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4 years ago

Content, Copywriting, and SEO: A Quick Case Study

Phil Friedman · MARINE INDUSTRY CONSULTANT, PHIL FRIEDMAN, PUTS THE EziBuoy (tm) MOORING BUOY PICKUP SYSTEM INTO 2ND POSITION ON PAGE ONE OF 20 MILLION GOOGLE RESULTS.... · There are self-purported Content Marketing and SEO gurus galore. I am not one of them. · But I get results with value-lade ...

5 years ago

Inbound Marketing Revisited

Phil Friedman · INBOUND MARKETING, LIKE GUERILLA MARKETING, FITS SMALL-BUSINESS TO A TEE... · Preface:  This post is excerpted from my soon-to-be-published book on small-business. It is written not from the perspective of a marketing guru, but from that of someone who has spent the vast majority ...

5 years ago

Small Businessman's Primer to Inbound Marketing

Phil Friedman · BOATYARDS AND OTHER SMALL BUSINESSES ARE PRIME CANDIDATES FOR · IMPLEMENTATION OF INBOUND MARKETING... · I do not pretend to be a marketing guru. I am a technical and business consultant in boat building and boat yard operations. But as a professional writer and editor, I have ...

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