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2 months ago

Tarot Reveals How to Manage Workplace Stress and Anxiety (September 15-30)

Cristela Mejica · How do you feel today? Probably, like me, stress manages to seep in at unwelcomed times. It can really get to you, put you on edge, and can result to poor performance. Just yesterday, I was so stressed because my desired schedule didn't go as I planned to. Because of external for ...

6 months ago

Chronicles From My Week With the Flu and Anxiety

John White, MBA · I had the flu this week. As I struggled to cope with the demands of my busy life, anxiety reared its ugly head. · I tried my best to stay in the light as the darkness tried to consum my every  thought. · ✔️I worried · ✔️I felt bad · ✔️I was stressed · ✔️I was battling on the insi ...

1 year ago

The Psychological Benefits of Music

Jo Michael Scheibe · Music can have many effects on our mind and emotions. We listen to music when we are feeling sad, happy, angry, content, and more. This is because music has such a powerful way of impacting our mentality. According to researchers, listening to music can have incredible psychologi ...

2 years ago

How a Life Coach Can Help Your Battle Against Anxiety

Davia Ward · Anxiety is one of the most common mental health ailments in the United States. Roughly 18% of adults in the US struggle with anxiety. If you have anxiety, you’re not alone. More than 40 million people share the same battle! · One step you can take to help combat your anxiety is s ...

4 years ago

Never Be Afraid To Be Your Authentic Self

Lisa Gallagher · So much is written about being your Authentic Self and I've always wondered just how many people are able to do this? Is it hard to write and be authentic at the same time?  I feel being authentic means delving into a deeper side of yourself and allowing others to get to know you ...

4 years ago

Dear Anxiety, I hate you!

Lisa Gallagher · Anxiety, just when you think you might be beating this disorder it comes back with a fervor. There is very little I hate but I want to shout, "I hate YOU Anxiety!"  An incident happened today that angered and inspired me to write. · We left for Colorado two and a half weeks ago. ...

4 years ago

When Anxiety Persists Too Long- Depression Follows: People Feel So Alone and Shamed

Lisa Gallagher · It's not fun when you suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, it's with you 24/7. Left untreated it can lead to Clinical Depression. I will share some facts and what feels like a dismal story, looking for that happy ending!  Many times the person suffering thinks they can overc ...

5 years ago

TMI (Too Much Information)

Phil Friedman · EMOTIONAL VOYEURISM AND EMOTIVE EXHIBITIONISM MAY BE DEGRADING OUR ABILITY TO EMPATHIZE ... OR EVEN SYMPATHIZE ... · Update 07/15/17:  When I first published this piece in November 2016, it was met with consternation in some quarters. And I wondered at the time if I was being ov ...

5 years ago

Free Will, How to keep it.

Harvey Lloyd · Free will is our ability to change gears within any circumstances and move in a different direction. Sounds easy, until we realize those we will leave behind, who we may uproot or changes in social settings or personal brand. · In our younger days, before major commitments, free ...

5 years ago

Misconceptions About Anxiety and How You Can Help

Lisa Gallagher · I read a lot of articles pertaining to Anxiety and I still find there are misconceptions about the illness. I felt the need to write another article because I'm speaking up for not just myself but those who are afraid to because they fear the stigma attached to the term, "Anxiety ...

5 years ago

Anxiety's Great Equalizer: What's the Worst that Could Happen?

Sarah Elkins · I was on the phone with my mother when we were in our car on our way to the gym. I would work out, and the boys would play in an awesome indoor area called "The Adventure Zone" with ball pits, slides, climbing tubes and rope ladders. I had her on speaker phone and was sharing my ...

5 years ago

Suffering From Anxiety Disorder and Social Implications

Lisa Gallagher · Warning- This post will be bluntly honest.  · Many of you that follow me know that I suffer from Anxiety and Panic Disorder. My mom passed away in January and it seems my Anxiety has been full blown for the past 4-6 weeks.   · The only way I can describe anxiety is to compare it ...

5 years ago

Suffering In Silence: Let's End The Stigma Attached to Anxiety Disorder

Lisa Gallagher · From time to time I like to write about Anxiety Disorder. I write about the disorder with the hope that if others are suffering in silence they will realize there are treatments available, and they are not alone. I write to bring awareness to the disorder and with a  determinatio ...

5 years ago

It Sure Wasn't A Day At The Beach

Lisa Gallagher · I'd like to keep the topic and discussion alive about Anxiety Disease along with Depression. I will try to do this through a series of stories, with the hope people will better understand the complexities of this illness.  People who have anxiety disease don't always have depress ...

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