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Wandering Through Beautiful Malaga, Spain

Wandering Through Beautiful Malaga, SpainWandering Through Beautiful Malaga, Spainpd a Salle

(Malaga Cathedral)

Miles and miles of beautiful beaches stretch along the sun drenched Mediterranean coast of Spain, the Costa del Sol.  Malaga lies as the gateway to this stunning section of Spain.

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ww(Costa del Sol)

For the traveler, Malaga has something for everyone.  Do you want to visit beaches or maybe mountains?  History and architecture?  You will find it here.  Shopping, gardens, art, cuisine?  Malaga provides easy access to these, too.

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Families staying here can enjoy all of these things.  If you are visiting on cruise ship, then you have to be selective.  On our Disney TransAtlantic Cruise stop in Malaga, we chose to spend the morning in the picturesque, white, hill town of Mijas.

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Mijas is one of the most picturesque places that I have ever visited.  This half day tour left several hours in the afternoon to explore Malaga.

5d796b31.jpgARRASOur ship, the Disney Magic, docked down the long pier, almost a mile from the city.  Even in May, the bright Spanish sun shown overhead making it hot.  Fortunately, busses transported us to and from two stops:  The Pompidou Museum and the Tourism Office; each of which are about 1/2 mile apart.

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So much is packed within a half mile of these stops!  I enjoy wandering through streets with a map in hand and no clear plan.  Around each turn was something new, modern and ancient side by side.  I began and ended my walk at the Visitor’s Center.   Here is what I saw.


Malaga Cathedral7f17f928.jpg

(Malaga Cathedral)

The majestic Cathedral serves as the centerpiece for the city.

ab121374.jpg(front facade of Malaga Cathedral)

d704782b.jpge6bef2f7.jpg(Tower of Malaga Cathedral)


St. Augustine Cathedralc7ad494f.jpg

(Iglesia de San Agustin)

Not far away, the quaint and colorful St. Augustine Cathedral lies on a busy street corner.

106dccbd.jpg(directly across the street from Iglesia de San Agustin)

Pablo Picasso Museum58ae7af2.jpg

(entrance to the Pablo Picasso Museum)

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga.  The city honors the artist with a museum housed in the Buenavista Palace.  Picasso actually lived about a 200 yards away.

The Streets of Malaga

333333f9.jpgModern and ancient structures stand side by side along the streets.  Locals and tourists enjoy tapas bars, upscale shopping, and quaint gardens as they wander.

1aac06d8.jpg(A friendly local resident)

63695592.jpg(beautiful, blue hyacinth tree)

8fc6a9c8.jpg(streets of Malaga)

Roman Theater83a39a4e.jpg

(Roman Theater in Malaga)

The Romans built the theater in Malaga in the first century B.C.  It lies adjacent to the entrance of the Alcazaba.  As you can see, you can walk in and sit where the ancients sat millennia ago.  The theater has been well restored.


951969a5.jpg(The Roman Theater abuts the Alcazaba)

The Moorish Alcazaba9c5f7dd8.jpg

The Moors ruled Andalusia for centuries, being driven out in the 1400s.  The Alcazaba, Moorish palace and fort, stretches along the hilltop overlooking the town.  Cruises leave limited time to see anywhere close to everything.  I wish that there had been time to tour the Alcazaba.

a7e421bc.jpg(The Alcazaba stretching along the hilltop)

Gardens Lining the Alcazabac2fd5cc3.jpg

A street runs up the hill and along the port side of the Alcazaba.  The area is stunning!  I enjoyed this walk more than any other part of my tour.  Reds, yellows, and purples popped against the green background.

Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso

Between the Alcazaba and the harbor, a series of gardens and parks provide shade and another burst of color.  

Pompidou Museumf21d0fee.jpg

The Rubix Cube looking structure rests above the Pompidou Center, an extension of the original in Paris.  It houses a permanent collection from artist like Picasso and Chagall.

Parque de Malagab98d115b.jpg

Malaga Park stretches for many blocks along the harbor.  While not as interesting as the area next to the Alcazaba, the shade was certainly welcomed.  Across the road you will find the beautiful, yellow city hall.
65b97222.jpg(Malaga City Hall)

Back Aboard the Disney Magicea71b511.jpg

(The view from our ship)
The next time that we visit Malaga, we will skip the tours and stay in town for a closer look.  I especially want to go inside the Alcazaba to view the intricate Moorish architecture and lush garden.  With more time, I hope to wander further and see even more!  I can’t wait to return!

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Renée 🐝 Cormier

Renée 🐝 Cormier

3 months ago #3

Canadians can't get into Spain right now, but I am definitely going to spend time in Spain as soon as I am able. 

Brook Massey

Brook Massey

2 years ago #2

Muchas gracias, Ignacio Orna (Nacho)

(Nacho) Ignacio Orna

(Nacho) Ignacio Orna

2 years ago #1

Beautiful City. Beautiful Pictures. Beautiful Description Brook Massey

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