community, for sure, has enough people ready, willing and able to provide intellectually solid content, the kind you have to invest countless hours of research and/or great journalistic effort...for free.

Unless you follow the right people, you will not be able to see good quality imported content, as it cannot longer be posted in the hives where most people inbeBee are.  Those hives with expert content will have less volume, as it is easier to import and share content than to produce it, especially, in difficult subjects.

This is where I, as well as others, come handy. Because of what I do, I come across with great content. I used to post it in the relevant hives but, I cannot do it any longer, even in my own hives. 

Of course, one can add links and the intended content to the honey and it will do the same thing as originally. But will take more time and is an added inconvenience.

Want to have access to more and varied quality content beyond what your hives can produce? Do you like my posts?  Follow me, ad me to those you follow. I will follow you too. My goal is to have a million followers on beBee.

I'll do my best to 'produce honey' using this method, as the main effort has been already paid by the publications. 

If you feel these thoughts could benefit others, please, share and do not forget to follow me, I'll follow you.

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Francisco Lopez

4 years ago #6

Thank you very much!.I am just a bee in the colony and you have an interesting hive. There is a way out without compromising in any way Javier's position. It will take more time, which is not as abundant for me. I have a business to run and research to do but will give a try and adapt.

David B. Grinberg

4 years ago #5

Thank you, Francisco, for sharing your important insights about the platform-wide improvements. As of your long-time followers, I unequivocally encourage other bees to heed your advice and catch your buzz. Moreover, I can't thank you enough for all of your amazing contributions and relevant content in my hive, "Universe, Space & Beyond." Put simply, this hive would not be the same without you!

Francisco Lopez

4 years ago #4

Is wonderful this feature exists. Please, use it. We all are tired of it. In my case, I have a responsibility, due to my profession. Thank you for your respect, the feeling is reciprocal.

Francisco Lopez

4 years ago #3

Dear Javier, as much as I dislike the politicking, demagoguing, stupid part of politics, I regret it is translating into policy, bad and dangerous policy, tainted by racism, bigotry, hate-mongering, xenophobia and under a bad macroeconomic set of beliefs. As an Economist I denounce it. Even for those out of the USA this important, as we produce almost a quarter of the world's GDP (with only 5% of the global population) and what happens here do have an effect in the world. Most of my posts are not in politics, but those in politics are the most that attract attention and create a variety of intense feelings. It could be a great idea, adding a button or setting where one can filter out content, so, content that could be offensive and/or uninteresting could be weeded out from one's feed.

Francisco Lopez, I don't read anything relating to politics because I need a break from the drama, thus the reason I enjoy beBee. I don't notice beBee being heavy ended in politics plus I can use the hide buzz feature for articles I don't want to be bothered with. I believe you can share your own posts ( but not buzzes) to hives that you own.

Javier 🐝 CR

4 years ago #1

I follow you again but I am not interested in politics stuff. Enjoy beBee!

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