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1 month ago

Consultant Marketing The Ladder

Jerry Fletcher · Gail asked me, “Do you remember how you used to start that speech sitting on top a step ladder?” · “Sure”, I said, “Every business owner has a place they want to get to. For some it is a simple thing but for others it is a full-blown Technicolor dream of a castle way up there in ...

2 months ago

Make HTTP Requests from CRM using Power-Automate

Ethan Millar · A few years ago, making an HTTP call from Dynamics CRM Services used to be very complex. The developers had to resort to C# Plugins or Workflows. In this blog, we will learn how we can consume an HTTP API by triggering an event from D365 CE (CRM) with the help of a Power-Automate ...

4 months ago

Software Sales Strategies for SaaS Sales Reps

Judy Caroll · It may be easier than ever for companies to buy software, but that doesn’t guarantee success for providers. In today’s digital economy, software is sold, not bought, meaning providers must take an active role in educating, engaging, and supporting buyers. · Best practices for how ...

4 months ago

Top 5 CRM Software for Small Businesses

Mahipal Nehra · Everyone requires a strong relationship with customers to grow their business. But getting more customers, building your bottom line and scaling operations need investment in ideal concepts. Having an all-in-one CRM system will give you visibility of the customer from every angle ...

6 months ago

Digital Marketing Tools for 2021

Scott Droney · Marketing Automation Tools A critical part of staying on top of, contacting, and nurturing leads for enterprise tech companies is employing marketing automation tool. To build a sustainable, and predictable, revenue model you’ll need to have automated systems for collecting leads ...

2 years ago

Your CRM & Friendly Persuasion

Jerry Fletcher · “So what more info should I have about somebody other than their Contact data? That should be enough for a good salesman like me,” said Tom. · “Tom, I responded, “why not make it a little easier on yourself? You know that in a competitive situation you have to get them to know, ...

2 years ago

Peeling the Onion of CRM

Jerry Fletcher · Why I chimed in. · In the Q&A portion of a webinar for professional speakers the other night someone asked the folks assembled what CRM they used. · I could tell by the answers that there were several different understandings of what comprises a Contact Relationship Management ...

3 years ago

Please don’t flush

Jerry Fletcher · Once, when my ex was speaking at a book conference the readings for Children and young adults were in a room adjacent to the lady’s rest room. As a result, a long line of women wound their way around the walls of the room and behind the chair (a sort of wooden throne) where autho ...

3 years ago

Sales Training Exercises

Brian Connell · Here are a few sales training exercises to liven up your sales training. The goal of sales training is to give salespeople a set of skills and tools that radically improve their sales performance. The use of sales training courses is an essential part of the whole sales industry, ...

3 years ago

You don’t lack motivation. But you do lack this.

Edwin Dearborn · Plenty of customers. · For years, I have seen so many coaches speak about “mindset” and personal branding. But very few talk about lead generation systems, CRM technology, appointment setting skills, as well as how to close a higher percentage of bona-fide prospects. · You can th ...

3 years ago

How To Best Convert Your Internet Leads Into Customers

Edwin Dearborn · Internet generated leads are an effective means to attract new customers and grow your business. And although Premiere Lead Systems works hard to deploy best practices in generating leads, it is just as important to understand that your internal processes need to be in place and ...

4 years ago

When Computers Crash

Jerry Fletcher · Saturday was not a good day. · There you are with no control and there are targets on your head.   · I was rushing to finish a video edit when I found myself strapped into the crash test dummy position. The button that accelerated the situation had already been pushed. · No con ...

4 years ago

9 Time-Management Pointers for Super Busy Sales Reps

Mike Ciccolella · Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed. -- Peter DruckerHigh-performing salespeople are disciplined and use their time effectively. Implementing structure and organization around your time and activities will put you on a productive p ...

4 years ago

7 Tips for More Effective B2B Demand Generation, Lead Generation, Marketing, & Sales

Mike Ciccolella · Image Credit: www.number9creative.com · 1) Today for a business to survive and thrive, marketing departments must have a documented content marketing plan. “NO plan” equates to inconsistency and poor inbound marketing results. · 2) It’s vital to create and distribute a variety of ...

4 years ago

Bad to Great Databases & Lead Generation Marketing

Mike Ciccolella ·                                                                             Image Credit: www.number9creative.com · High quality data is half the battle to successful lead generation marketing · Best case as an organization, you run multi-channel lead generation marketing campaig ...

5 years ago

Customer Relations Management Versus Customer Service

Phil Friedman · MAINTAINING AND GROWING YOUR CUSTOMER BASE REQUIRES MORE THAN JUST PATS AND STROKES... · Periodically, I take one of my automobiles in for service, usually to the relevant brand dealership. Inevitably, in this age of paying lip service to customer satisfaction, a day or two after ...

5 years ago

Creating Memorable Customer Experiences

Julio Rodriguez · Selecting the best combination of software systems and tools to get your business to the next level can be incredibly frustrating. At the moment there are no less than 75 to 100 choices for a business owner to select from for a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), Busin ...

5 years ago

Selling Bull Chips In a Paper Bag

Phil Friedman · IS COMMUNICATION EVERYTHING IN CUSTOMER RELATIONS? · Back when I was working my way through college, I was often told that the measure of an ace salesperson was his or her ability to, "sell bull chips in a brown paper bag..." (or some less polite variant of that). The implication ...

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