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'Squirrels use the Internet'?

'Squirrels use the Internet'?

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This is one of those, 'The dog ate my homework, short stories' you are not going to believe, but here I go anyway.

I installed internet in my house in Mexico, not to long ago, with a phone line, and waited over a month for the installation. I made a long awaited, very important phonecall, that I had been waiting to make. I discovered that I had to get a few more things straightened out first, and then call back. When I go to call back, I had NO phone service! So, I thought that is ok, I will use my cellphone. Go upstairs to get my cellphone from my room, to find the screen with crazy black stripes running down one side, then blacks out on me, and couldn't turn it on. Figured out it was from the flood in my room (another story). I called the internet company to come and fix the phone line, it took them two weeks to show up after I had called, gone in person, and eventual blew up at them! They got here friday morning, and informed me that a pack of 'squirrels' had been eating the cables? They also told me, that it had to be rewired outside and that they should have it done by Saturday. Well, finally got my phone line back, until another pack of crazy squirrels decide to eat the new cables! 



Author: Jacqueline Williams

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Paul Walters

5 years ago #7

Fancy j London The squirrells just were jealous as they didnt have such a fabulous name !!!

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #6

A scurry of cable munching squirrels, eh? Sounds like they're trying to tell you something, by various means, Fancy. I'd hazard a guess and suggest, "Feed me some nuts, Fancy! Your cables taste disgusting!" 🐿

Milos Djukic

5 years ago #5

My pleasure FancyJ London :)

Fancy J London

5 years ago #4

Actually red tail squirrels are very common in Mexico, they enjoy berries, coconuts, papaya, and apparently telephone wires and internet cables. ;)

Fancy J London

5 years ago #3

Oh dear, that sounds just as fun if not more than my squirrels... ;)

Fancy J London

5 years ago #2

Milos Djukic Thank you for sharing my Squirrel buzz. :)

Randy Keho

5 years ago #1

Ah, the wonders of nature and technology. I recently had to have the cable company come out to find out why my internet kept getting interrupted while the television worked just fine. The guy tells me there was a crack in the connection box out on the pole that was allowing water to run through my cable and into the house. It had been raining a lot at the time. He tells me the wind was making the water inside the cable running from the pole to the house "swish" around, causing the intermittent interruptions. He replaced the cable, which solved the problem, and said there'd be no charge because it was their equipment that was faulty. However, when I got the bill, it listed a $50 service call. I'm still fighting to get the errant charge credited to my account.

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