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Tarot Reveals How to Manage Workplace Stress and Anxiety (September 15-30)

How do you feel today? Probably, like me, stress manages to seep in at unwelcomed times. It can really get to you, put you on edge, and can result to poor performance. Just yesterday, I was so stressed because my desired schedule didn't go as I planned to. Because of external forces, I was forced to wait and delay my tasks. It seems petty, but an actual working adult would know how it feels to have their routines interrupted. It ruins our balance and interferes with our self-control. Luckily, I managed to pull in my handy dandy tarot cards to meditate. In this blog, I will also help you ease and manage your stress.


Managing Stress Tarot Spread by Biddy Tarot

Disclaimer: A tarot reading does not replace professional medical/legal/business opinion and advice. It will not force you to follow a particular course of action, or attempt to exert any form of control over your free-will and common sense. Take what resonates and always believe your intuition. With Love, C

1. What is at the heart of your stress?

TWO OF PENTACLES (Reversed). You're very far from zen right now. There's too much on your plate and you're being distracted in multiple ways. This continuity will cause imbalance and it is very damaging to your mental health. Instead of feeling grounded, it feels like you're always on edge and you fear that one little mistake will be your downfall. You might prefer multitasking but you can't handle such in this time of the year. Have some breathing space. Remember, you can't serve two masters at once. Choose just one to focus on.

2. How can you better manage this stress?

KNIGHT OF SWORDS. Outsmart your responsibilities. Be tactical, because working hard will only burn you out. If you began being wise and clever, you'll be able to finish tasks and even ace it. Be a conqueror, and hop on your horse. Attack with calculation, that you won't even realize you're close to finishing your work. Your brain is at the top on your head for a reason, sexy. That's your asset along with intense concentration. Remember that if you set yourself for something, nothing will stop you from getting what you want.

3. Where can you better direct your energy?

TWO OF CUPS (Reversed). There are conflicting feelings or emotions being overruled! Maybe you want to communicate something about your boss, or a relationship outside of work is bugging you. Meditate, journal, or do a yoga. Go to some spa or even binge-watch Netflix. Eat your comfort food. Taking some time off is integral. You need to assess how you feel and practice how you can express it. If you think saying your truth will bring you trouble, that's because you aren't prepared. Practice saying dialogues in front of a mirror and prepare for the worst. Practice makes perfect, and finally expressing it is more important than staying mute.

4. What self loving action can you take now?

QUEEN OF SWORDS. Treat yourself as a queen or king. Feeding your brain with things that interest you and mastering it will help you gain the confidence you lost. You are very intelligent, and Athena truly blessed you with wisdom. Taking back control of your mind, and a little bit of talent in manipulation will make the steps you'll take more stress-free. Don't let stress rule you.

In lumen, et lumen. ✨ If you enjoyed reading my blogs, please subscribe on my YouTube channel.


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