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Chankanaab Beach Park Review, Cozumel, Mexico

Chankanaab Beach Park Review, Cozumel, MexicoA

On our first visit to Cozumel, Mexico, we enjoyed the Fury Snorkel and Beach Excursion.  Returning on my latest cruise, I decided to try something different.  The options were vast.  I opted to visit Chankanaab Beach Park.  Within one park, I had access to many activities.  It looked like a good option.

How was it?  Read on to see.

Chankanaab Beach Park


Our ship docked at the southernmost of Cozumel's three piers.  Chankanaab Beach Park lies less than a 10 minute commute further south.  If you are staying in or are docked at San Miguel, then the drive will take closer to 20 minutes.  It is both a popular cruise shore excursion and destination for travelers staying on Cozumel.

Chankanaab Beach Park lies on the western coast of Cozumel.  You can lounge on the beach.  Rent snorkel equipment or bring your own and dive into the clear, warm, turquoise water.  Race down a zip line.  Peruse a botanic garden.  Learn about Mexican history in the history park.  Sample and buy tequila.  Watch a sea lion show.  Eat at one of the restaurants.  Shop for gifts.  Or, swim with dolphins.  * I personally will not do dolphin swims for concern about their treatment.

My Experience


We were picked up at the docks and took the short ride to the park.  Our guide, Jorge from Tripping Cool, was waiting for us.  He would lead us through our entire visit.  Our first activity was snorkeling.  We walked through the park to the beach area with Jorge pointing out what there was to do along the way.

After picking up our snorkeling gear, which was included in the cost, we were ready.  We had the option of leaving our stuff on a beach chair or of renting a locker for $5.  Most of chose to rent a locker.



Jorge guided us through our snorkeling tour.  This was only my fourth time to snorkel.  So, I am by no means an expert.  This was my favorite experience of the four.  A multitude of colorful fish swam all around.  I saw my first barracuda!  It was small, but cool.  Coral clung to the sea floor.  Jorge even pointed out a snake.  It was quite deep; so it was okay.

A statue of Jesus stands with arms stretched.  I somehow missed a statue the Virgin Mary.  The barrel of a Spanish canon from colonial times lies in the depths and was easily viewed.

The snorkeling experience lasted about 45 minutes.  We walked out onto the beach.  A small stingray was gliding in the shallows as I exited.  This was wonderful experience.



After drying off and changing, we received a short lesson on how to make guacamole.  Using the colors of the Mexican flag, green (avocado), white (onion), and red (tomato), with a little extra salt, lime and cilantro, a delicious guacamole was constructed.  We each tried a sample of this tasty treat.

After the guacamole lesson, we had about an hour to explore.  Many chose to lounge on the beautiful beach.  Others sipped cerveza and ate more guacamole at the restaurant.  I chose to wander through the botanical and history gardens.

Botanical Garden

I love botanical gardens!  Chankanaab Beach Park having a garden was the main reason that I chose this excursion. 

The gardens had a nice selection of Caribbean flora.  I enjoyed my leisurely stroll through the shade. 
Trees, flowers, ferns, and pond all graced the path.
Local inhabitants provided animation and sound.
A woodpecker hammered away at a tree.

A grackle chortled incessantly in the tree cover.
A large iguana, we will call him Godzilla, lurched out of the foliage and came racing at me.  Before I panicked, he darted back in pursuit of something else.

Behind fencing, crocodiles lounged at the edge of a pool.

History Trail

Next to the botanical garden, you find the history trail.  The trail leads you through replicas of pre-Columbian artifacts from all over Mexico.  Placards in Spanish and English provide historical details.  Mexico has such a rich history, and I was fascinated.


After our time to wander, we met up with Jorge at the Tequila Village.  The village had bright, cheerful shops selling tequila.  Displays demonstrated how the agave plant is grown, harvested and prepared.

We gathered to listen to a presentation and sales pitch.  The presentation covered the history and production of tequila.  The sales pitch argued why the artisan tequilas sold at Chankanaab Beach Park are superior.

I do not drink.  I still found this interesting.  Samples of numerous tequilas were given to the other guests.  Early on in the lecture, one of the travelers asked if she buy some to take home.  The presenter replied, "Not yet.  I am going to get you drunk first."  Brilliant!  Honest and direct.  It worked, too.  Most everyone left with bottles clanging in their beach bags.

Sea Lion Show

Finally, we were treated to the sea lion show.  The show lasted about 30 minutes and was a great end ot our time at Chankanaab Beach Park.  Sea life fascinates me.  The sea lions put on a wonderful show.


The Chankanaab Beach Park shore excursion costs less than any of the other options.  At $49, I believe that it was a huge bargain.  Adding $5 for a locker rental does not change that.  The tour lasted approximately four hours.  We arrived back at our ship before the heat of the afternoon.

For an extra charge, you can swim with dolphins or soar along a zip line.  Cozumel is flat, so soar may stretching it.



This is not a sponsored post!

Chankanaab Beach Park provides something for everyone.  While my excursion was for a half day, a full day could easily be spent here.  Whether cruising the Caribbean or vacationing in Cozumel, Chankanaab Beach Park will provide your family a wonderful day in paradise.

When choosing an excursion, I highly recommend Tripping Cool, who led our tour.  The price is low and the value high.  Ask for our guide, Jorge Del Monte.  He is exceptional.

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Brook Massey

Brook Massey

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Thanks for the share Maria Merino!

Brook Massey

Brook Massey

2 years ago #1

Nicole Chardenet I whole-heartedly agree. Chankanaab is an amazing and beautiful place. You are one of the very few people that I found who know about it.

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