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Fancy J London

Boston - Massachusetts

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About me:

"You cannot make something from nothing, you cannot be someone without working, you cannot go somewhere without walking, and you cannot get something without paying. Point is YOU make success happen or not happen!" - Fancy J London


Bachelors Social Psychology/Philosophy - Harvard Extension Online
Business Management /Marketing Middlesex Community College
Art/Photography/Music - Arts Magnet
Modeling/Acting - John Robert Powers
Cosmetology/Estetics/Makeup Degree - Blaine
Blue Ribbon Poetry Award New England Poetry Guild
English Language Arts - Teacher (Mexico)
Apprentice (Part time) Law Firm
Apprentice (Part Time) Beauty Salon
Apprentice (Part Time) Counseling Social Services
Temporary Contract /Volunteer, Farming Field, Factory, and Warehouse
Fashion design, Cooking, Woodshop, Photography, Music, Drama - Lowell Vocational School
Photography Recognition iWitness Weather



CEO, Founder, Manager and Teacher of Corazul Trade Schools. The 1st school was opened in Puebla, Mexico in 2007, the 2nd school was opened in Guanajuato, Mexico in 2008, which primarily focused on English classes, from there I expanded the curriculum to add courses in advanced English and languages, Art/Drawing, Fashion Design/Sewing, Carpentry/Woodshop, Photography/Photoshop, Website Design/Social Media Marketing, and Cooking. I opened another School in 2013 located in Queretaro, Mexico which became the 3rd location. Not long after I opened the last School in Michoacan, Mexico in 2019.

CEO & Founder CoreFancy, Revista Fancy Mexico I began writing, & illustrating my first Newsletter called "Revista Fancy" that sold 1000’s of copies weekly in several states across Mexico. I then founded "CoreFancy" a nonprofit organization to help victims of domestic violence in 2010.
Recording Artist - Performer for Self Owned Label Fancy Lady Industries. The success of my career as Fancy J London started with my Blu3 album being discovered by John Mayer, featured on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show and a song from the album being featured in the beginning of Pouya and Boobie Lootaveli’s YouTube Video. After the release of my R3D, Whit3, and Blu3 albums, I went on to release, Throne, LiGHT, Shadow, Reflect, and my self-titled R&B Album.

Author/Blogger/Ghostwriter/Translator Contracted Freelance Author Ghostwriting, Editing, and Blogging are freelance or contract work
I do on the side of my main occupation.

CEO & Founder Featured Stars. I Feature talented individuals from all over the world on several online blogs, and websites, that are helping the artists receive several opportunities, such as being signed by record labels, joining bands, starting new occupations, opening radio shows, starring on new T.V. series, increasing their fanbase, and creating professional long-term relationships. It is something I am proud of doing not so much for personal gain, but more for the happiness I feel when I see an artist reach new heights towards his or her future goals!
Sales Manager - Telemarketer San Bernardino Sun Newspaper. I Worked as a sales representative, later receiving a management promotion for generating highest sales, where I gained knowledge in news, communication, writing, printing, press production, and sales.

Part time Modeling Professional Elite Models TF Shoots, Stand In, Clothing/Fashion Catalogs, Footwear, Pinup (Modest), Commercial Publications, Advertisements, and Private Shoots. Worked with Agencies, Scouts, and Manager Laura Scott.

Professor ( English) / Translator and Owner of FYI Ingles online Classes. Unfortunately we were not all blessed with enough money to go to college and learn valuable skills to be able to establish a secure economically stable future. Learning English as a second language in Mexico can increase your chances of receiving a work visa in the United States, or working in a tourist area where you can earn a much better salary. I work around your current schedule and with your income to teach you the skills you want to learn. Once you learn the course you will be ready to use these skills to open your own business, teach others or work in the U.S. with ease. Don't lose hope and never give up on bettering your future! 

QC Inspector / Assistant Trainer in chemical Handling Analog Devices 
Career Specialist /Interviewer /Contractor Engineering Management Support Part time contractor for professional employment agency assisted in helping laid off engineers find contract work, helped fill out application assisted in job training and social adaptation.

Night Shipping Auditor UPS Relabeling boxes with actual weight verses estimated limit. Shipping and receiving. Scanning, repacking, and returns.
Night Manager/ Trainer Radisson Hotel & Suites Night audit, reservations, billing, lockup, bank deposits, training, sales and banquets.
Manager / Administrative Secretary Monterey Paper Supplies Co. Managed branch, counted Inventory, ordered supplies, contracted buyers, sales, and online marketing.

Night Manager Mc Donald's My first job which my father had to sign a work permit for me to be able to work legally at such a young age. I worked as a cashier, then quickly moved up to drive thru then was promoted to management soon after having to leave because of family issues.
Night Club Manager/Photographer B-Town Night Life Union Started working in promotions, moved onto management, Inventory control, booking/hiring celebrities, DJ's, and entertainment. Event party planner and photographer.

Assembly/Soldering/Blueprint Billerica Electronics Worked with blue prints, fixed faulty wiring, repaired chips, motherboard circuits, assembled units, and cut and packaged cables.

Professional Artist Manager - Talent Scout - PR Agent RCA Entertainment Head of music promotions, middle management, seeker of talented bands, singers, and independent musicians in need of guidance and support in and out of the music industry.

Certified Review Blogger Musosoup a press generation engine for bands and artists, helping them to get reviews, interviews, live sessions and more. I am passionate about helping artists and content creators.

Founder J.W. Mindfill Foundation/ Corazul Subsidiary The J.W. Mindfill Foundation is a non- profit organization based in Mexico. Dedicated to filling the minds of the youth with strategies that will change our next generations decisions for the better. Our goal is to guide with a different perspective through online classes, teaching groups, seminars, and support. We aim to help the youth unlearn from the unfortunate life of being raised in poor or uneducated environments. Many youth have been pushed to work as young as 9 years old instead of finishing their much needed education. This has for years become a common occurrence driving more youth into poverty or into a world of crime. It isn't any better in their homes where they do not receive the wisdom necessary to find problem solving solutions that are logical and beneficial to their future success. We strive to bring the youth out of their bubble that is not only confining but also inhibiting them from learning new things that could make their lives incredibly different.
CEO Fancy Lady Industries Chief Executive Officer and Management Consultant. Recording Artist, Producer, and Studio Owner. Dealing with Music Licensing, copyrights, Vocal Coaching, Venues, & studio production which includes mastering of tracks and final distribution.

Worked a few summers with Scott's Lawn Care Assisted my brother with his lawn care business in the following. The removal of weeds, planting bulbs, laying down mulch, trimming hedges, and turning soil for replanting of grass, flowers, and herb gardens.

Rehabilitation assistant in a non profit facility funded by donors. I aided in the rehabilitation of children and young teens who suffered with speech impediments, disabilities, or temporary set backs due to accidents.

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