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A Republic, if you can Keep it

The declaration of Independence, by John Trumbull · A republic, if you can Keep it · The forces of evil are winning. There is no line they will not cross and with our weak justice system, they will get away with it. These forces are very well organized and have the support of the ...

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2 years ago

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The Republikkklan Party today: Ground zero of


LinkedIn has been infiltrated by the Far Right

Facebook is not the only major site in trouble · for amplifying potentially damaging far right content. LinkedIn has been infiltrated by the far right and is silencing people who oppose it. Because of its more affluent and influential membership, is not a platform that should be ...

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5 years ago

Homeless Adventures

Photo: A homeless Vietnam War Veteran. Credit: · · This article is dedicated to the ones who look for some of the most vulnerable people in society, from the armies of volunteers working worldwide, to their coordinators, managers, religious and se ...

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Francisco Lopez

6 years ago

1S REAL, then




Real, EXPAN |v

A Brief History of Global Warming (From Bloomberg), New Edition.

Global warming turns 125 ... sort of. Next year will be the 125th anniversary of the first time we figured out that human activity could be causing climate change. Since then, the science has gotten firmer and the politics have gotten murkier, but the outlook for the future remai ...

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Francisco Lopez

6 years ago

Why you should follow me (and not miss the rest of the world.)

beBee wants original content, and, as a reward, it is the only one that will go to the hives. Certainly, this will help to preclude stupid content, trolls, scammers, dating updates, photos of cats, dogs, flowers and generally low-quality imported content to clog the hives (even t ...

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7 years ago

This is what We Fight Against:
Ignorance, Bigotry, the Systematic

Erosion of your Ciyil Liberties and |

the Missuse of F dom to Enslave

It is time.

Our deplorables are, those racist, bigots, hatemongers, xenophobes, fringe lunatics, crazies, fanatics, ignorant. They do not like those who think, and/or are not white, or speak a second or more languages, have a different religion (or none). Is not just a wall against Mexico, i ...

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