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5 months ago
Equity Web Solutions E

A Complete Guide on Digital Marketing

Equity Web Solutions ·   A Complete Introduction:  · Today, digital marketing is the most efficient approach for a company to ensure that its products and services are sold to a larger market promptly. Learning digital marketing, on the other hand, is not a simple task for any marketer. To become an ex ...

5 months ago
Equity Web Solutions E

Tips for Digital Marketing in Spring Valley

Equity Web Solutions ·   In every business plan, establishing a sound digital marketing strategy is critical. Web Development Companies Spring Valley is assisting in digital marketing that is the lifeblood of e-commerce, especially since that over 90% of buyers utilize the internet to get what they nee ...

2 years ago

Social Media Influencer Marketing in 2019!

Shashank Shalabh · What if I tell you that 70% of millennials are influenced by their peers when they buy something? · And by influencers, I am not talking about celebrities! · In fact,  30% of consumers are likely to buy a product if it is recommended by a influencer who's not a celebrity. · Our H ...

2 years ago

Omnichannel Marketing 2019: The SECRET Weapon for Digital Marketing!

Shashank Shalabh · People often ask me what’s the most efficient way to grow your business in 2019? · As you know, Digital Marketing is a vast concept encompassing SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimization. · But if there is one thing that covers all these and ...

2 years ago

Chicago Marketing Agency - Tridence Chicago

DAVID VEGA · Social Media Management | Web Design and Mobile | Digital Marketing | National Brand Development | Technology | Hispanic Marketing | SEO · Mission: We specialize in helping Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Non-Profits create unique brands to captivate, engage and convert customers. ...

3 years ago

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Affects Digital Marketing: Rise of the Machines!

Shashank Shalabh · What if I tell you that marriages between human beings and robots will be made legal by 2050? · Bizarre, isn't it? · Not so fast! · According to AI researcher David Levy (the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands), this is quite a possibility. · What could be the theory beh ...

3 years ago

Digital Marketing: Radical Mutation or the Same Wolf In Different Garb?

Phil Friedman · THE DYNAMIC DUO OF DIATRIBE RIDES AGAIN... · Preface: When Jim Murray and I first conspired to co-author this series, we saw it as a not-so-literary experiment. Well, we're now in our third year and on our 33rd installment. · Along the way, we've developed a reputation for not p ...

4 years ago

Digital Selling or Is It Social Selling?

Brian Connell · At times, there can be confusion over the terms “Digital Selling” and “Social Selling”. The sales training and enablement industry interchange these terms without proper explanation. · Digital Selling is the act of using digital assets to engage buyers, while Social Selling is t ...

5 years ago

Inbound Marketing Revisited

Phil Friedman · INBOUND MARKETING, LIKE GUERILLA MARKETING, FITS SMALL-BUSINESS TO A TEE... · Preface:  This post is excerpted from my soon-to-be-published book on small-business. It is written not from the perspective of a marketing guru, but from that of someone who has spent the vast majority ...

5 years ago

SMS - An Often Overlooked, Yet Extremely Effective Communication & Marketing Tool

Steve Gerritsen · In this digital world we live in, everyone always seems to be looking at their phones. · Our phones are with us all the time. We use our phones for everything, literally. · Many people now keep their phones on and at their side 24 hours a day. · We live in a society that is gl ...

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